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The 1920 United States Presidential Election

As the Presidential Election of 1920 got off the ground, one issue was on everyone's mind: Panama. Quickly emerging from the Democratic Camp, as President James Cox and Vice-President Roosevelt declined to serve another term, was Thomas R. Marshall, a Senator from Indiana. He quickly struck up a belligerent tone, saying that Panama must "Become a Wasteland" and "Repopulated with American Blood". His fiery rhetoric won him over with the press, and was soon the smooth front-runner for the Democratic nomination.

On the Progressive side, with the lack of real good successes at the polls, took a radical lurch to the Left, by nominating, early and before the other two parties, Eugene V. Debs. They hoped that Debs, a skill orator, was going to be able to win over the hearts and minds of the American population. He was strictly anti-military, and proposed to pull out of Panama, and even the Caribbean itself, by promising independence for Cuba, Panama, and the multitude of islands that the United States owned, or "Occupied" as he said. This radical anti-colonialism scared many voters, and the Progressives nominated John Eshleman to become the Vice-Presidential nominee, hoping to curb the radicalism and make the ticket look more like a compromise ticket of moderation.

The Republican field was wide open, Warren Harding began to run a campaign, as well as Calvin Coolidge, who thought that he would have a shot at taking the nomination. Then, as if by storm, former President Theodore Roosevelt wrote a scathing review of the current President of the United States, and said that, under no circumstances, could he watch a Party that supports him, the Democrats, or such a radical as Debs, who he said "Launched a campaign on everything Progressiveism stood for." This sudden burst from the former President cleared the entire Republican Primary, and as each primary fell by, Roosevelt gained an absolute majority quickly. When the Republican nomination rolled around, he easily won on the first ballot, becoming the Republican Nominee for President of the United States. The convention also nominated Hirman Johnson of California as Roosevelt's running mate.

Naturally, he began to get into his fierce stump speeches, rallying against Debs, especially in the Upper Midwest, which was the Progressive stronghold, and almost surly to vote for Roosevelt over Debs. Everyone could see the election playing out, with President Roosevelt, held in high regards, sailing through the election to his 4th Term as President of the United States. While his positions were fair, an end to the rebellion in Panama, an upgrade of the Navy, and a measured peace in Europe, which he thought "Peace and Prosperity could be achieved in Europe against both Barbaric Communism and the Bloodthirsty Kaiser."

While his election was supposed to be a sure-thing, tragedy struck the former President. While giving a speech in Wisconsin, a man moved his way through the crowds as Roosevelt spoke. He was an open man, wanting to be seen by the people, and not wanting to be obstructed by anything, and this is when the man struck. Quickly, three shots rang out of the crowd, and the former President stumbled. He was older than he was years ago, and no longer had the same stamina, and the grueling election was taking its toll. This was the last straw. As the three bullets entered the former President, one passed through his heart, and the other two into his left Lung. The former President of the United States, the Old Lion, Theodore Roosevelt was dead.


Former President Roosevelt shortly before being murdered.

The outrage was instantaneous. Across the country millions lashed out in anger. The man who had done it, as the Government soon found out, was hired by the Progressive Party, in hopes that they would force themselves into victory in the end. Support for them dropped, but not everyone in the country loved Theodore. The election, and the campaign, had to go on. Election day was only a few days away = and quickly, in a desperate search, the Republican Party meet, assessing their chances, and came out with a stunning endorsement. They would nominate Alice Roosevelt Longworth, the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, for the Presidency. A pouring out of affection for President Roosevelt met the surging tidal wave of the chances of a Female President, who was barely past the age limit to serve. As the country went to vote, few knew what the results would be.

