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I was asked to put the file here instead, so I quote the original thread (which may be found here):

I was cleaning out my old computer the other day and found a scenario I started on years ago. It was almost finished, and I thought it'd be a shame if all the work was useless so I brushed it up and uploaded it here in case someone would be interested. It's representing the Aftermath of the Forth Crusade. The start date is summer 1205, some month after the first Latin Emperor, Baldwin I, was captured and killed by the Bulgarians. The successorstates of Nicaea, Trebizond and Epirus have been formed, and so have most Latin lordships, so I found that a suitable startdate. The political setup has of course been modified for the whole map, including hundreds of new characters. It's about as complete as the other scenarios when it comes to dynasties.

I'm uploading it as is. I've run it for several decades without crashing, so it seems stable enough, even if there's bound to be errors.


Latin lordships in Greece.

Installation (Note some original files are replaced):
- Make another full installation of your CK+DV, latest patch.
- Simply extract the files to your new main Crusader Kings directory and the files should go to their places.

It should be compatible with vanilla Deus Vult in the sense that nothing is changed for the vanilla scenarios in SP, except that the province incomes have been redefined to better work for the current setup. I also tried to diminish the unhistorically large English (and to a smaller extent, Frankish) hordes by reducing their province incomes. If you want to keep the old province file, just avoid replacing the original. I strongly recommend the new added file though.

Multiplayer is mightily sensitive, so you won't be able to play with someone using only DV.

It's probably not compatible with any mods.

Technical things:
I've redefined the duchy tags ATRI and ARTO, seeing that they are neither declared in the other scenarios or listed as createable titles.

The following files are replaced but are not necessary to run:
Coa: ATRI.bmp, ARTO.bmp, SCHW.bmp, HELL.bmp, THES.bmp (coa:s updated to fit better)

The following files are replaced and are necessary:

The following files are added and necessary to run:
U000.bmp, U001.bmp, U002.bmp, U019.bmp


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