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What's new in the October 2023 beta

This patch continues the new pattern of build new feature, polish feature, build new feature that we began earlier this year. As the June beta was a polishing release, that means this one must be a new feature release. So what new features have we got? Well, we covered them already in sneak peek week, but here's a refresher.


No, I don't mean "decisions on what to include". I mean that 14 years after 1.0 release, For the Glory has joined the ranks of Paradox games with a decisions mechanic!

To access decisions, click the scroll to the left of the minimap. This used to be the missions button, but missions (which never worked very well even in EU2) have finally been removed.


Decisions are much like events, but they have two different triggers: a "potential" trigger and a "real" trigger (plus an AI trigger, but that's for modders). If the potential is fulfilled, the decision appears in the decisions screen. Roll the mouse over a decision to see what you need to do to make the decision possible. For example, if you want to become the Kingdom of Lotharingia, you might see this:


Nearly all country formation events have been rewritten as decisions. We hope you enjoy your newfound ability to actually know how to form Germany or Italy!

Due to time constraints, country formations are the only decisions that made it into this beta. However, we're working on scripting and balancing a whole lot more, and we plan to add them in the next "polishing" beta.

More visible conditions

Continuing the theme of making the game mechanics more transparent to players, we've added rollovers to the colony and missionary screens detailing why the chances and cost are what they are.


Those are the major gameplay changes you'll see from the engine side, but there's also something else brand new that I'll let mandead introduce!

Database Changes

The October beta is a large one, with some significant changes as well as plenty of smaller ones - and lots of bugfixes!

The focus here is the new 1816 scenario, which is based on Hive's original version from his popular Age of Imperialism mod for EU2. However, our version is much refined, and is accompanied by around a hundred new events covering the 18th and 19th centuries - and of course we've pushed the end date back to 1837 (though nothing's stopping you from playing longer if you wish) and added a new line of "Imperial" era land and naval techs. The game's database has been completely updated for this, so there are now some new late-game AI files for the post-Napoleonic era, and of course monarch and leader files have been expanded as well - just as we did for 1399. Speaking of which, we've now moved all techs to start in 1399 rather than 1419 (this mostly relates to ahead of time penalties), and adjusted the average year modifiers accordingly. There are now defines for start and end dates, so modders can set much earlier or later dates as they wish without having to specify in scenario files. For the AGCEEP we continue with 1419 - 1819, but modders can do whatever they like.


The earlier part of the game has not been forgotten of course, and there are yet more refinements to the existing scenarios and events, including consistency and balance changes, and the addition of new and improved event triggers to help keep the world a little less random where possible.

In keeping with the expanded timeframe, there is now a global event (and system flag) for the Industrial Revolution, and a series of random events that stem from this. This means that in the late game, once the Industrial Revolution has been initiated by a tech-leading Western nation, its benefits can start to trickle down to other countries once they start meeting the requirements. We intend to expand on this mechanic in the future, and of course it can be easily adapted by modders as well.

There are many new events, including new election event sequences for Poland (vote in historical choices or go your own path), new countries, a new religion (Jainism), some new random events, and lots more besides. See the full changelog for details, but for everything else you'll have to explore!

As usual, there have been fixes and additions made to AGCEEP 1.60 (bundled with the patch), as well as the inclusion of a new mod: an alternative version of the 1701 scenario with some 'what if?' ahistorical changes that provide a different spin on events in Britain and Spain.

Finally, a huge thanks to long-time forumite Polak for his help in providing the French translation for us!

Thanks, mandead!

And now for the full changelog since June's beta:
October 2023
Engine changes

- Gameplay:
- Implement decisions, accessible through the old missions button to the left of the minimap.
- Convert all country formation events to decisions.
- Disable dynamic missions and remove the option from the scenario screen.
- Colonial screen now shows cost and chance breakdown on mouse rollover.
- Missionary screen now shows time, cost, and chance breakdown on mouse rollover.
- Improve revolt popups, including new "Province is being raided" message for "raid = yes" rebel factions.
- Show province terrain sprites when in playable political mapmode.
- Enable quicksave and quickload (F3 and F4 keys by default).
- Land technology 56 and 61 now improve speed of land units by 5% each. Land tech 0 now has a 10% movement penalty.
- Combat die rolls are now distributed by averaging two dice rather than just rolling one, making combat much more predictable (yet still random).

