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Jun 22, 2020
with the exception of pc-only features and differences in ui, the 2.2.7 and console 2.2.7 are identical in-terms of mechanics, there are mentions of the refund mechanic on steam and reddit from the pc version 2.2.6

If it was a bug it was never fixed or even declared as a bug in future updates and by future updates i mean all the way up to 2.7.2 (the current pc version), in fact that particular upgrade mechanic that was introduced in 2.2.2 and tweaked in 2.2.6 never gets touched or changed after that point.
And you are wrong, again.
I've just checked 2.2.7 PC version (friend of mine likes to keep old GOG versions available), and bug is not reproducible there.
On PC in 2.2.7 it charges you the full amount to start upgrade, and refund is added only when each ship upgrade is completed. While on console it applies refund for initial upgrade cost and gives you refund one more time when ship upgrade is finished.

So it looks like a bug related to mixed code from different versions they've used to build release for Console.
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Jun 22, 2020
I've found the same bug posted on May 19 2020 for XBox version:
Exactly the same issue we discuss in this thread.
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May 21, 2020
I've never before seen such a resistance to the suggestion of a glitch that is proven on video and easily reproducible. Multiple people have all confirmed it is happening. Noone who denies it is happening has provided any evidence that it isn't happening or that it should be happening as intended. Closest that came was the suggestion that it may be on pc as well but that was quickly shot down. It makes no sense whatsoever that people would be so adamant that this isn't happening. This is ruining multiplayer, and is making one player a hassle at best. Anyone who thinks it isn't happening, hit me up on PSN and we'll play a game and we'll see what you have to say when you see me overpower everything. Probably will take some work to play out a game due to scheduling but I'm up for it. I want this fixed it's ridiculous.


Jun 5, 2020
I can confirm this bug exists on the Xbox as well. I'm Running (the current version) on an X1X. Let me also add thanks to the OP for making the YouTube video. I finally could see what is flashing in the top right of my game: "save game..." On my console it only appears for a fraction of a second (1 frame) and is gone. It looks like a mini localized video glitch.

For the record my test resulted in 700+ Alloys BEFORE the end of the 1St year. Test Empire generates +13/month naturally.


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Jun 29, 2001
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Thanks for your reports. While I'm not a console player I agree this looks like a bug.

I have now lodged a new bug report on it, and linked to this forum thread.

I can't say what priority it will be assigned, and when it will make it into a patch, but at least it's in the system now.

Sorry for that problem!
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Feb 27, 2019
Anyone test to see if this is still happening after the patch? Didnt mention it but you never know.