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For GamersGate users ONLY, download from: http://patches.gamersgate.com/ForTheGlory11.exe

This version will NOT INSTALL on an Impulse or Steam version of FtG. Those vendors will have to release their own versions of 1.1 .

#FTG version 1.1

Optimized executable for increased speed
Added compilation checks to some functions

Added Glory font
Added Glory interface
Added Interface selection in the Settings
Added Colorscales selection in the Settings
Renamed Style to Shields in the settings
Added French translation
Added badboy in the top bar including tooltip
Added estimated yearly incomes in treasury tooltip and reworked Financial Summary Window
Added tooltip for inflation in the Financial Summary Window
Added flare effect for country selection and number of countries above 9
Replaced shield with smallshield for the owner of the province in the City View
Low-money notifier will no longer appear when player has no money but is not losing any money
Added peterthethird cheat for AI accepting all proposals and never breaking them
Added torquemada cheat for successful conversion
Added champlain cheat for successful colonization
Added ESCAPE as shortcut for ending multiplayer connection status freeze
Modified lag message display in multiplayer
Modified gfx for ports and shipyards
Modfied gfx set for manufactories in PIW and changed db/interface/piw/inland.txt
Modified manufactories icons and buttons
Modified alliance_strip.bmp for Classic and Glory interfaces
Modified vassal.bmp
Fixed HINT_18, RAISEMERC_I1 and BADBOY5 in Addendum
Added fixed DIPROL_ANNEX1 in Addendum
Events buttons now have a fixed width of 420 pixels
Fixed size of MESSAGE SETTINGS button in the Options window
Added global palette_bgprovinces.bmp for all province backgrounds
Modified display of the top line of the History Log

#Unit Sprites
Added ITA naval sprites set using earlier VEN L-1 (two sail galley) into ITA L-1
Modified L-1 VEN naval sprites (single sail galley) and added L-3
Added MUS L-2 naval sprite set
Modified VEN L-1 land sprite set
Added TIM land sprite set
Added BYZ L-1 land sprites set
Added L-3 naval sprites for FRA and ENG

#Bugs fixed
Constructions in progress in provinces of countries created by events are now properly removed
Fixed BB computation for annexed or inherited countries
Fixed crash bug when loading a saved game where previously chosen country is not available
Fixed defenders of the Faith setting when reading a saved game/scenario
Fixed bug with disappearing messages
Fixed crash bug when a fortified colony disappears due to negative pop growth while being besieged
Fixed base price of goods for negative value
Fixed displayed year for accepted missions when start year is before 1000
Fixed crash bug for aliased lines in the Ledger
Fixed bug in maximum force calculation
Fixed multiplayer crash bug for annexed countries
Fixed bug for rebels disbanding not able to siege armies in multiplayer
Fixed multiple cedeprovince commands in an action ending with the disparition of the country
Fixed colonization of ToT provinces by ToT countries
Fixed a bug where the rebel notification would occasionally not show a rebel-controlled province
Fixed moddir music files play
AI countries cannot propose Royal Marriages to no_dynastical countries
Played no_dynastical countries cannot propose Royal Marriages
dynastic command do not apply to no_dynastical countries
Fixed display of attacker rating in the Siege information Window and attrition values in all combat windows
Fixed display of the tooltip for breach in the Siege information Window
Disabled Investment Boost button when investment is already maxed out
Fixed Northern Continental climate
Actually use the defines _PROV_SUPPLY_COASTAL_ and _PROV_SUPPLY_PORT_
Actually use the defines _PROV_SUPPLY_ICY_ and _PROV_SUPPLY_STORMY_
Fixed display of active actions in events
Fixed display of Settings
Fixed settings.txt saving when missing definition txt files
Fixed down effect on event buttons
Fixed use of dots in savefiles
Fixed up-arrow in the save/load dialog
Fixed bug allowing another diplomat to be sent to the same country immediately after a failed diploannexation
Diploannexation attempts now properly cost a diplomat
Fixed bug where pausing and unpausing at the end of the game would allow the game to continue
Fixed bug where the "Original (no mod)" string would not always be refreshed when the language was changed.
Ctrl +/- now properly work as game speed controls
Fixed occasional bug with loading mod files

#Game Balance
Shipyards, conscription centers, manufactories, fortresses and governors in progress of inherited or diplo-annexed countries are now kept
Conversions if progress of inherited or diplo-annexed countries are now kept if the religion of the new owner is in the same religious subgroup
Navies with high attrition will now try to find the nearest friendly port, not just the nearest controlled by them
Naval battles involving only transports at some point now end with attacker retreating
Minor performance improvement in warscore calculation
Navies of annexed countries are not destroyed if in the same naval era
Vassals cannot refuse trade to their overlord anymore