When the results started to tick in, it would turn out the Republican gamble worked. Winning 181 Electoral Votes, and the President, Alice Roosevelt Longworth and Hiram Johnson were elected President and Vice-President of the United States of America. Thomas Marshall and Al Smith, the Democratic nominees received 170 Electoral Votes, while the Progressives, Debs and Eshleman - both of whom were placed in jail, received 156 Electoral Votes. The Progressive Party, quietly, ordered itself disbanded, restoring the United States to its former Two-Party system. In the House elections, a better reflection of the support for Teddy was seen, as Progressives were kicked out of office across the country. They ended up with 18 Seats, with the Republicans having 203 Seats. The Democrats kept 188 seats, which was down from their previous majority in Congress.



The Results of the 1920 United States General Election.

President-elect Roosevelt, mostly unspoken since her nomination, was not known to be shy or meek in any sense. She had a lot of experience in Politics as well International Relations. She came out, in her victory speech, strongly for her father's policies, as well as working towards true equality in the United States for men and women. Not only this, she appealed to the population, to remember her Father, and to stand behind her in her plans for making the United States the Greatest Nation in the World. It was, after all, what her father would have wanted. The whole country decided to rally behind this unlikely President, before her time, but sure to revolutionize the United States of America.

Orders are due Thursday, January 31st at 11:59 EST, 4:59 GMT, or 3:59 PM AEDT

The Kingdom of Spain

I would like to congratulate President-Elect Roosevelt on her victory in the United States presidential election. I send her my regards following the death of her much-beloved father, President Theodore Roosevelt. He was a shining beacon of hope, liberty, and justice, a progressive leader that instituted social and political reform that forever changed American and world politics. I can only hope the President-Elect shall continue this honorable tradition set in motion by her father, and I wish her well during her term in office.

~ His Royal Majesty Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, Grand Prince of Morocco

I, and the members of the Chilean government, wish to offer our congratulations to President-Elect Roosevelt on her victory in this election; her election is a symbol of this era of freedom and equality in our hemisphere! The death of her father, though, is a great tragedy, and we send our dearest condolences.

Pedro M. Montt, President of Chile

The United French Communes

On behalf of the United French Communes, I send my congratulations to President-Elect Roosevelt on her successful campaign and my deepest sympathies for her father's untimely demise. Though I disagreed with former President Roosevelt in many areas of ideology and policy, I never doubted his sincerity or commitment to his beliefs and to his country. All nations need leaders of great conviction and determination and Theodore Roosevelt met and exceeded that most essential requirement for high office. I hope that President-Elect Roosevelt's progressive social policies will lead the United States toward even greater success, and that we might work together to further the cause of international amity despite our disagreements on matters of policy.

In the spirit of the ideals which the United States has championed for almost one hundred and fifty years, it is my pleasure to announce that, following the end of hostilities with the German Empire, the United French Communes will begin the process of writing a National Constitution. This document will enshrine the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity that France has stood for since the First Republic, values which we hold dear even today. It will ensure fairness and representation for the laborer, the farmer, and the factory worker. It will uphold the principles of free speech, free press, and free association essential to a thriving modern society. And it will lay a democratic foundation that will guarantee that the common man's voice is always heard, that the worker and the farmer and the laborer will always have a place in their government, to determine their own destiny for themselves.

It is with the twin flames of democracy and socialism that we stand against the shadow cast by German military aggression, flames which burn bright even in a nation's darkest hour. The dictators Ludendorff and Hindenburg even now seek to hide behind their absolutist symbols, their shadow Kaiser and their unyielding militarism. They will crucify Europe on a cross of blood and iron, will stifle its essential growth and liberty in the grip of a mailed fist, should they be allowed to succeed. They seek to destroy all that we have fought for, all that we have struggled and bled for, in throwing off the yoke of absolutism. Their vision of Europe is nothing more than a jackboot stomping on the face of a revolutionary, forever.

But, people of France, people of the world, we shall not falter. Our determination is unwavering, our zeal unyielding. We shall rise up against the forces of absolutism, against the forces of dictatorship, and achieve victory no matter the cost! For we were not born to this duty, nor were we chosen for it! We chose it for ourselves! And no one will take that choice from us!

