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Excellent, congrats loki100!

Enewald had better get back on line soon or I'll overtake him!

Won't that breach some sort of forum bylaw?
Congratz Loki! Well deserved, again :p
so time to pass this over .... one good thing about moderating (demi) is seeing a far greater range of posters than just those who share threads you pay particular attention to. Made me very aware of the range of people who comment dilligently, wittilly, pithily and intelligently (& some manage them all) on a wide range of AARs. Which makes nominating someone none the easier ... so, I'll pass it on to Derehan, who has recently started a number of AARs using the clever idea of late start dates or specific wars in EU3 (all of which are entertaining) and comments widely ... meeting all the criteria above. But I could have easily passed it to 5-6 regular posters.

so, meet your new fan of the week: Derehan
Congrats Derahan!
Well done Derehan. Congrats :)

Also a big congratulations to everyone I have missed while I have been away :)
So its been a week now and It's time for a new forum member and AAR writer to be nominated, this time by me, and i decided to nominate one that has not been nominated before, so I now present your new Fan of the Week: NACBEAST, his AAR about France is a good work and its not often you see a French AAR, and its played in Magna Mundi so it isnt one of those WC French AARs.

So i present yet again: NACBEAST!
Congratulations, NACBEAST!