- AI:
- AI now considers the value of neighboring provinces when considering military targets.
- Reduce AI military access request spam significantly.
- If multiple rebel factions besiege and take a province, factions with may_declare_independence are now prioritized for gaining control, followed by may_defect, then may_overthrow_government.
- Tweak AI investment settings to keep naval from being so far behind other techs.

- Modding:
- It is now possible to disable the HRE completely by removing all provinces from it via event. The emperor will lose his crown and no new emperor will be elected until a province is added to the HRE.
- It is now possible to modify land unit movement speed by land technology.
- New trigger: manpower = <integer value>
- New trigger: decision = <id> (checks whether this country has taken this decision, or if it is a unique decision, checks whether any country has taken it)
- New trigger: decision = { tag = <tag> data = <id> } (checks whether that country has taken that decision, even it it is a unique decision)
- New trigger: month = <monthname or int> (for month greater than or equal to)
- New trigger: day = <int> (for day of month greater than or equal to)
- New trigger: num_of_goods = { type = <goods> data = <integer> } (number of owned provinces producing this good)
- New trigger: num_of_buildings = { type = <building> data = <integer> } (number of owned provinces with this building)
- Changed trigger: flag = <flagname> is now "flag = <flagname or int>", where the integer is a global flag from global_flags.txt.
- Changed trigger: no_dynastic = <yes/no> now checks whether the monarch is marked as dynastic = no, not just whether the country is in no_dynastic.
- Changed trigger: union = { country = A country = B } now checks whether A leads the union, not just whether A and B have a union.
- Fixed triggers: neighbour, relation, and access triggers did not work properly with -2 or -6 targets.
- New command: "command = { type = free which = <tag or -1> }" (exactly matching independence, but the new country is not a vassal)
- Changed command: "capital" can now target random provinces (even -2, which makes no sense at all, so just don't do it). Colonies are not eligible.
- Changed command: "control" can now target provinces owned by us but controlled by rebels.
- Changed command: When a rebel faction is specified with "value" and province is randomized with -1 etc., the "revolt" command will now target only provinces where those rebels could normally spawn. If no province is valid, the command will be considered invalid. This does not apply if the province is specifically targeted by ID.
- New "where" clause: "where = neighbour" (works for countries only)
- New "where" clause: "where = coastal" (works for provinces only)
- Fix issue with "where = <geographic area>" not always targeting the correct area.
- Add "required = no" flag for commands in random events. Ordinarily invalid commands prevent random events from firing, but setting a command to "required = no" will allow it to be simply ignored as it would be on a non-random event.
- New defines: _ABSOLUTE_START_YEAR_ and _ABSOLUTE_END_YEAR_. Now absolutestartyear doesn't have to be set on every scenario .eeg file.
- Improve a number of error messages for triggers.
- Fix an issue where events without a historical country would not always fire for countries that didn't exist at game start unless there had been a save/reload since the country formed.
- Show persistent events in the game history log.
- Dump a list of event and decision ID ranges to moddebug.txt on scenario load, if moddebug is enabled.
- Add "triggercheck <id> <tag>" console command to explain exactly which triggers are succeeding and failing (different from "triggercheck <id>" which simply highlights all countries where the trigger succeeds).
- Add "aiattack <tag>" console command to highlight countries in the AI's combat list.
- Add "aitarget <tag>" console command to highlight where the AI will explore and colonize based on its AI file.

- Bugfixes:
- Fix a number of issues with games starting before the year 20.
- Fix a possible infinite loop with the "inherit" or "annex" commands if they are targeted at the country receiving the event (now will be ignored).
- Fix possible multiplayer out-of-sync with event commands "hre", "goods", "terrain", or "elector".
- Fix bug from June beta when a manufactory is destroyed.
- Pirates no longer spawn in sea zones without a port (like the Caspian Sea) or sea zones whose only ports are in countries that can't build ships (like pre-Columbian Mexico).
- Fix very old bug in which the AI would count its troop losses as ship losses, and would mix up its warship and galley loss counters.

