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Feb 25, 2019
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I have started a thread suggesting some additional changes for China. 1.29 Manchu in my opinion did well so here are the additional changes that i suggest :

1. Chinese generic mission tree - Now this mission tree will be available to Ming and Ming revolter tags and perhaps can be shared with Mongols and Manchus as well. The idea here is to make China more unique so in my opinion they should have unique generic mission tree.

2. Celestial empire and EoC government reforms - Now in my opinion EoC should have acces to unique government reforms to push thru that will either playe into tributaries, Harmony or something like that.

3. Confucianism - I have encountered several threads suggesting that Confucian nations be able to culture convert thru harmonized religions. And i agree. Harmonization is a long process (30+ years), later you must wait a little bit for Harmony to kicks back in, only to discover that you cann't culture convert provinces that are harmonized. And once religion is harmonized you cann't religious convert it either. That is why i'm suggesting the ability to culture convert thru harmonized religions.

4. Province modifires - The idea here is that certain provinces have permanent province modifires resembling Great wall of China. These provinces would have permanent building forts to resemble the Great wall with : +50% Fort defence and +25% Maintanance. The idea here is that the player or AI will be forced to diverte some of its resources to mantain the Great wall and because of it you cann't destroy it or sell the fort. So you gett extra protection but you have to pay for it.

5. Japan - Also while at it perhaps adding unique government reforms that will be available for Shogun and Japan. Japanese daimyos would be excluded from this

What do you think?
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