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That was quick. ;) It's been, what, 3 weeks? ;) Congrats then, and make sure to pass it this time. ;)
Many congrats
I'm going to nominate @HistoryDude for fan of the week. Mostly because of their extremely insightful questions they've been asking in the Faith in Chaos AAR - it's a complex story, and if not for the answers Metacavity gives to the questions or comments HistoryDude thinks to ask/raise (which never even occur to me), I'd only understand half of what is going on instead of 80%. :p

So thanks for making life a little easier for the rest of us fans, HistoryDude
You're a credit to the forum! Congrats!

Also, "Metacavity?" Can I keep that?
You're welcome? :p

I'm not even sure how I could have done that. I probably misread it the first time I saw it, somehow (how I get 'meta' from 'ma' I don't know) and it stuck in my brain
Congrats @HistoryDude! :D

(@Macavity116, @Kylia Quilor: I can't count the number of times I've done a double-take when I realized a particular username didn't actually match the way my brain learned to "pronounce" it in my head :p )
Congrats @HistoryDude :). And congrats @Macavity116 - The Metacavity should be some kind of award or title! :D Or a black hole into which other black holes collapse. Or something. :confused::p