Database changes

- further updates to AGCEEP 1.60 (see AGCEEP readme)
- added "1816 - The Age of Imperialism" scenario
- added a mod featuring an alternative version of the "1701 - Age of Enlightenment" scenario in which SPA chose the Habsburgs and ENG chose the Stuarts
- pushed the game end date back from 1819 to 1837 and updated all database and scenario files accordingly
- added Bolivia (BLV), Chile (CHL), Cuba (CUB), Dali (DLI), Ecuador (ECU), Gran Colombia (GRC), Guatemala (GUA), Honduras (HON), Kokand (KOK), Montenegro (MNT), Paraguay (PRG), Puerto Rico (PUE), Romania (RMN), Texas (TEX), Two Sicilies (TWO), Central America (UCA), Uruguay (URG), Venezuela (VNZ) and Yucatán (YUC) as new countries
- added more visually consistent GFX sets for ALD, CYR, TRI and TUN
- added ALI GFX set for EGY
- added UK GFX set for ENG (previous UK set has been renamed to GBR)
- added SAV GFX set for SAR
- added a funky new forked flag design for SWE
- added custom country names: Cracow (POD), Rattanakosin (AYU), Sikh Empire (KSH), Thonburi (AYU), United Kingdom (ENG) and Viet Nam (ANN)
- switched existing VIE events to use LAX tag
- added new colonial rebel type: Haitian Rebels (HTR)
- added new nationalist rebel type: Greek Rebels (GRR)
- added new aristocrats rebel type: Indian Raiders (IDR)
- added Jainism and icon
- added random event: 'Persecution of the Jains'
- added random event: 'A Land of Opportunity'
- added random event: 'Cartographer Unveils Surprise Gains'
- added huge event and engine flag (7): 'The Industrial Revolution' and associated random events
- added a couple of ancient EU2 events for BRA that were removed in EU2 patch 1.02 as they had no text; they now have text!
- updated colourscales with DarkYellow colour for Jainism
- updated global_flags.txt (+ couple of bug fixes)
- updated religions.txt
- updated revolt.txt
- updated credits.txt
- updated defines.txt
- updated 1399-1492 scenario files with Jainism in Maharashtra
- added new early-game AI file for ADE
- added new late-game AI files for ENG, FRA, HAB, HOL, KSH, POR, RUS, SPA and USA
- added new colonial AI files for BLV, CHL, LOU, PEU, PRG, TEX, UCA and URG
- added new AI file events
- reworked the ENG-EIR vassalization event sequence
- reworked the SPA-POR vassalization event sequence; POR now has greater agency and can choose to reject SPA's claim
- reduced expansion scope of the initial USA AI
- shortened the names of some Portuguese leaders
- boosted the initial rebellion in the American Revolution
- replaced an incorrect Russian explorer with a better alternative
- increased fleet sizes for the major maritime powers in the 1701 scenario so as to be more consistent with other scenarios
- removed POR/KNI/GEN (vassals) from their alliances and wars in the 1701 scenario
- BUR will now switch back to default AI once Charles the Bold dies
- tweaked OMA mid-game AI file so they try to colonise East Africa a bit
- updated some existing AI files for new tags
- updated the triggers for a couple of flavour events so they can fire for more than one tag (e.g. CAS or SPA)
- added new flavour events for ENG, FRA, NEP, PRU and USA
- updated event SPA_3150 'Torquemada and the Expulsion of the Moors' with new event text, as the original text just cut off ha
- updated event AYU_3901 'The Foundation of the Modern Thai State'
- updated event NIP_3879 'Tokugawa's Edict of Expulsion' to now also give muslim tech group with option C
- updated event DAN_3284 'The Sound Due' with some extra bonuses for option B
- updated event DAN_3293 'The Count's Feud' to turn DAN protestant with option A; also reduced RR
- updated event FRA_3088 'The United States bought the Louisiana Territory' to open a CoT in Bayou (45)
- updated event HAB_3189 'The Religious Peace of Augsburg' to turn HAB counterreform with option B, and added an option D to go protestant
- updated event HOL_3513 'Office of Stadtholder is made Hereditary' to give REP GFX set and sleep the hereditary stadtholder monarchs/leaders with option B
- updated event KNI_3903 'The Great Carrack of Alexandria' to spawn some privateers on the Egyptian coast
- updated event LOR_3735 'French Inheritance of Lorraine' to let the princes of Condé rule with option B, instead of a generic noble council
- updated event SCO_3075 'The First Covenant' to turn SCO reformed with option A
