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For the Glory crashes when you select the scenario, a fix I found.

Running Win7 or Win10, same fix.

Windows Start, type regedit in the Run dialog, or for wndows 10, right-click on Windows icon, see Run, choose that.

Using Explorer, find your FtG.exe inside the Steam/Steamapps/common folder.
See in Explorer, it shows you the path to where you are searching, Copy that.

Should be something like F:\Steam\SteamApps\common\For The Glory (for my pc)

Put this into the Find dialog inside regedit, Search

... searching the registry.

When you find the item, double-click to open it up: mine looks like this;


Enter in the dialog:

$ DWM8And16BitMitigation WINXPSP3 Layer_ForceDirectDrawEmulation


Start Steam choose For the Glory and play.

Sorry to post it here in the general forum, but I cannot see the Tech Support forum at all, I presume because of my status.
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