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Few days ago I saw that USA had air corps with twelve squadrons, but playing, I can't mix more than four squadrons. Why I cannot do what the CPU does? There is some way to change it? Some file to modify or something like this?

Thanks for all!
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Does the AI still have the dissent cheat, which automatically reduces their dissent if it gets too high (25% I think)?
Is there a source of info regarding brigades: detaching (sometimes I'm allowed to do that, sometimes not), attaching them (never managed to accomplish that) and general info regarding them.
Is it possible to automate only some sliders, while leaving other ones on manual control? It's hard to achieve the intended effects on full automation, e.g. I might want to use just 2 IC on upgrades so that my army will slowly become modernised, but it seems impossible to tell the AI to do just that.
What does exactly an event command "lostnational = 15" mean? I have to loose 15VPs? 15% of core provs? 15% overall provs? 15% of IC? :)
How do you register your game if you purchased it off of Impulse? The key is too long, I somehow managed to register For the Glory, but I can't remember how, and so far I've failed in registering DH, and the EUIII games I have.