- updated event MLO_3706 'The Inheritance of Milan' to give FRA/HAB a claim on Lombardia if the other inherits (already removed with later events)
- updated event LAX_3903 'The Succession Crisis' and added C/D options
- updated event POL_3473 'The Polish Inheritance of Masovia' to allow for annexing MAS
- updated event POL_3485 'The Sobieskian Army Reforms' to give more of a choice between the two options
- updated event KSH_3697 'Guru Givind Singh installs Sikh Confederacy' with extra bonuses, claims and a capital move
- updated event CHI_10004 'The Perfection of Ming Porcelain' so the two provinces now actually produce chinaware
- updated event RUS_3421 'The Treaty of Nerchiinsk' to release KOR rather than cede it to CHI
- updated event SPA_3172 'France opens Chambers of Reunion' to also cede Roussillon (426) to FRA in option B
- updated event POR_3272 'King Sebastião's Expedition' to now fire a bit earlier and wake Sebastião as a leader; option B will sleep the succession crisis and skip the Habsburg monarchs
- updated event STE_3689 'The Disintegration of the Golden Horde' to also release Uzbek (UZB) with option C
- updated event TIM_3688 'The Disintegration of the Timurid Empire' with an option C to abandon Persia and focus on Transoxiana
- updated event SCO_3072 'The Auld Alliance' to give some additional bonuses, and trigger an event for FRA (option A) so SCO can join FRA's alliance as intended
- updated event ENG_3027 'The Act of Navigation' to trigger a response event for HOL with option A, and provide some relation boosts with option B
- updated event ENG_3033 'Personal Union with Holland' to be triggered by an original version of the event for HOL
- updated event ENG_3049 'The American Revolution' to now spawn a bunch of American Rebels (USR) (as well as generating RR) with options A and B
- updated event ENG_3051 'Loyalists to Canada' with some extra bonuses, and added an alternative version (with fewer bonuses) for if the smaller Treaty of Paris event fires
- updated event ENG_4984 'The Treaty of Paris' (the lost big variant) to now also cede the Northwest Territory to USA and the Florida Territory to SPA
- updated event ENG_26024 'The Welsh Revolt' to give +10 RR in Wales (243) instead of global RR; removed with event ENG_26011 'The Accession of Henry V'
- updated event BRI_26052 'The Death of John the Conqueror' to trigger events for FRA (option B) and ENG (option C) so BRI can be properly vassalized/allied as intended
- updated the 'Muslim influence in South East Asia' random event to now only target Indonesia as originally intended; reshuffled the default options
- updated the various 'Restoration of the French Monarchy' events for FRA to cancel any vassalizations
- updated the 'Ottoman Interregnum' event for TUR to cancel any vassalizations
- updated the Councils of Pisa/Constance global events to only fire for countries in Europe
- updated a number of event triggers and offsets
- updated the events to annex MOS/NVG to only fire after 1450
- added a number of events for BUR for if it survives as an independent state
- added a Stuart version of the Pragmatic Sanction event for ENG (default is Hanoverian)
- added a Habsburg version of the Pragmatic Sanction event for SPA (default is Bourbon)
- added Bourbon and Habsburg versions of the Polish Succession events for SPA (previously had no way to react despite being a major player historically)
- added a Polish Succession reaction event for SAR
- added Spanish Succession reaction events for BAY, BRA, POR and SAV
- reworked League of Cambrai sequence; added a starting event for VEN and new reaction events for ENG, SPA, HEL, SCO and MLO
- reworked Holy League sequence; improved the original PAP event and added new reaction events for GEN, POR and HAB
- reworked the Polish Succession events to give a straight choice between intervention and neutrality; changed text accordingly
- added and updated triggers for various POL events
- added an alternative version of the Act of Union event for POL for if LIT doesn't exist (sometimes it gets diploannexed by POL before the event is due to fire, so POL never gets the bonuses)
- added a couple more Stagnation and Sejm events for late-game POL (if it survives)
- added a number of historical and fantasy election events for POL
- added a heavily revised/expanded monarch file for POL
- added around a hundred new historical events, mostly with a focus on the 18th/19th centuries
