[FIXED] HoI 4 - Academy spirit Engineering Schools gives xp gain boost to assigned general traits Scavenger and Fortress Buster [1.12.11]

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Spirit of the Academy Engineering Schools giving experience gain boost to non-earnable assigned general traits Scavenger and Fortress Buster [Avalanche 1.12.11]

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Windows 10

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Avalanche (92f5)

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Together for Victory, Death or Dishonor, Waking the Tiger, Man The Guns, La Resistance, Battle for the Bosporus, No Step Back, By Blood Alone

Do you have mods enabled?


This bug report emerged from the discussion here https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/engineering-schools-sprit.1574141/ ; the issue was discovered by @Iwo Jima

The description of the spirit of the academy Engineering Schools states that it confers each a 10% experience gain boost towards the Fortress Buster and Scavenger general traits. However, those traits can't be eraned at all - they are General traits, which are "payed for" with command power and which have the prequesite if having a certain earned trait (here: the Engineer trait)

In conclusion it appears that both of the formentioned traits have no practical gameplay effect. At minimum I think those references should be removed to avoid confusion.

A further possible consideration is balance - on the first glance, after the removal of the invalid boni the spirit would in line with others in regard to the number of boni (chance for a personality trait + 20% experience boost for an earned trait), but if the invalid extra boni where granted on purpose to make up for a perceived lesser value of Engineer and Engineer Officer, then probably something else should be added as compensation.

Steps to Reproduce
Investigate the spirit in question ingame and/or on code level; if you start a game, I would recommend USA or Yugoslawia, as they start with the needed Superior Firepower doctrine to enable the spirit.

Are you playing on the save from the previous/older version of the game

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