~ Alexandre Millerand, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of the Communes of France
America deeply mourns the loss of the loss of that Great Old Lion, my father, Theodore Roosevelt. He was a man that truly cared for the people and America, always working to better our nation and the principles for which it stands.

I will try improve upon my father's legacy and strive to make America stronger and better, such that it may continue to be the greatest nation in the world. However, I will make it clear that I support the policies of ending the Panamanian Rebellion, strengthening our nation's military in the face of this uncertain world, and to work towards a measured peace. However I must agree that communism is a true threat to the peace of the world, as such must be combated were prudent

~Alice Roosevelt Longsworth

The tragic loss of former President Roosevelt to an assassin's bullets will forever be remembered. This terrorist plot was not only an attack against Mr. Roosevelt but an attack on American democracy itself. I hereby declare a national mourning for this great man and will redouble the efforts of my government to combat the threats posed by communists the world over.

~President James Cox
Letter of Congratulation to President-elect Roosevelt

Madam President-Elect,

it fills my heart with joy hearing about another female leader arising to lead a nation in the world. Even though I am sorry for your loss liberty and freedom commence their victory marshes in the world. When the people of Bohemia gave me their vote to lead them I knew I had a taxing path before me. But against impossible looking odds my country has prevailed. I hope you may accept this advise from a small country like Czechoslovakia and a humble representative like me that even if the country's problems seem to daring and the pressure rises constantly you will fight the inner strength to steam the tide.

As I have allways been an admirer of the liberty and freedom of America I know hope that you will be her true ambassador and let her light again shine through the world so that even in darkness those who might despair find a reason for new hope. Be assured that you and your country are not alone in the struggle for a peaceful, free and liberal world and even though you represent a giant perhaps some dwarves may offer insigt into views a giant might dismiss as unimportant.

The best of luck to you from Czechoslovakia

Milena, Queen

People of West Ukraine we continue to make progress towards the future. Our army remains ready to repel any polish attack. Or at least what remains of our army. Even now many brave men stay at home unwilling to risk themselves for their country. Yet the Poles by Comparison seem to have endless supplies of manpower to throw at us when they want to. But their is evidence for brave men in this country. Men of skill and courage and valor beyond most normal men. Mighty George the man who prevented the the Rout in 1918 is well known to you but other men have begun stepping out of the shadows. Unlikely heroes arriving in our time of need. Hank,Steve and Paul the latest recruits to the Ukrainian Artillery have shown themselves to be brilliant and nigh unstoppable firing twice as fast as any other Artillery unit in the whole army and having an unnerving ability to almost always hit their target despite their disabilities. These men have proven that we are more than capable of defending ourselves against invaders but we have too few men with the conviction to join the army. But these are not the only matters that concern us. It seems that the Hungarians have tried to go through with their Threat to try and throw out the Ukrainian people of our rightful territories under occupation by Hungary. We will again demand they withdraw from the region. Any claim they had to it has been killed by the People rising against them in the region en-mass.
The Japanese Empire of the East mourns the loss of one of President Roosevelt. He was true leader, always putting his nation's interests above his own. We wish the best of luck to the President-Elect, as she has big shoes to fill.
Caracas conference

The government of Venezuela is extremely concerned with the worsening economic situation in South America. The continent must not be allowed to fall into a recession that could lead to political instability. It is obvious that any economic response to recent events must take on a regional nature. As such, the government of Venezuela invites representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru to attend a meeting in Caracas to formulate a coherent regional response.

The German Empire presents this treaty to the Kingdom of Greece.

Treaty of Triest said:
1. Following the signing of this treaty, peace will reign between the nations of the German Empire and Greece.
2. Greece will pay Germany 500m in reparations.
3. Greece will deliver Germany 22 industrial facilities.
4. Greece will renounce it's military alliance with the Tsardom of Bulgaria.

