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OOC: I have been watching this really interesting game for a while now. What happened to the National French and their colonies?

OOC: Hello XVG, the National French were engaged in a civil war with the native Communists throughout their colonies and sadly lost. The French colonies have devolved into Communist rule or outright anarchy, so that means they are ripe for a new wave of European colonisation. :D
OOC: Hello XVG, the National French were engaged in a civil war with the native Communists throughout their colonies and sadly lost. The French colonies have devolved into Communist rule or outright anarchy, so that means they are ripe for a new wave of European colonisation. :D

OOC: Thanks for your answer, Morrell8! I must have missed that somehow. :D Was it somewhere in the update or even before that?
OOC: Thanks for your answer, Morrell8! I must have missed that somehow. :D Was it somewhere in the update or even before that?

OOC: No, it wasn't. Since National France wasn't covered by a player whatever is happening to them isn't covered in the update and you have to ask the GM of that region what's happening in their nation.

Citizens of Poland! Four years ago, the Polish people rose up against their oppressors. Shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, the Polish nation united - and her enemies suffered! Through the bravery and will of our people, we have held strong against the tyranny of those who would oppress us! We have defended ourselves against aggression, and we have halted those who sought to destroy us. Battle after battle, struggle after struggle, we fought and we broke our enemies. And now, I am glad to announce, Poland will finally be at peace. The German High Command has asked for an end to the war - which I will gladly accept. Let the news spread from Warsaw to Galicia – Poland is free!

Whilst Poland is now free and sovereign, her trial is far from over. Indeed, these first years of statehood shall be our true test, a test to determine the fate of our nation. I can assure you that we will forge ourselves a new country, one born of liberty, justice, and equality. A country where every man is treated equal. A country where every man has equal opportunities. A country that we, the Polish people, can be proud to call home.

I am confident that we can create such a country! As we rallied under the Polish flag to overthrow our oppressors, the Polish people will come together to create a nation based on the ideals of liberty. We have taken the first steps, with the drafting of our constitution. It is hoped that within the end of the year, the Polish constitution will be finished, and with its completion, Poland will set sail into the uncertain future.


With the foundation of our republic, a new chapter of Polish history shall be written! As Poland takes her first steps onto the world stage, the world will know that she is a champion of freedom and liberty. For we are a democracy amongst tyrants; a republic amidst fanatics; a nation of free men on a continent where freedom has long been dead.

~ Józef Piłsudski, on behalf of The Republic of Poland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies

Her Majesty's Government announces the full mobilisation of all reserve forces in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

We may be few in number, but we are strong in spirit. For almost five centuries, the Netherlands have fought for their survival against the predations of overbearing overlords. We have fought Habsburg Spain, Bourbon France and Stuart Britain; in the infamous year of 1672, we fought all three at once. None of these mighty powers, each thrice as powerful as the foe we now face, could secure our destruction. Not even Marshall Bonaparte, at the peak of his power, could subdue us for long; and it was on this very land, at the fields of Waterloo, that he was delivered unto defeat.

Marshall Bonaparte believed his armies invincible. He waged war in lieu of diplomacy, confident that force of arms would deliver where words had failed. But he became so blinded by bravado that he ceased to consider alternatives; and soon, he was at war with all. The German Emperor, detained in his palace at Potsdam, is no Napoleon; he is not even a Colonel Custer. He has inherited the Marshall's obstinate belief in war, but none of his judgement. His politician generals are even lesser men. Soon, they will discover that no nation can be suppressed at gunpoint; no man may control the world by the iron fist alone. One day, the oppressed peoples of Europe shall sunder their chains, and dash the precocious imperial project against the rocks of history. And the first battle of the first hour of that day shall be fought on the fields of Holland.

Her Majesty, Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies

The Kingdom of Belgium
Currency: Belgian Franc (fr)
Currency Value: 0.0554
Currency Bank: 1,948,714,518 fr
Gold Bank: 545,313,595
Currency Income: 1,948,714,518 fr
Gold Income: 108,033,928
Printing Rate: 50%
Loan Payments (in gold): 0
Loan Interest Rate: 6.34%
Gross Domestic Product: 50,923,016,252
Tax Rate: 2.50%
Prestige: 95
Public Opinion: 10
Economic Stability: 9
Industry: 105
Education Level: 94.98%
Economic Growth Rate: 1.98%
Mobilization Penalty: 0%
Mobilization Level: Not Mobilized
Home Infrastructure: 35
Colonial Infrastructure: 0
Equipment: 90%
Regulars: 150,197
Conscripts: 0
Army Level: 25
Cruisers 10
Destroyers: 25
Coastal Gunboats: 100
Transport Flotillas: 3
Submarines: 0
Dreadnoughts: 0
Navy Level: 23
Air Force
Fighters: 0
Bombers: 0
Air Level: 1
At War With: NONE
Leader: King Albert I
Player: XVG
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The Kingdom of Belgium is saddened by the recent declaration of war upon the Kingdom of Netherlands by the German Empire. All our neighbours except Luxembourg are now dragged into this terrible conflict. I hereby declare that the Kingdom of Belgium shall take a neutral stance in this conflict. We hope that all our neighbours fighting a war respect our neutrality and leave our shipping and territory untouched. Our nation welcomes any refugees from all the belligerent nations to come into our country, to save their lives from this terrible bloodshed. The Kingdom of Belgium also guarantees the independence of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We will not stand an invasion of the sovereign territory of our brothers by any nation!

To the Belgian people: Do not worry! We won't let the same misery and destruction which has fallen upon most of the European peoples in the recent years fall upon us!

