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Many congratulations
Thank you @!Peel for the nomination this week! Your words are kind, and am grateful for them (as I am for your commentary on my AAR!).

I admit that I have not been active as I was a few years ago. I still try to keep up with the AARs and authAARs I have been following since then the best I can, but my commentary is not always as frequent. I do try to make up for it in analysis though.

With that in mind, I'll make note of a few AARS here - all in the CK2 area of things:

@coz1 needs no introduction on this forum. And likely neither does his House of Wessex story. The final part The Song of Wessex is just finishing up now. If you like reading stories online, but worry about it not being completed, you have no worries there! So give it a read, or start all the way at the beginning with The Rightful King - the story which got me into writing here to begin with. Check it out, if there is anyone where who has not.

@tpmcinty is not someone with the following of coz, but I have been reading his Whiteshirts of England: A History of House Hvitserk Dynasty of Jorvik AAR since it began going on three years ago! It still continues, having spanned enough generations now that I've lost count. I imagine many here have not checked it out, despite how long it's been running, but I encourage you to do so. One of the fun things about that AAR is how often things don't quite go according to plan - he has plenty of long-lived rulers... as well as some who spend a very short time in power. You never quite know which you're going to get!

If you like prose first, and worry about strict gameplay second, @LudoOttavio is your writer. He has done other works before but his King Once and Future: A Tale of Arthur AAR is in some ways feels the most story first. The chapters are long, very descriptive with vibrant detail. But well worth the time investment.

There are other stories which I have read but have not caught up to yet, or fallen behind on. That does not mean those writers are not top quality though. So quickly, three that come to mind:

The Road of Queens - CKII India AAR by @Eurasia
Of Cost and Coin (Venice AAR) by @codie
Jerusalem Calling - A Khazarian AAR by @terr0rizm

There are others who have caught my interest but I have not yet been able to start reading yet. And that's kind of the point - there are lot of great writAARs on this forum. I hope to find the time for all of the ones that interest, but if I can't, I hope others can because every person who puts a piece of themselves out there is looking for audience. Hopefully we can help them find one.

Thanks again @!Peel and everyone stay safe and healthy out there!
@JabberJock14 you, sir, write one hell of a review! Thank you for the kind words!
Looking back and I think fan of the week is meant to passed on each Sunday. So with that in mind, I'll keep it moving along.

This week's fan last won in March 2019, so almost a year ago now. And this person has found a way to comment through thick and thin - including dictating to relatives comments to AARs when they haven't had the ability to! That's some serious dedication.

And even now, facing another difficult situation, I saw a comment posted today to a story.

So to @TheButterflyComposer , my nomination for fan of the week, I say thank you for your efforts both writing and supporting others, and may you feel better soon!
Very well said, @JabberJock14 and I couldn’t endorse your nomination more strongly. Congratulations @TheButterflyComposer you so thoroughly deserve this recognition (once more) and also my sincere wishes for your speedy recovery, my friend. You know there are very many of us willing it so. :)
Many congratulations
Thanks very much.
An excellent choice. Congratulations @TheButterflyComposer, we look forward to your recovery so you can continue to demonstrate how well deserved it is. :)