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Dec 17, 2015
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While playing EK I noted that the game was giving me blank death notices for lunatic and tall, both traits for which negative health had been added in the mod but without the modding team having added the proper x_death localisation for it. Along the way I was reminded that the traits and their descriptions really were devoid of any logic whatsoever, so I could not resist the temptation to edit the worst offenders to make more sense. The changes I can recall are.

*Gluttony and Temperate both harm health rather than gluttony improving health and temperate harming it (nonsense!). I rewrote the bios for both traits.
*Spouses like it when you are chaste and people are attracted to lustful people, but spouses also do not like it if you are lustful (even though they will likely be attracted also). I rewrote the bio for chaste because it did not make sense even in the original context.
*Spouses do not like it when you are celibate, for numerous reasons.
*Homosexual reduces fertility. Bisexual is now the opposite of Homosexual, though it will still appear together sometimes due to how the events work still work (too complicated to mess with).
*Drunkard reduces health. For some bizarre reason gambling reduces health but drinking too much does not (WTF). Hedonists now die of a drug overdose rather than from drinking specifically.
*Malnourished and Fat both reduce health for obvious reasons.
*Ugly reduces fertility and Fair increases it. Same reason that lustful increases fertility and chaste reduces it (motivation).
*Vampires and Werewolves are less hated than they were (but still hated).
*Sload now have some friends, but are mostly still hated by everyone.
*Celibates and those with certain diseases are now unable to marry.
*Eunochs are able to inherit.

In order to install, unzip into your mod/Elder Kings folder (not the other one!).
In order to install the death description fix without the submod, delete the traits folder within the main folder.

Version 0.2
Followers of a certain Island Pantheon god with health maluses now 'die mysteriously'.

Version 0.3
Disfigured now slightly reduces fertility.

Version 0.4
Fixed a coding error that was causing glutton death description to not show.
Sloads are now *not* hated by all pro-necromancy religions and the followers of the Daedras Namira, Peryite and Malacath.
Vampires and werewolves are now less hated than they were before.

Version 0.5
Homosexuals now like other homosexuals a bit more, also like bisexuals as their 'opposite'. Spouses are now a little bit upset at being married to homosexuals.
Celibates are now unable to marry.
Eunochs are now able to inherit (but still not marry).
People with STDs cannot marry.
Lepers cannot marry, nor can those with plague or the knahatan flu.


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*Homosexual reduces fertility. Bisexual is now the opposite of Homosexual (it does not make sense to have both traits).
From the FAQ:
Elder Kings FAQ said:
Why are there characters that have both the homosexual and bisexual traits? This means that the character is bi but with a leaning towards homosexuality.
The homosexual trait has certain hardcoded effects in CK2 which necessitates having it jointly with the bi trait in certain circumstances, namely in the case of attraction modifiers. The fact of this hardcodedness makes representing a 3 on the Kinsey scale infeasible but is a far better representation to use both traits for 4+ than previously given
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From the FAQ:

The homosexual trait has certain hardcoded effects in CK2 which necessitates having it jointly with the bi trait in certain circumstances, namely in the case of attraction modifiers. The fact of this hardcodedness makes representing a 3 on the Kinsey scale infeasible but is a far better representation to use both traits for 4+ than previously given

I am not interested in representing the Kinsey scale as such. What you are saying is that the homosexual trait is hardcoded to give you attraction to your own gender instead of the opposite gender, the bisexual trait by contrast cannot be so hard-coded, so presumably the bisexual trait would give you attraction to the gender depending upon the whether you have the homosexual trait. You cannot actually make people have attraction to both genders, the game does not let you do that; so we are basically trying to represent whichever tendency is strongest by presence/absence of that homosexual trait.

I could however simply decide that since most bisexuals are more heterosexual than homosexual in RL and since homosexual still allows you to marry anyway in the game's homosexual trait really isn't really a separate thing to bisexuality either. Bisexual trait can then imply 'mostly heterosexual' and Homosexual trait can incorporate those who are both 'mostly homosexual' along with 'fully homosexual'.
Sources of data on the distributions of sexuality aside, that interpretation on its own lends itself more concerningly to bi erasure :confused:
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Sources of data on the distributions of sexuality aside, that interpretation on its own lends itself more concerningly to bi erasure :confused:

Bi-erasure is the reality of the situation in RL (also the hardcoded game mechanics of CK2). I think the reality is that bisexuals in general are largely a cake divided up between the purely homosexual and purely heterosexual, with the latter taking the larger share of the pie. The arrangement strangely works to the mutual advantage of both because the number of pure homosexuals is miniscule while the number of bisexuals, while still a minority compared to pure heterosexuals is far greater than those of pure homosexuals. Even if they have to cede the majority of bisexuals to heterosexuality, the homosexuals increase their number many times by taking a minority share of the bisexual pie.

The reason I think there are a lot of bisexuals going around as apparent heterosexuals, is the both tendency of the overall number of 'homosexuals' to both increase or decrease over historical time, the tendency of married individuals (politicians or religious leaders and often homophobes :) ) with otherwise unremarkable heterosexual prior histories to end up committing adultery with people of the same gender and the tendency of there to be a spike in homosexuality when it becomes the expedient thing to be (ie prisons, military, single-sex schools).

Because being heterosexual has a lot more going for it than being homosexual (babies, division of labour, social acceptance, normality bias) in most environments, in effect those bisexuals who split 50/50 will under most circumstances end up defining as 'heterosexuals' somewhat by choice. Given this is the case, homophobia looks a lot like electioneering, you are not trying to convert your opponent's core voters (the homosexuals) you are trying to convert the swing votes (the bisexuals). The more in-expedient you make being homosexual, the more bisexuals will choose to deny their homosexual side and define themselves as heterosexual.

I cannot actually represent this whole situation in the game, but the game actually does a good job of representing the end-game of homophobia. There are no bisexuals because the actual bisexuals have chosen to suppress their homosexual inclinations to become good heterosexuals while all homosexuals are forced to become fake bisexuals, if they were not already bisexuals leaning strongly towards homosexuality already.
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Apparently gluttony death was not showing up properly. I also took objection to how quite hated vampires and werewolves were, so they are less hated now. Sloads now have more friends as well, all necromancy religions do not have a problem with sloads, as do the followers of three of the deadra.
Decided to sort out some silly vanilla stuff related to certain people being allowed to marry that shouldn't and eunochs not being able to inherit. Got annoyed at the game complaining that my celibate female ruler being unmarried.

I am not sure how to handle the homosexuality/bisexuality situation. I might decide to create a special set of events to handle the bisexual/homosexual combo in particular and another set of events to handle the *really* homosexual people, since homosexual is really functionally bisexual in the game (always has been) since they can marry and have children without major problems.