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Aug 16, 2016
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Especially late game I find that while the writing and story is great, I dont have any more challenging fights at all. Clearing the Disfavored/Scarlet Chorus camps is easy, kill Graven Ashe or Nerat or Bleden Mark isn't particularly challenging either. What am I to do with a fully legendary item high level team of badasses at that point?

So what I really miss is this awesome game is a zone where I can fight super high level enemies that are absolutely impossibly hard that you need to use all your best skills and items to win. Most enemies don't even last long enough for me to use my strong cooldowns/skills. Especially with the Volcanic Weapon enchantments on characters like Lantry with his Quil Storm or Verse's spin and such. I was hoping Bastard's wound would have some more fighting but it barely had anything at all. It would also be great if there was a way to trade in Artefact weapons/Armor that aren't good for your party and swap them for something else or transform them into something else, bc as some point I got so many weapons I had no idea what to do with them anymore. I had like 3 two handed weapons 5 one handed weapons. Maybe a dungeon where you can learn scrolls to melt in your artefacts and extract their power at a forge and then reforge them into something else.
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