[x]Kaiser Wilhelm II, Kaiser of the German Empire,
[x]Constantine I, King of the Hellenes.
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Treaty of Triest
[x] Constantine I, King of the Hellenes

People of Greece, know this, there may not be an enemy standing in on our soil, in our homes, our fields or our cities, and even though we do not border the German Empire, if we remain at war with the German Empire, one of the largest naval power in the world, the Hellenic Navy would have to fight against all odds. In 1900 such an operation of invading Greece may have been impossible, but the German Empire holds firm control of triest, it's naval size unchallengeable without the help of either the Marine National, the Regia Marina or the Imperial Russian Navy, we can not hold our lands and would be forced to abandon our fellow countrymen on the Ionian Islands, the Aegean and on Crete. We may have lost a war, have to pay reparations, but it is still better than to divide our nation into those abandoned and those defended. I have taken this decision, to stand myself in front of all Greek people, so that we don't face ourselves being divided and i can only hope, my fellow countrymen, that you agree. Let us not get divided, if we stand together, the burden will be small enough to carry.
We might have taken a sour apple out of the basket, but sometimes, even the worst of apples, is better then being left out with none. No matter how heavy the burden of these conditions may seem, if we all pull on the same rope, the burden will not be as heavy. And if that is still not enough, then we will use Greek ingenuity to construct a pulley, that makes even those burdens manageable.

- Constantine I, King of the Hellenes.
Caracas conference

The government of Venezuela is extremely concerned with the worsening economic situation in South America. The continent must not be allowed to fall into a recession that could lead to political instability. It is obvious that any economic response to recent events must take on a regional nature. As such, the government of Venezuela invites representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru to attend a meeting in Caracas to formulate a coherent regional response.

The Chilean government will send a delegation to this conference.

The Government of the Argentine Republic congratulates Ms. Roosevelt on her election to the office of President of the United States. The actions of a violent extremist that resulted in the death of her father and predecessor only highlight the grave hour that representative democracy finds itself into. May her rule be a noble and wise one, for the better of the continent and mankind.

In light of the sudden crisis in the oil sector, the Board of Directors of YPF is hereby instructed to cease and reverse any redundancy made hastily, as the Federal Government will make certain to support the company's operations. Petroleum is considered a key and strategic resource for the Republic and thus actions will be taken to preserve its production. The overall foundations of the economy remain strong, and the Central Bank has more than enough reserves to safeguard both the banking system and the value of the peso.

Actions will be taken by civil authorities, in the 3 levels of Government, to remediate the situation of the unemployed and displaced by the closure of oil fields.

The initiative brought forth by the Republic of Venezuela is endorsed, as we believe that, due to the regional nature of this crisis, a consensus must be reached between the South American Nations to deal with this situation hastily and accordingly.

The Kingdom of Spain

It is with great pride that, due to recent circumstances that have greatly affected the Kingdom of Spain and her great People, I announce the creation of the Spanish Foreign Legion. This Legion shall serve as a sub-wing of the current Spanish Royal Army, and shall compose of volunteers from across the world willing to serve as a soldier in the Royal Army. The men that are a part of this Foreign Legion shall serve as the bulwark against the invasive ideology of communism and to defend every tenet of democracy and liberty that it seeks to encircle and destroy in its iron grip; the Foreign Legion shall begin accepting volunteers from around the world, whether native Spanish-speakers or not, to defend the ideals of liberty, democracy, and equality from the depths of tyrannical single-party government and the violent revolutions that hope to bring such a state about.

Let democracy guide us against the enemies that seek to destroy it. Long live Spain, and long live the democracies of the world!

His Royal Majesty Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, Grand Prince of Morocco

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La Repubblica Italiana!

