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Congratulations mayorqw!
Thank you aldriq, and everyone!
To be honest, I wasn't really expecting this, since I haven't been on too many AARs recently. But I hope this'll spur me back to it :D
I had thought of something to write here besides thanking you, but Stuyvesant got it down excellently (and not just because I'm feeling too lazy to write something)
Oops! I sort of forgot about this. I rummaged through some AARs trying to find someone, and I've come across someone perfect. Our friend has been on these forums for quite a long time, though he is quite reserved in what he comments on (as far as I know, mostly AARs surrounding Arab nations).

He's a very thoughtful fellow, helpful, and here's to hoping we'll see more of him in AARland!
Congratulations Calipah!
Congrats, Calipah!
How do you even find the time ;)
This is very kind of you mayorqw! (you really need to continue the AAR - Im waiting to see the breakdown of the Caliphate!) The notification surprised me a bit I have to admit. Sinking in the midst of language exams, this is very welcome. Thank you, and thank you everyone (vavi, as the saying goes 'Time is like a Sword, if you dont slice it, it slices you') :p
Congratulations Calipah!
Im not sure how this works, but just in case, after having looked at various threads, I'd like to nominate morningSIDE as the next fan of the week :)

Always looked forward to your dropping by, I imagine many other people also do so.
Nice one, congrats!
Congrats morningSIDEr, a worthy victor!