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Jun 10, 2012
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I recently picked up ck complete, which lead me to exploring other classic paradox titles, including ftg.

I was interested in trying a classic grand campaign, which traditionally consisted of ck>eu2>vicky>hoi2. Now, eu2 isn't available on steam, and in any case sounds unecessary in light of ftg, so the question is how well ftg can be used in the sequence. After a little digging, it sounds like the internal ck converter should work fine, as an eu2 save file should work fine in ftg once I change the extension to .eeg. The problem is going from ftg to vicky as ftg doesn't have an internal converter, however I was able to find one for download from here: http://www.paradoxian.org/vickywiki/index.php/EU2Vic. I'm hoping that if I use the agceep country files provided, it will work since agceep is the basis for ftg.

Has anyone tried a grand campaign this way? Did it work well?


Sir Anjin
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Sep 15, 2009
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Yeah, it works, but you will obviously have to work with save a bit. Some cultures and TAGs might not be the same in converter. Also, if you have Vicky:R then get Eu2Rev converter, it should be on Paradoxian too I guess.

As for Ricky -> HoI2, the converter is a bit wacky, however I succeeded in converting save from V:R with VIP mod to Darkest Hour (if you have it). It's a bit convoluted, but overall it should be possible to play FtG -> V:R -> DH campaign.

About CK1 I ain't sure, FtG savefile structure differs a lot from EU2 and there'd be a lot of manual changing again. And considering how messy CK1 is, I'd rather not bother playing such campaign.

But FtG -> V:R -> DH is entirely plausible. ;)