- added a province event for the founding of Karachi
- added some province events for Vietnam
- added a small event chain for POR to purchase Macao
- added an event for ENG to found Singapore
- added an event for RUS to found Sevastopol
- added a country description for Egypt (EGY)
- added a starting fleet for RUS in 1617 and 1701
- added an AI event for RUS to annex YUA if it has captured their capital
- added triggers to a number of historical events that previously didn't have any
- moved the rebel leader William of Orange over to his own leader file so he spawns for the Dutch Rebels type specifically
- moved an early HOL leader over to GEL
- added French localization
- lots of improvements to English and French localization
- added a boat load of new historical Pirate leaders
- added 'galleys = yes' to a number of AI files for countries (especially in the Med) whose navies should mostly comprise galleys rather than warships
- changed the dates/stats for FRA leader 'de Montmorency' (09005) to reflect Anne (father) rather than François (son)
- finally added a leader file for HEL after 20 years
- improved some random events with new triggers and commands
- made sure LIT is correctly a vassal of POL in all scenarios
- added a royal marriage between FRA and BUR in 1399/1419/1453 (to represent their Valois cadet branch and help dissuade the AI from DoW)
- changed a number of 'independence' commands to the new 'free' command where appropriate
- added new leader files for ANN, BRZ, CHL, DAK, DEL, GRC, GRE, HEL, KOK, LAP, MAS, MDG, MEX, PEU, TEX, TRI and VNZ
- added new monarch files for BLV, BRZ, CHL, ECU, GRC, KOK, MDG, MNT, PRG, TEX, TWO, UCA, URG and VNZ
- added a port in Susquehanna (85) and a naval strait to allow access to Cheasapeake Bay (862)
- added straits to Guangdong (659) to block land access if enemy has naval supremacy (to represent Macao)
- updated the description for 'badboy_penalty = yes/no' in geography.txt to be more accurate
- updated all tech files to start from 1399 instead of 1419 (average_years change; doesn't require existing techs in scenarios/mods to be changed)
- added new 'Imperial' era land/navy tech range (61-70) for the late game
- added some new army names for FIN and POR
- added some new navy names for ENG, FIN, FRA, MEX, POR and RUS
- added unique leader name lists for SON and USA
- added/expanded lots of colony name lists for ENG/FRA/POR/RUS and various colonial revolters
- added catholicism to the Philippines in later scenarios
- added pirates (to spawn off the coast) to a couple of events for CHI
- re-enabled some ancient EU2 army sprites for the great powers
- updated various colonial city names in Brazil and North America across the later scenarios
- updated/added loc for new and edited events
- updated the AI readme file and naval tech file with additional header information from Michael
- updated the header information in countries.txt to be clearer and more accurate
- updated the whiteman values for VIN in 1419 and HAW in 1795
- added Cape Romain and Moro Gulf as new sea tile names
- improved a few other unique sea tile names (or used more modern names)
- removed some claims from NEP and TIB if they revolt
- removed some obsolete event text
- removed some archaic army modifiers used in the 1617 scenario
- removed the remaining blank 'Ocean' tiles in provinces.txt
- removed all duplicate or otherwise superfluous non-event text from loc files
- removed some more duplicate text
- removed some more duplicate text
- removed some more duplicate text
- removed some more duplicate text
- removed some more duplicate text
- removed POR from the ENG alliance in 1399 for balance reasons; ENG does not benefit from being dragged into various Barbary wars
- renamed Khavakend to Khavakand
- renamed province Zacatecas (27) to Tenochtitlan so it matches the name on the map
- renamed Ak Koyunlu (AKK) to White Sheep
- renamed Kara Koyunlu (QAR) to Black Sheep
- renamed Navarra (NAV) to Navarre
- changed Bucharest to Targoviste for the city name in Wallachia (322)
- changed Otrar to Tashkent for the city name in Uzbek (1594)
- changed Hellas (359) and Morea (360) from the Balkans to the Mediterranean geographic region
- changed Viazemski (636), Sikhote (637), Nelma (638), Olga (639) and Nakhodka (640) from the Amur to the Manchuria geographic region
