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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Elder Scrolls (TES)?
The Elder Scrolls a high-fantasy "universe" created by Bethesda Softworks and is the setting of their Elder Scrolls games series; Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls Online by Zenimax Online Studios. You can read more on the setting at UESP, the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, a Wiki devoted to the setting, it's lore and games.

What era is the mod set in?
The mod starts during the 2nd Era, a couple of decades after the Potentate has fallen and Tamriel has shattered into hundreds of petty warring states however the end date of the mod is approximately 300 years after the Stormcloak Rebellion.

Which bookmarks are available?
Right now (ver 1.5) the mod has the Interregnum (2E450) and Reachmen Invasion (aka The Black Drake, 2E541) Bookmarks available. The Interregnum is a chaotic period in Tamriel's history, more enjoyable for players who favor a more "fractured" Tamriel. While the Black Drake BM is a more unified Tamriel, from which Durcorach, the Emperor of Cyrodiil, is invading the kingdoms of High Rock.

Can I play Tiber Septim!?!
Currently no, Tiber Septim will however be available when we move on to a bookmark around his time. That said you can recreate his life work if you want and form the Empire of Tamriel with your own character and dynasty.

Are all parts of Tamriel playable?
Yes, the entire continent of Tamriel is included, as are the surrounding islands (Solstheim, Vvardenfell, Summerset) and "expanded universe" lands such as Pyandonea and Akavir.

Why is Summerset called Alinor (or Why is -Insert Place- called -Insert Name-)?
To enhance the feel of certain parts of the world, we have chosen to use names as close to their native names as possible. The Altmer for example refer to Summerset as Alinor, and Resdayn was the original name of the pre-Empire Dunmer realm within Morrowind (and thus Altmer and certain other cultures, Ashlanders for example, will call it Resdayn should they take it).

Is it possible to play a Daedra worshipper?
Yes, Reachmen worship a kind of "unified" pantheon of Daedra rather than a specific one and the Orcs available in the first bookmark worship Malakath. You can also ruler design your own character to follow another Prince.

How will you handle the different races intermarrying, having children?
Different races can intermarry but they receive fertility negatives upon marriage making having a child almost impossible (Orsimer+Man can still procreate however, the negative isn't as strong with them for example). Should a child be born to a non-compatible couple, such as Khajiit+Bosmer, it will gain the "Abomination" trait and will die shortly after.

What about portraits?
New Argonian and Tsaesci portraits are in the works! Plus a few others might show up.

Can I join the team!?
Sure! We could always use more talent. If you have modding knowledge such as event/decision scripting, artistic talent (for portraits, interface, event pictures or flags) we'd love to hear from you, feel free to contact Korba here on the Paradox Forums, or via steam (simply search for Korba or the Elder Kings Mod steam group). If you're more of an idea guy you can still help out with the mod by being active here in our subforum and posting your ideas and suggestions

Does this mod require any DLC?
The mod requires Legacy of Rome, and to get the full enjoyment out of it we recommend the Republic and the African, Mongol, Russian and Norse portrait sets.

Can I play Vivec/Sotha Sil/Almalexia/Some other living God Character?
No, we took the decision early on to not include playable God Characters as this would cause severe imbalance in the world. Ruler Designer however allows you to create a character of roughly equivalent talents as Vivec if you so wish.

Will you be converting Morrowind to a Republic?
No, after much discussion we decided not to turn Morrowind into a Republic. This would limit the Dunmer too much in playability for users without the Republic DLC, as just one of the reasons why we chose not to.

Will children always have the race and graphical culture of their mother?
No, that is a hardcoded element of CK2 and not open to modding.

Will you ever include start dates prior to the 2E Interregnum Bookmark?

Are the flags with white question marks intentional?
Yes, they are used as placeholders until we have a completed flag for the title.

When will the next version be out?
Hopefully in February/March.

Is this mod dead?
It's not dead, it's just sleeping.
Seriously, no it's not.

How do I obtain the Amulet of Kings?
Currently you have to deploy your Steward on Sancre Tor with the "Survey" job action.
Pre-0.1.4: There is a bug which means the event might never pop (if it does at all, it can take upwards of 300 years or more)

Who's on the team?
The current team working on Elder Kings, in a variety of roles is:-

In addition, all of our players who report bugs, make suggestions and provide constructive feedback without whom development would take a lot longer

Will you upload Elder Kings to the Steam Workshop?
At the moment, no. The mod is too large to fit on the workshop at the moment (there is a 200mb limit and the mod is approximately twice that).

Can I post Elder Kings to the Steam Workshop?
No, not only is the mod too large for the workshop to be uploaded as a single package it's also not your work and uploading it would be seen as using our assets without permission which is a breach of the steam workshop terms of use and these forums terms of use.

Which DLCs are recommended for the mod?
For the most complete experience we recommend all DLCs with the exception of Sunset Invasion and Dynasty Shield Packs, since we use neither of these. Furthermore, EK version 1.5 needs all DLC after and including CM to be disabled. The current list of DLC that need to be disabled includes Charlemagne, Way of Life, the Early Western Clothing Pack, and the Early Eastern Clothing Pack.

How do you play Elder Kings?
You have to make sure to be in CK2 version 2.1.6. In order to do this, you must right click on Crusader Kings II in Steam->select properties->select the betas tab->select the 2.1.6 beta. Steam will dl 2.1.6. In addition, make sure that ALL DLC after and including Charlemagne are disabled.
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