Made the AI a little less likely to build doom stacks (of its own troops, anyway)
Made the AI a little more willing to build buildings and tweaked manufactory priorities
Replaced 10000 with 2 x _FORTRESS_INF_SIZE_ for AI assault check
AI will always try to annex minors on its combat list
AI will always try to keep at least 5 fighting ships in each fleet
Tweaked AI's calculation of what constitutes an overwhelming force for assaults
AI will now assault a little more aggressively if it has an overwhelming force
AI will now take allies into account when deciding whether to assault
AI will now take attrition and morale into account when deciding whether to assault
AI will now take fortress size into account when deciding whether to assault
AI will now only build a second or third shipyard if very large
Modified AI religious tolerance
Tweaked AI's evaluation of enemy provinces
Tweaked AI's calculation of how many ships it needs in a naval force
AI will now prefer gathering in provinces where it doesn't have to charge across a river to get to its destination
AI navies are now a little more likely to try to hunt down defeated enemies
AI should now take other armies into account when calculating how many troops it needs to besiege
AI should now send more than one merchant at a time unless there are empty slots
AI should now be a little smarter about whether to prioritize trade
AI should now be a little less likely to force-annex minors with wrong religion and wrong culture
AI should now be a little smarter about building chief judges and governors

Removed SPA and added GER in election_bonus section of religions_special.txt
Replaced electors with elector in countries.txt for consistency with scenarios and savefiles
Enhanced header of goods.txt
Replaced _COUNTRY_BB_DOWBADREL_ with _COUNTRY_BB_DOWGOODREL_ in defines and fixed badboy points for DoWing accordingly
_COUNTRY_BB_DOWNOCB_ to be added to _COUNTRY_BB_DOW_ when there is no CB and fixed badboy points for DoWing accordingly
Rebels and Pirates land policy is now editable
Fixed typo in adj_sprites DB file header
Fixed Countries DB file header
Added _VP_DOF_PEACE_WON_ in defines
Renamed _VP_PEACE_WON_ to _VP_PEACE_PDBASE_WON_ in defines
Renamed _VP_PEACE_LOST_ to _VP_PEACE_PDBASE_LOST_ in defines
Fixed information for artillery_penalty in terrains DB file
Fixed information in the header of religions.txt
Modified GER flag for less confusion with HRE flag

Removed restriction lists in AGCEEP and FTG_TIMUR mod definition files except language
Fixed Poland setup file in vanilla 1419 scenario
Modified FTG_Timur 1399 scenario for Calais back to England and national province
Modified FTG_Timur 1399 scenario for Timurids knowledge of Uzbeks
Modified FTG_Timur 1399 scenarios events related to Avignon Catholic
Fixed Portugal inc file in FTG_Timur 1399 scenario
Added Meath as known province for Spain in 1617 scenario
Removed double selectable entry for Kutei in 1795 scenario
Fixed AGCEEP revolt.txt
Fixed arrow position for fortress in chapter 1 of the Tutorial

Added picture for event 6973 (flavour japan)
Added a trigger to VIJ_3823
Modified vanilla country events for use of new values
Modified vanilla random events for use of -4
Fixed typos in vanilla events 3067 and 3091
Fixed EVENTHIST170216 in AGCEEP events.csv
Fixed ACTIONNAME366817A in AGCEEP events.csv
Fixed EVENTNAME338490 in AGCEEP events.txt
Fixed NAP_239019 in AGCEEP

Added a check for selectable units when selecting a unit on the map
Added a check for merchants when leaving a game
Added a safety for transparency check of sprites
Added a safety for storing relations in savefiles
Removed delay for the name of the newly created units
Reserved tags are not impacted by random events anymore
Moved multiplayer traffic.csv file to the Logs folder
Redirected ai_info and main text files (cheats) to the Logs folder
Improved output of "ai" cheat
Added a little more debugging info to the "info <tag>" cheat (debug version only)
Added a little bit more AI logging in debug mode

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A few screenshots!

The new settings:


The Glory interface and enhancements:


Top bar with bad boy including tooltip, notifiers, map modes buttons, minimap, windows...


Country Information window, tooltip for estimated yearly income, more windows...


More precise Financial Summary Window and tooltip for inflation, new icons for manufactories...

The new sprite sets:






... and more!
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