- Dutch Rebels (NDR) now have a x1.2 morale_multiplier and a +1 tech_bonus
- USA now starts with a core on Ticonderoga (99)
- transferred Tangiers (732) from MOR to POR in 1453 (they didn't actually hold it, but they did hold Ceuta, and it's good for them to have a foothold in North Africa)
- bumped Macao up to a L2 fort in 1617
- changed SWE-MEC vassalage to BAY-KOL in 1617
- disabled "Shrewsbury" as a leader for ENG in 1453
- disabled "de Rais" as a leader for FRA in 1453 (slept with event FRA_3317)
- enabled "de Xaintrailles" as a leader for FRA in 1453 (woken with event FRA_3101)
- enabled various Lithuanian leaders for POL in 1617/1701/1773 (woken with event POL_3475)
- enabled flag 6 (more tolerance) in 1701 so it doesn't fire at scenario start
- updated income and manpower additions from events between scenarios (1399-1816)
- Engelbrekt (SWE) now sticks around longer as a leader if he isn't murdered in event SWE_3217
- updated some scenario event history
- applied some missing AI files in a few scenarios
- Greenland is no longer pagan in later scenarios
- added some culture and city name changes to Vietnam/Champa in later scenarios
- transferred Mekong Delta (666) from CAM to CHA in 1701
- transferred Guangdong (659) from CHI to POR in 1701/1773/1795 and added as a core
- added 5 badboy and claims on Dzungaria for CHI in 1701
- added 10 badboy for FRA and SWE in 1701
- gave CHI a couple more provinces in 1701 so they share a full border with RUS
- gave ENG a couple more colonies in 1701 as Philadelphia has been moved up a province
- gave FRA +100 relations and access through LOR in 1701
- updated some events for the Dutch and American revolts to spawn relevant rebel types
- updated the events for HOL inheriting the Dutch minors when it forms to now get some gold and a bailiff in each province
- updated MOL/WAL capital names in later scenarios
- added country name/capital name changes and event claims for AYU in 1773/1795
- added country name change and event claims for KSH in 1773/1795
- added missing CHI starting cores in 1701/1773/1795
- transferred Indus (539) from AFG to BAL in 1773
- transferred Sindh (540) from AFG to PER in 1773
- transferred Thar (1523) from AFG to KSH in 1773
- upgraded Mosquitos (38) from a TP to a colony for ENG in 1773
- upgraded Detroit (82) from a TP to a colony for ENG in 1773 and USA in 1795
- upgraded Oshawa (97) and Huron (98) from TPs to colonies for ENG in 1795
- downgraded Sitka (3) from a colony to a TP for RUS in 1773
- downgraded Appalache (66) and Onondaga (91) from colonies to TPs for USA in 1773 (still largely Indian territory)
- changed RAJ's country culture from hindi to rajput in 1773/1795
- changed Indus (539) to baluchi culture and shia faith in 1773/1795
- changed Saguenay (121) to french culture and catholic faith in 1773
- changed Crimea (463) to ruthenian culture and orthodox faith in 1795; added shipyard, buildings and +2 income
- moved Philadelphia from Delaware (86) to Susquehanna (85) in 1773/1795
- added OYO's vassalisation of DAH in 1773/1795
- added OLD in 1795 (it really should be around and HAN did not extend that far west)
- added SIN in 1795
- transferred Lampang (1550) from BRM to AYU in 1795
- transferred Ticonderoga (99) from ENG to USA in 1795
- executed all the Czars and replaced them with doppelgänger Tsars for grammatical reasons
- replaced some secret <<French Masonic>> ′symbolism’ (???) with default English characters
- fixed loads of minor DB and text issues from the old EU2 forum
- fixed some incorrect monarch IDs in AI event file triggers
- fixed some ancient INC leaders that had generic placeholder names
- fixed some relation effect errors in the Spanish Succession events
- fixed event ALD_3651 referencing an incorrect leader ID
- fixed event HOL_3900 having incorrect event text since before you were born
- fixed city names for Sichuan and Xinjiang not matching province names in provinces.txt
- fixed some missing EVENTHIST in FRA event loc file flagged by doc tools
- fixed MAG and HAN not being assigned a capital in several scenarios (not a bug you'd notice as capitals are auto-assigned anyway)
- fixed TUR tech group not being assigned in a few scenarios (defaults to muslim; should be orthodox initially)
- fixed known provinces for a few Native American tags
- fixed loads of loc and grammar inconsistencies

