Feedback on Surviving the Aftermath. Party burned all my houses!

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Feb 1, 2023
Hi I have been playing this game on my PS4 pro and really enjoying it. There does seem to be an issue with the way the game handles memory or something as I find it gets slower and slower until I restart it which seems to reset it. That is no biggie BUT all the disasters and setbacks have made sense in the context of the game. Until.... some of my colonists had a party and accidentally set a fire in a house. So far so understandable. What was not understandable is how this fire mysteriously jumped across the map to every single house I had built even though they were in different parts of my colony. The fire also didn't touch any of the other buildings, just my houses. Not how a fire would behave. And very annoying. Particularly as I had no concrete available to repair and every single one was destroyed. One I could understand, even two if they were next to each other but 5 across different parts of the map.? Anyone else had this experience?
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Feb 5, 2023
I haven't yet even built a house, but that would really suck if it happened to me. IMO, the game should be able to, at a minimum, stop/slow down ongoing damage to structures when any colonist walks by the damaged structure. I can certainly understand that the damage would remain at whatever level it existed until definitively repaired, but I've had instances where twenty or so colonists walk by a burning structure (even with the "repair" icon hovering over it) and simply walk by it because they were not "free" and were carrying supplies or going to work somewhere.

I offer this: when a building has been tagged as needing repair (the repair button is pressed and the repair icon is hovering over the structure), any nearby colonist will delay their mission and stabilize the ongoing damage. If there is an ongoing source of damage, then that will continue to damage the building, although colonists who are present will still continue to mitigate the damage until either the damage is repaired with supplies as normal, more colonists show up to until equilibrium is reached, or the building is eventually destroyed due to insufficient mitigators.

The game could even have "rescue teams" whose number is controlled by the player, so that they drop what they are doing and run to a designated structure.