As the year 1920 dawned on the world, the Italian Peninsula, normally ruled by the iron-fisted, heavy-handed King Emmanuel III, who was the self-proclaimed "Saviour" of Italy, had seen some upsets in the recent years. The War with Germany, despite what the official tones said, was not going as well as the Italian Commanders wished. Men were pulled from the South, which had been holding them in a constant occupation, and sent to the front, in an attempt to slow the German War Machine's advance into Italy. This, coupled with the resentment over using Children for the King's Police and the recent destruction and devastation of the City of Naples, an ancient city with a rich and vivid History, sparked outrage amongst the peoples of Southern Italy. Long oppressed and treated as second-class citizens despite attempts to give them industrial jobs and other methods of suppressing their voices, no more would this be true.

Gathering in the city of Rome, a city torn between anarchy and support for the King, a momentous event took place. With the blessings of Pope Benedict XV, citizens of Rome, along with representatives of the break-away nation of Sicily, and representatives of the short-lived Republic of Two Sicilies, announced the establishment of the Republic of Italy. Pro-Monarchist forces in Rome decided to clamp down upon this upstart Republic, thinking that they would be nothing serious to deal with, and soon the Monarchist's forces would surge into the South and clamp down upon them.

This soon became a false assumption, as Republicans, tired of oppressive rule, marched on Rome, and helped to overthrow the Monarchist Government. The King, who had been reviewing the soldiers on the front, ordered that the rest of Northern Italy be placed under military occupation, and proclaimed the State of Italy, with himself as King, Grand Marshall, and Lord of all of the Italians and of the Italian Peninsula.


Italian Republicans marching against Monarchists

In the South, however local elections were soon set up, and the nation, with a Provisional Constitution based off the United States, elected Ivanoe Bonomi the President of the Republic of Italy. The Kingdom of Italy soon disappeared from the world map, and the governments of the world recognized the State of Italy as nothing more than the Kingdom of Italy, and all previous wars would remain in place. The Republic of Italy, however, was new and fragile. Having to deal, eventually, with the retribution of the North, and a weary population, along with an economy in collapse and a broken infrastructure system, many in Southern Italy put their trust in President Bonomi to see Italy through these troubled times, and to liberate their brothers to the North from the evils of the Italian King.
[Republic of Italy founded. jacob-Lundgren player of Italy.]

Orders are due Thursday, January 31st at 11:59 EST, 4:59 GMT, or 3:59 PM AEDT

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland hereby recognizes the Republic of Italy as the legitimate government of the Italian peninsula and people. We hope that President Bonomi will be able to unite his peace in these troubling times, and bring Italy back to its former glory before its terrible inclusion in the European War. The United Kingdom offers what aid it can in helping this young republic stabilize and support its people.

We shall also take this time to congratulate President Roosevelt for her victory in the United States election. Though it is clear her father would have been the winner had he been alive, no one can doubt her support from the people, and we look forward to continuing our strong ties with the United States. Our condolences are sent to the Roosevelt family for the assassination of one of America's greatest Presidents, and hope justice is brought to those who hired the assassin's bullet.

This has been a message from His Majesty's Government.

It is only the horror of the destruction of Naples and the oppression of the ruling family that has brought me here today. The people have cried out for a better way, a smarter focus, a more careful hand of rule to move the Italian citizens both forward as a nation and together as a people. If our government is not serving its people it does not deserve the authority granted it on behalf of those people. If the leadership if Italy is not serving the interests of ALL Italians it should not stay in power. The chaos in Europe and around the world from angry common citizens will be channeled here instead to a renewed emphases on inspiring all of our people. Liberation and basic needs will be the work of today but the future will see a true focus on internal needs.

We can only seek to better ourselves abroad if we have exhausted the opportunities at home. Given the divided state of the Italian people, the destruction of Naples and the focus on wars and the massive casualties suffered from, clearly the people deserve a government with better eyes and a clear focus. This Republic founded through pain will soar to new heights of prosperity and success but only if all Italians can unite together. Only through our combined energies, intellect and power can we liberate all the people controlled by the Kingdom of the north and only through reconciliation and tolerance can we complete this hard task. There will be a time for justice but justice should be employed through times of peace or it becomes only a tool of revenge.

Ivanoe Bonomi ~ President of the Republic of Italy