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Jun 24, 2013
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Welcome to Part 3

If you haven't, read parts 1 and 2 first!

Welcome to the third part of this Mega FREEDOM Campaign! I started this AAR late last year, intending to play from a small English count all the way up to the superpower that was the United States of America of the 20th century. Currently, the USA is a whole, independent nation in the early 19th century. Let's see how the rest of the century goes!

Those familiar with my style don't really need to read this. I like lots of images of what is going on. Writing-wise, I use a history book/roleplay style in present tense (Mexico is invaded, the army engages...). Role playing will still occur when needed.

I've had some major changes in my life, so don't expect an update more than once a week. I want to throw out some smaller things as well, maybe like a weekly 'newspaper,' like what the citizens of New York may see in their gazette.

Crusader Kings II (1066 - 1444) (COMPLETED)
Europa Universalis IV (1444 - 1836) (COMPLETED)
Victoria II (1836 - 1936) (CURRENT)
Darkest Hour (1936 ~ 1945)

All DLCs will be used!

Only custom events and nations will be used for this part. I might try and might things more difficult if I feel the flow is slowing down. It depends.

The last two parts saw all the goals completed:

-Become King of England
-Unite the Islands of Britain

-Colonize North America
-Create an Empire that has territory on every continent
-Lead the USA to freedom
-Be the most powerful New World Nation

This parts goals are:

-Stretch from Sea to Shining Sea
-Have African and Asian colonies
-Become the number 1 Great Power

Name Rotation
In the last two parts, subscribers' names were added to a list. Every time a child (CK2) or heir (EU4) was born, he/she was named after the subscriber. Rulers do not have names in Vic 2, so leaders will be the ones with the names. I will put out a list of all the names from last part. If you want your name added, just let me know.

Voting will be generally the same for this part. If a major decision is to be made, either through an event, a decision, or otherwise, then I'll let you all vote on it. You are all my congress.

Mild Interactivity approved by Mr. Capiatlist
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Table of Contents

Part 1: The Slavery Debate (1836 to 1857)

-Chapter 1 - 1836: The United States of America in 1836
-Chapter 2 - 1836 to 1843: Revolutions
-Chapter 3 - 1843 to 1851: Manifest Destiny
-Chapter 4 - 1851 to 1853: John Brown's Last Raid
-Chapter 5 - 1853 to 1857: The American Civil War

Part 2: Reconstruction

-Chapter 6 - 1857 to 1871: The Pacific
-Chapter 7 - 1871 to 1886: Peacetime Prosperity
-Chapter 8 - 1886 to 1890: The Baltic-American War
-Chapter 9 - 1890 to 1899: The Great European War

Part 3: The 20th Century
-Chapter 10 - 1899 to 1918: After the War
-Chapter 11 - 1918 to 1936: The Rise of Fascism
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Subscribed! Great to see this adventure continuing! (and for once I have seen something without being linked to it)

EDIT: Will you be using the beta?
It's continuing, yay!
You'd better name someone after me m8. All I got was one lousy lady in CK2 that did nothing.
Chapter 1 - The United States of America in 1836

The world is a different, perhaps better, place since the 15th century. For one, the world is more connected than ever before. Very few places in the world are now undiscovered. All that really remains dark and wild is Inner Africa, the jungles of the Amazon, and the poles.

The borders of the world still shift and change, but not to the same extent as 3 or 4 centuries before. Europe is held together by the Carinth-Hungary Empire and a string of alliances between the Great Powers. Currently, the Empire of Britain remains as the most powerful nation on earth, followed closely by Carinth-Hungary. The rest of the Great Powers are arranged as such: the Teutonic Order, Russia, Lotharingia, The United States of America, Eretna, and Picardy.



The US, in 75 years (1761 to 1836), went from a colony struggling for independence, to one of the Great Powers of the world.


One of the new themes of the 19th century is manufacturing. This is a big priority for Great Powers, and the USA especially. At the moment, there are 6 large factories in the US, most of them on the eastern coast. A large part of manufacturing is infrastructure. A new invention several years ago, railroads, is slowly being put into use. Several states have already implemented experimental tracks. Several longer ones even exist, such as one from New York City to Philadelphia, and from New Bedford to Pittsfield.


For now, the taxes are very high for the lower class, average for the middle, and low for the rich. Expenditures are mostly from education and administration, in an attempt to increase both the literacy rate and the tax efficiency. A tariff of 20% has also been implemented as a means of extra federal income. A small amount is also spent on stockpiling military equipment, and a good deal is spent on the military budget in general. All this is in preparation for a possible war with Mexico.


Currently the Whigs are in power, bring with them the policies of Free Trade, Interventionism, Moralism, Full Citizenship, and Pro Military. However, the Upperhouse is arranged with conservatives having more of the seats.


Slavery is still an issue in the United States, which has more slaves than any other nation. As of 1836, nearly 800 thousand out of 19.08 million people in the United State are slavess, nearly all of them African American.


The United States has alliances with Haiti, Antillen, and Canada. To the west, Mexico stirs hatefully, desiring American land for itself. Mexico is unfortunately allied with Occidentalia and Colombia, meaning the US is surrounded from the south and west with large, albeit not the most powerful, enemies.


Militarily, the US is weak, with only 17 brigades of 3000 men each. The US Army is also in need of a reorganization. The Navy is in even sadder a state, with only 14 ships (4 man o' wars, 5 frigates, and 5 clippers). With so many probable enemies, the US will have to quickly improve its military, or risk invasion.

The biggest issues in the USA in 1836 is the slavery debate and competition with Mexico. Caught in the middle of the latter is Mexique, the Occitain nation that broke off of Aquitaine. Being such a small state nearly devoured by Mexico, it seems unlikely that Mexique will survive till the end of this century. It may be up to the United States to defend the small nation.

This promises to be an interesting century. With technology and population expanding at a rapid rate, it is likely that a total war between the Great Powers will break out before long.

-I'm getting back into the swing of things, and my life is pretty busy at the moment. Don't expect the quality to be of the utmost perfection quite yet...
-The mod is stable, but it is also lacking. I have plenty of events at the moment to keep the first few chapters interesting, but I will be adding more as I go along. I had trouble getting the pops just right, but I've found that the natural flow of things corrects this after a few in game years.
Needs more manifest destiny. :)