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Selim Yavuz said:
What mod? I'm talking about the original game without any modding except the minor changes I've done myself. I don't have any idea what I meant by special tag all I know is that I followed the events closely and everytime I load the game it says there's an error and can't read the event, so no Great Britain. Please someone help me I know this can work but I just don't know how to get it to work.
First, did you try to make your own GBR tag or something? You're only allowed to use existing tags (but you can change their names in text.csv).

Second, this discussion doesn't belong in the subforum of a long-deceased mod. The mod forum is a better place. :)

Selim Yavuz

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Yes I did make a Great Britain in the U00 tag and tagged the Union Jack shield and flag to it and copied Englands monarchs after 1701 and events etc. etc. I'm a total noob so would you be so kind to post a link to the forum you are referring to?