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Sep 30, 2014
I have been playing RTS games since the beginning and there are some things about this game that don't make since.

The pop cap is insane, there is just not enough of a force to battle some of the groups.

8 or 9 ships in your group vs a platform that has 5 stations and 2 xl, several L,several M an many S's.

So you may be able to start evenly against their armada but there is no way you can regenerate your ships as fast as they can.

Mission 10 is a case in point, you have 40 minutes to make it through 4 sectors.

I played this at lest 7 times to find out the right combination an I still only made it out with 45 seconds to spare.

We need a bigger pop cap or be able to generate ships faster all of the time.

Then we have the problem of keeping units on course on what you want them to hit.

I like to use the javelins at a distance take my time and eliminate the stations, however if you try to hone in one a station and a vessel just happens to be in a closer range on the way to hit the station then the unit will shoot off at the vessel on the way to the station triggering the vessel attacking you when you are trying to be stealthy.

Can't you put in a simple hold your fire on vessels?

I bought this because it was only 19.99 and unfortunately I wouldn't do it again.

Even though you have the instruction tabs there is still no way get all of the information you need to properly play.

It drives me crazy when I have to jump from sector to sector and then have to move to where my forces are at constantly.

Why can't you freeze your x,y,z, coordinates so that when you jump back you are where you left. This is very time consuming and can cause you to lose battles.

I know this sound like a downer but it is an okay game, nothing spectacular, just okay but it could be made a little better with users input.

Thanks for listening to my rant not trying to be completely negative.

I have completed all missions and all I can say is good luck you are going got need it even on the easiest levels which I went back and tried.

PS. Some of you are probably a lot better gamer than me so these problems may not bother you.


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Oct 27, 2007
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There are several sneaky ways to quickly take over stations.
You can board them with corsairs.
You can take them out of action with EMP bursts from the Scouts.
And the Ulysses II can take over enemy vessels instantly, turning the battle around on its head.
Sometimes there's an empty station plot. Here you can rush in with a Rover and build a Repair Station, then assemble your fleet around it. It will keep you healed up.
That's just a few off the top of my head.
Just attacking head on is not always a good idea.

In mission 10 I went quite slowly because I hadn't noticed the timer and I still managed to get out with seconds to spare :)
You can see it all in my youtube videos if you like.

My biggest problem is with pathfinding. I have had ships getting stuck inside walls and other weird shenanigans. Also some ships that you'd want to keep in the back - like Rovers - keep finding their way to the front of the battle and get shot to pieces.

If you want to go from sector to sector, I find it best to middle-click the particular ship you want to get to instead of clicking on the sector.