Go download it now! As usual, extract onto either a clean 1.2 installation or the previous beta.

Post feedback in this thread.


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Various useful links

This is not technically part of the beta release, but: those of you who are aware of the FTG event documentation on crystalempiregames.com are also likely aware that it's far out of date, since it is documenting the last official patch, 1.2.

I've re-created the event documentation with a few new features for 1.3. It can be found at http://crystalempiregames.com/development/VanillaEvents/eventdoc.htm and I'll try to keep it up to date with each new beta until we have an official1.3 release.

AGCEEP.org also has event documentation, lest I forget to mention it.

And I must always plug the (un)official FTG Discord server. Hop in and join the fun!
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Here is a slightly updated version of the AoE mod included in the patch, which was missed (my fault as the two versions I sent Michael had the same folder name).

The main differences I can remember are some slept/woken leaders and French localization for the scenario text (provided by Polak). If you play it, I'd suggest using this version (although the version included in the patch should work perfectly fine).


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If you haven't already, you should check out the Event doc stuff Michael posted - it's very good, and lets you easily assess events at a glance. It also includes full monarch and leader lists for vanilla. The AGCEEP content should be updated soon.
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I was playing as Poland and had made peace with Teutonic Order for Danzig and Kustrin. After building forts I went to promote bailiffs. In Kustrin, the +3 local revolt risk was shown in the effects, but in Danzig it said no local effects. Has anyone encountered something like this?
I was playing as Poland and had made peace with Teutonic Order for Danzig and Kustrin. After building forts I went to promote bailiffs. In Kustrin, the +3 local revolt risk was shown in the effects, but in Danzig it said no local effects. Has anyone encountered something like this?
That's because at the time of building, the revolt risk is the same both before and after building it. This happens on any province with nationalism. The game should probably be more clear about it.
This is insane. :D These incredible patches this year made me and my friends come back to play For the Glory Multiplayer every weekend. Thank you so much for all the work u put into it.
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I am really surprised this is still being worked on.
I gave up years ago when I could not get the 1.3 beta to load on Steam.
Still have no idea how to do this.
Have long since given up on Paradox studio games though still play Ricky and some of the independents they publish. W
as coming to give FTG another go and found this in Steam discussion so decided to drop in.

If there is a way to get the 1.3 beta update into my Steam copy of FTG I would appreciate it.
Be advised I would need instructions a 1st week computer user would be given as I am a poor typist and not much more skilled than copy/paste.
Thxs for your help.
I'm ghost 88 on Discord can be reached in the Galactic Civilization IV channel if you have a solution or as ghost88 on the Steam FTG discussion board.
Dropping me a note on either board would be welcomed if there is a way for me to download the update.
Tried with your link and my puter blocked it.
I am really surprised this is still being worked on.
I gave up years ago when I could not get the 1.3 beta to load on Steam.
Still have no idea how to do this.
Have long since given up on Paradox studio games though still play Ricky and some of the independents they publish. W
as coming to give FTG another go and found this in Steam discussion so decided to drop in.

If there is a way to get the 1.3 beta update into my Steam copy of FTG I would appreciate it.
Be advised I would need instructions a 1st week computer user would be given as I am a poor typist and not much more skilled than copy/paste.
Thxs for your help.
I'm ghost 88 on Discord can be reached in the Galactic Civilization IV channel if you have a solution or as ghost88 on the Steam FTG discussion board.
Dropping me a note on either board would be welcomed if there is a way for me to download the update.
Tried with your link and my puter blocked it.
It's a compressed folder. Extract it in your FTG Steam folder and click OK if asked whether you want to overwrite files.
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Historic explorers and conquistadors used to have their full names, while random ones just had a last name, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Was that intentional?
Yes. It's mostly because full names often overlap with the UI and look untidy. Shorter names are generally okay, but longer ones generally need to be shortened.
Historic explorers and conquistadors used to have their full names, while random ones just had a last name, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Was that intentional?
Note that in the next beta, there will be visual differences between historical and randomly generated leaders in the unit screen..
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