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Oct 16, 2003
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What is this mod?
This mod replaces the vanilla black & white model photos used in the production and brigade view windows with coloured drawings.

It started as a simple port of the HoI2 mod DMP. The scope of the mod however raised soon when I started to change more and more things... taking new directions... I'm now using no more than a 1% of original DMP resources, completely replacing or heavily modifing the other 99%.

So it's not DMP anymore, it's my own mod... however a big thank you still goes to the DMP team for letting me use their resources as a base to start my work.

I'm doing this mainly for myself... wasn't even planning to release it, but at some point the mod started to be so big that it would have been a waste to keep it for me alone, thought that others would have probably liked it too.
The project started in march, I have been putting a lot of effort into this during the last months, and I also registered my copy of HoI3 just to open this thread (I never register anything)... so you gotta appreciate it :D

This is the HoI2 port of my HoI3 mod, that can be found here: Francesco's Models Mod HoI3

Why drawings?
With quality drawings you can display a lot more details compared to historical photos, it's also easier to achive a consistent look and feel between the various models, and this adds a lot... at least for me.
It takes a lot of patience but the result is worth the effort in my opinion.

What's the goal of the mod and what about the current status?
I want to get a consistent feeling while playing the game with different countries, the final goal of the mod is to cover as many nations as possible, it already deals with 13 countries for nearly 3000 models!
Countries covered so far: USA, USSR, Germany, England, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Finland, Spain, Hungary, Romania and Argentina. More to come.

The mod also replaces nuclear reactor, air base, naval base, AA, radar, rocket test facility, convoys, escorts and industrial capacity images with new ones, in line with the art style of the mod.

I'm open to questions and suggestions, so if you have them... just post.


HoI2 Arma/AoD version:
Francesco's Models Mod 2.0 (Filefront)

HoI2 Iron Cross version:
Francesco's Models Mod 2.0 IC (Filefront)

Just unpack the archive into your HoI2 dir (you are going to need WinRar) overwrite the old files.

Can we see a few screens?
I'm not a man of words so I'll be happy to let some screenshots speak for me.
The following screens are just a few of the loads of models contained in the mod.

------ GERMANY ------

censored swastika on the screenshot

censored swastikas on the screenshot

------ USA ------

------ USSR ------

------ JAPAN ------

------ England ------

------ FRANCE ------

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Aug 28, 2010
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Congratulations Francesco!!!!! :p Excellent contribution -despite of the fact that perhaps there is still room for little improvements...- ;) .

Honestly: thanks to so many generous people like you this forum and our beloved Paradox games universe in general terms are a so excited experience for players. :rolleyes: Congratulations once again!


Oct 16, 2003
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I just want to point out that the IC version still needs a little work to deal with all the new units. Elite units are still not covered and aircrafts need some adjstutments to get the pictures 100% match the models names (land units should already be fine though), you can expect an update in 2-3 days.

Congratulations Francesco!!!!! :p Excellent contribution -despite of the fact that perhaps there is still room for little improvements...- ;) .
Sure everything can always been improved. I'm open to any kind of feedback so if you feel something should be changed/improved just tell me what exactly you don't like and I will look into it.


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Aug 30, 2008
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these are realy good will be geting this :)


Oct 16, 2003
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I'm almost there for the promised update, which should make aircraft pictures match the names in the IC version. I have been adding loads of biplanes to cover the 1933-36 period and also some post-war ones where needed. If everything goes well it will be ready for download tomorrow. Here's a small preview



Depor über alles
Apr 12, 2006
Downloading!!! thx for the job


Oct 16, 2003
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Check the first post to download.
This update adds some aircrafts models and improves a few old ones, it also replaces the german infantry pictures with new, better, ones (this is the third time I redo them... I should be happy enough with them now and hopefully won't need to change them again)

With 1.51 the Iron Cross version also received a MAJOR update on the aircrafts side... adding dozens of models.

Let's show a few screenshots:

Some of the new/improved models for all versions of the mod:

Some of the new aircrafts models for the Iron Cross version of the mod (there are many more... I just can't show you all of them):

The IC version of the mod now almost covers all the new models added by the expansion... I just need to add elite units and post-war infantry (next update)
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