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Which version of HOI2 should I install DH upon? Armageddon 1.2 or 1.3 patch?
Darkest Hour is a standalone game that requires no previous games or installations.

Where can I buy Darkest Hour?
Paradox Web Shop
Green Man Gaming
Games Republic
Indie Gala Store

Is there a patch available?
Yes, here (game registration required): https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/darkest-hour-patch-1-04.882675/

What is the difference between DH Full and Lite? What should I play?
Darkest Hour Full contains the new 1914 and 1936 scenarios with the new DH map, tech tree and events/decisions.
Darkest Hour Lite contains the old HOI2 grand campaigns and battle scenarios with the old HOI2 map, but with most of the new DH features enabled (like the speed improvement for example).

When I use the launcher, it says it "Error was found when writing tot he configuration file and the settings could not be saved. Do you want to run the game in previous settings anyway?". What should I do?
You probably installed Darkest Hour in C:\Program Files or under another protected folder in Windows Vista/7 with UAC enabled. There are multiple solutions:
1) reinstall in another folder (default is C:\Games\Darkest Hour)
2) run the game as Administrator
3) give full/write access to Darkest Hour\settings.cfg for your user

When I start the game it loads forever! It just seems that all loading times are soo long! Why's this?
Could be caused by AntiVirus or AntiMalware software (like Kapersky). Solution: exclude the game folder from checking by the AntiVirus/AntiMalware.

I want to take a decision but I can't, it always has a red X and it doesn't fire. How can I know the prerequisites to make it work?
Place your mouse over the red X (or the green X): a tooltip will display the list of prerequites for taking that decision. Pay attention to the OR and AND clauses!
Moreover if you place your mouse over the picture of a decision, a tooltip will show the text and effects of that decision.

The Anschluss event didn't fire. Why?
The Anschluss in not an event but a decision now. As Germany, place your divisions on the border with Austria and then do one of the followings things: ally with Austria (increased chance after event for Nazi coup d'etat in Austria at the beginning of 1938), successfully claim Austria through Demand Territory in the Diplomatic tab (increased chances after Nazi coup d'etat in Austria) or declar war on Austria and occupy Vienna. You'll be able to take the Anschluss decision and get the benefits of the annexation (manpower, leaders, etc.).
NOTE: in 1.01 it is not necessary anymore to have troops on the border with Austria. The other conditions still apply.

The Treaty of Munich event didn't fire. Why?
You have to wait 150 days (5 months) after the Anschluss event and then place your division on the border with Czechoslovakia to threaten it.

What happens if I install IC over DH?
You'll be able to choose between DHFull, DHLite, Iron Cross and any other mods from the DH Launcher. If you launch Iron Cross, you'll get the IC scenarios, map, tech tree and events.

Can I copy the IC map in the DHFull folder and use that or viceversa?
No, because the province ID are different, it would not work. Scenarios, map, events and tech tree are all tied together so you can't simply replace one of them without a lot of modding.

It takes ages to build divisions and I have no manpower left!
The long time requires to create new division is rather historical in peace time. If you run out of manpower, use the "Reform Military Service" decision to move to an higher Conscription law or mobilization level, that will increase your available manpower. Moreover if move to at least Partial Mobilization, you'll get an event that will replenish the strenght of your troops. So you can leave your troops with low strenght and then move to Partial Mobilization, they'll get a good amount of strength instantly.
Be aware that while at peace the higher level you can reach is Partial Mobilization, whereas once at war you'll be able to move to General, Extended or Total Mobilization. Higher level of Mobilization will reduce the time needed to create new units, but it will also cripple your industry, so take the decision with care.

Where are my save games? I can't find them.
They are located in the subfolder of the game you're playing. So for example:
- Darkest Hour/Mods/Darkest Hour Full/scenarios/save games/
- Darkest Hour/Mods/Darkest Hour Lite/scenarios/save games/
- Darkest Hour/Mods/Iron Cross/scenarios/save games/
- Darkest Hour/Mods/Kaiserreich for DH/scenarios/save games/
It was been reported that the Impulse installer didn't create the "save games" folders under DHFull/DHLite. If this happens, you have to create the subfolder by yourself.

Is there a manual?
Yes, you can grab it here (you'll have to register the game to get access). Moreover, you can also find important informations in the following documents:
- Darkest Hour\Modding documentation\Quickstart_Guide.pdf
- Darkest Hour\Modding documentation\Guide to Darkest Hour.pdf
- Darkest Hour\Modding documentation\Darkest Hour Development Diaries Archive.pdf

Only 5 tech teams? I want more!
Sure! Check Darkest Hour\Mods\Darkest Hour Full\db\misc.txt and play at your will with these parameters:
# Max active tech teams at a time (cannot be more then 50). Note: New Technology page layout will be auto-set for values above 5!
    5 #5
# Min active tech teams at a time (available teams regardles of current IC)
    1 #1
# Required IC for each tech team above the min
    20 #20

I've read that you can use HOI2Arma mods on DH, what should I do?
Check Darkest Hour\Modding documentation\Guide to Darkest Hour.pdf for a simple explanation on how to do that. Under Darkest Hour\Modding documentation\Darkest Hour Mods Pack\ you'll find useful files for the porting.

Where can I download the no time limit patch for Darkest Hour?
You don't need one. Just edit your savegame/scenario and modify the end date.

I can't build tanks!
If you want to build tank divisions and not only tank brigades, you have to research the "Armor Division Formation" tech in the Land Doctrine tab.

Is there an easier way to view all unit and brigade stats than to open each unit/brigade file individually in a text editor?
Yes, here's a table (based on DH 1.04 values) that contains it all.
And this is a version for DH 1.05

The counters appear as a box with big black borders and a transparent X, what's going on?
That's because you have deselected the sprites from the launcher but in-game the sprites are still selected.
Use the options to select the counters (or right click on the date-time while in game for a quicker menu).
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"So you can leave your troops with low strenght and then move to Partial Mobilization, they'll get a good amount of strenght istantly."

-> strength instantly

Just minor nitpicking...

Wouldn't it be better to have this stickied in the main forum? Tech support really is the last place I'd be looking for it. They're basically all gameplay questions.
can you play DH on gameranger? could you include multiplayer matchmaking server things that DH works with / are popular (if any)
When IC is installed over DH, do I have to patch both IC and DH (when possible) or just one of the two?
I would think that IC patches would only apply to IC. The reverse is probably not true. When a new patch for DH comes along (be it official or beta), you need to make sure that your IC version is compatible with that version of DH.
Some problems:
-There is no save game folder in Iron Cross, so I made one, then I moved my IC save game into my folder then there are problems? What do I do?
Where can I get unit and leader pictures in color? I can't use GIP since all pictures are named differently in DH.

We do not have colorized pictures.

Leader/minister/TT pictures from GIP and other similar mods are most should be compatible with DH Light/core as we haven't made any changes to Armageddon 1.3 vanilla picture names.
We do not have colorized pictures.

Leader/minister/TT pictures from GIP and other similar mods are most should be compatible with DH Light/core as we haven't made any changes to Armageddon 1.3 vanilla picture names.

I think in Armageddon leader pictures started with "L", eg "L424", but in DH they are just start with the number. Therefore it's not compatible.