- His Majesty King Albert I, the King of the Belgians
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Hello People! This game seems quite the sight, and i have been following it for some time, and i'm curious if players are still be accepted? If players are being accepted, can someone tell me(either in a reply or pm) what is the current condition of Portugal, as they seem communist.
You are welcome to join. Portugal is Communist, and currently invading Spain.
I'd only do stats if you were going to play because stats are incredibly difficult process to go through to make.
OOC: (Portugal sucks, don't pick it.)

A Broadcast through RNA

"It is most pleased that I send this short message through the airwaves to the far corners of the Nation. The development of our first radio network will enable for a stronger national union, while it enables the growth of a whole new industry. Similarly the new port facilities in our capitol will accelerate the flow of trade, and accordingly, the flow of wealth from the port to the interior.

The brave men sent to the Pole have been unable to reach their ultimate goal, however, they must we welcomed as heroes, since we knew from the start that this would be a most dangerous task. Rest assured that we will learn from our mistakes and try again, one day we will be the first to reach the South Pole.

Unfortunately, we must address the FT scandal. In light of it, and of past acts of corruption, we must take bold steps in order to safeguard the moral and economical integrity of the Nation. Looking at the example established by the United States, in the next year, a bill will be presented to Congress for the creation of the Office of the General Auditor, who shall be responsible of the oversight of all Government contracts. Hopefully, the money of all Argentines will not be wasted in such futile acts again.

Lastly, there are serious global events to mention. The war in Europe is degrading to new levels of brutality, as the destruction of Naples will be surely remembered as one of mankind's darkest hours, as a fleet was responsible for devastation of centuries of history and thousands of lives. This must be encompassed in the larger struggle between the various forces of tyranny and democracy. The sudden civil war in Spain is clearly due to foreign intervention in the area. Yes, the Spanish monarchy may have been heavy handed, but we cannot stay idle as our motherland and one of Europe's most free nations is engulfed in chaos and anarchy.

We must keep working to achieve an era of internal peace, institutional respect and prosperity. While foreign and domestic forces work against us, remember that the only defense this country has against the degradation of democracy is sharing our wealth: if the capitalist is free to start his enterprise and the worker receives a fair pay for his hard work, our stability is guaranteed. We promise that we will obey faithfully the law, hear all fair claims and do our upmost to secure the moral development and economical advance of the Nation"

~ President Marcelo T. de Alvear
The Oil Bubble Bursts

By 1920, the petroleum industry, geared solely toward the production of kerosene at the dawn of the century, has become an international economic force responsible for employing hundreds of thousands of workers in the Americas and Europe, as automobiles start up and oil-fired power plants come online across the industrialized world. 60% of the world's petroleum is produced from oil wells in the United States, with another 30% coming from those in South America, particularly in Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina. Worldwide petroleum supply has quintupled in the last half-decade, as major oil strikes in Brazil and Venezuela flooded the market with a virtual torrent of cheap crude. These strikes also led to a staggering amount of industrial growth and job creation, as roads and rails were built to the sites, wells were dug out and built up, and extracted petroleum was transported to refineries to be transformed into diesel fuel.

Unfortunately, the reckless expansion of the petroleum industry failed to take into account that world demand had not kept pace with the growth of the supply of petroleum. As prices dropped and export volume grew, the world market was flooded with cheap oil with virtually no buyers to take it off the producing nations’ hands. Soon, oil companies in the United States and South America found themselves with ever-growing stockpiles they simply couldn't move. Refineries shut down. Petroleum workers, often the highest-paid in South America, were laid off in droves. The entire oil market came to a screeching halt as American oil production slowed to a trickle.

In Europe, experiencing the final throes of the Great War, industrialized states suddenly find themselves with almost no oil to feed power plants and automobiles. Reliance on coal skyrockets, as European oil production is insufficient to meet their own domestic demands. Though the world market remains free from the terrifying specter of economic depression, it has been shaken to its very foundations.

In South America, long-dormant forces rear their heads, as the rapid expansion of the petroleum industry had shifted many workers from jobs in agriculture, mining, and other industry to work the oil fields. Now, with those jobs gone, many unemployed workers form armed bands that roam the countryside, disaffected and angry, resorting to banditry to survive. Each nation's generals, kept quiescent in a time of prosperity and democratic success, eye the misfortune of their so-called "civilian superiors" and wonder if it's their time to step in. The chaos is not restricted to the oil-producing nations of South America, crossing borders and promising instability to their neighbors as well.

And in the United States, the world's most industrialized nation, the partial shutdown of its oil industry rocks a nation already beset by scandal and colonial rebellion. For a country that is increasingly reliant on its own oil production, the petroleum bubble's collapse is a painful blow, though the inherent stability and long-standing democratic tradition of the USA leave them free from the immediate threats faced by their South American neighbors.

[ -2 Economic Stability from Argentina, Brazil, and the United States. -1 Economic Stability from Canada, Chile, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela]

[-1% Economic Growth from the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. -0.5% Economic Growth from all other listed nations.]

[-2 Public Opinion from Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. -1 Public Opinion from Chile and Peru.]

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ooc: i was looking to play the nation even if it turned out i would fall in only a few turns, simply because it seems like a big conflict and both sides should be represented. If i do lose i could aalways represent the new portugal, or another country, though i do plan on trying.
OOC: Portugal does suck, because Brazil is invading its colonies, and Spain is getting aid from the UK to fight off the Portuguese. So yeah, Portugal sucks :/

OOC: And Brazil. And a few other countries that understand the true threat of communism (since, you know, it's already destroyed multiple countries and is indirectly the cause for this entire war). Go Democracy!
I'd only do stats if you were going to play because stats are incredibly difficult process to go through to make.

Not if you throw out all the pointless ones ;)