Few questions about National, Non-National and Colonial Provinces

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I read the manual but couldn't find enough information.

1. Why do some countries consider their colonies as national provinces? (e.g: UK has India, Belgium has Congo, Netherlands has Indonesia as national provinces but France has not.)

2. What are the defining factors for a province being a colony? (Being oversea and on different continent or is there a range factor?)

3. If a province is not a national province, it gives 10% of its manpower. If a province is a colony and national province, it also gives 10% of its manpower. If a province is not national province and also is colony, does it give 1% of its manpower? ( Because of; 10% * 10% = 1% )

Related lines in misc.txt:
# National Province Manpower Multiplier (income per day)
# Non-National Province Manpower Multiplier (income per day.) Note: Some types of ministers can affect this value.
# Colonial Province Manpower Multiplier (multiplied on the other)

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Nov 22, 2011
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Colonial seems to mean no landconnection to the capital. So if the UK changes its capital from London to Delhi, than England will be colonial, but (continental) India will not be. Also Königsberg is colonial for Germany until a land connection is established.

Colonial give 0 manpower during war and 10% while at peace. Combined with 10% from nonnational that is indeed only 1% of what regular national provinces give.