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First of all, apologies to everyone that I am a bit late making this nomination! :eek:

As Cybvep noted, I have followed a quite lot of HPP AARs and I have rarely ventured beyond the Hearts of Iron III forum. I don't doubt there is a lot of very fine work being written for the other game forums, so apologies to all those people that I'm not in a position to consider!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank especially Slan and TheBromgrev for their massive and un-relenting commitment to making the Historical Plausibility Project what it is (and for writing some entertaining AARs along the way!). I would also like to acknowledge two AARs in particular that I followed with great interest before I ever became involved with the forum. First, Rensslaer's most instructive Portuguese saga, Império Novo, and second, Uriah's magnificent epic, Rank and File, which I seem to have been reading forever - one day I will finally catch up! :D

As I am not (yet!) a writAAR I am not in a position to nominate someone who has supported me personally, and so choosing a nominee who is also a fellow commentator has proved surprisingly challenging! After some consideration, I came up with a short-list of members of this community who are supporters of many and varied AARs. One name on that list has never won this award before... No longer! My nomination for Fan of the Week is Surt.
Well done Surt! Congratulations!
Congratulations Surt!
I found another dedicated fan of the AAR's : Tanzhang (譚張) which is my nomination for fan of the week and not nominated yet as far as I can overview.
Congratulations on two wins this week Tanzhang!
Congrats Tanzhang!
I found another dedicated fan of the AAR's : Tanzhang (譚張) which is my nomination for fan of the week and not nominated yet as far as I can overview.

Yes, this is my first FoTW win! Thank you very much! :D

Congratulations on two wins this week Tanzhang!

Thank you! it has been some time since someone's done a double hasn't it? :)

Thanks! :)

Congratulations, Tanzhang!

Thank you! :)

congrats Tanzhang

Thank you too! :)

Congratulations Tanzhang! :)

Thank you three! :)

Well deserved congrats, Tanzhang!

Thank you, I'm glad you think so! :)

Congrats Tanzhang!

Thanks! :)

Once again, thank you very much Surt for awarding me Fan of the Week, I really appreciate it!
Thanks once again to Surt for naming me Fan of the Week. Unfortunately, I'm only really active in the Vicky II AAR forum, so my pool of prospective successors is somewhat limited to those who post there. Nevertheless, my choice is very active both there and in other forums (in just about every AAR I'm currently following in fact) and has also been a regular and welcome commentator on my own AAR. Without further ado, I'm pleased to announce Dewirix as this weeks Fan of the Week. Congratulations! :)