Flaw in Tank Designer: Default settings should not charge us XP and we should set our defaults


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Sep 12, 2009
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We should be allowed to set our own default settings for the tank designer. For example, I know I already want a diesel engine in my tank and the welded armor. Why am I being charged XP for this? Do my research teams not know these requirements as they work on the new chassis? Are they not informed of the design requirements ahead of time? Why are they designing a chassis with components that are not going to be used? Why, after working on this on the 1934 chassis are these lessons not transferred to the 1940 chassis? Surely if they somehow didn't know on the 1934 chassis they know this time after being reamed by senior management.

Do note, I'm not talking about anything extra like the special modules, but things such as Turret, Suspension, Armor, and Engine. These need to be able to set for us with us being able to set the settings for that OR (which might be easier to implement) giving us a 1 time free of charge (Per chassis) swap for these components in the designer so it makes more logical sense with the research team knowing the requirements ahead of time
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