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Congratulations! I always appreciate people who spread out throughout AARland and sample all the goodness that can be found in the different sub-fora, so thank you for helping to make this place the vibrant community it is.
Thanks to everyone, and especially tnick, thanks a lot!
Now, for my choice: you all know him. He has commented on quite a lot of AARs (including mine) and has run three of his own. Give it up for
A fantastic choice, GÜG. Congrats Seel! Keep the comments flowing. ;)
Congrats Seel!
Thank you so much GreatUberGeek, and everyone else for their kind words. I'm delighted to be nominated as fan of the week. All writers always appreciate comments, and so I always try to do my best to drop by with a short 'great update', to show I'm reading and enjoying the work of others.

The OP suggests that each fan of the week highlight some of the AARs they are enjoying in particular, and so I'm hoping to have a decent amount of time to catch up with all those I'm following this week and highlight some favourites at the weekend.

Thanks again!
Congrats Seel! :)
Very well deserved! It seems like Seel is everywhere offering comments and helpful advice!
A fantastic choice, GÜG. Congrats Seel! Keep the comments flowing. ;)

Congrats Seel!

Gratz Seelmeister!

Congratulations, Seelmeister!


Congratulations Seel!

Congrats Seelmeister!

Congratulations, Seelmeister! Always a welcome face, either as writer or as commenter. :)

Congrats Seel! :)

Very well deserved! It seems like Seel is everywhere offering comments and helpful advice!

Thank you all for your kind words. I am really delighted to have been nominated as fan of the week, it is great to know that the many talented WritAARs appreciate a comment every now and again. Indeed, the only thing which limited my contributions is real life, there is such a wealth of variety and quality in AARland and I fear I only ever scratch the surface of it.

Which brings me nicely onto one of the requests in the original post; that we take a moment to mention some of the AARs we have been enjoying. I've certainly discovered many entertaining tales by reading comments in the award threads, so please do keep telling us what you are reading.

A quick glance at my subscriptions tells me that I have 30 AARs I'm following; some of them very well established such as Catknight's fantastic Random World Order or Tanzhang's From Eagle to Phoenix. I've also enjoyed the quirky There's nought as Queer as Norfolk - Densley's fantastic Blackadder inspired tale.

I've also been enjoying two AARs from newer authors. GreatUberGeek, who was kind enough to nominate me as fan of the week, has recently begun a narrative of a fledgling Austria, well worth a read. I've also been trying to keep up with the phenomenal pace that Grozny von Raoe has been producing a wonderful account of the Hansa's domination of global trade.

Anyway, as it is Sunday, it is time for me to nominate our next fan of the week. This will not be his first time receiving the award, but I'm sure we can all agree that he is a most deserving recipient, one whom it is difficult not to have come across in a number of AARs, across a large number of games. Most signifcantly, he puts in a large amount of work every month to bring us all the AARlander! Congratulations, Derahan!
Always good to see a fan list some of his favourite AARs, especially when one of those is mine. :)

Congrats Derahan! I shall resist the temptation not to refer to you in public by your secret nickname. :)
I am convinced I am clairvoyant. Just this morning I thought how deserving the Big Derahan would be for this award. My sincerest contrafibularities.

I also wish to thank Seelmeister for listing TNAQAN as one of the AARs he enjoys – especially so for calling it "quirky". I always like to think of it as a cult comedy, though I may be flattering myself. :p
Oh gosh, I feel really flattered to be nominated to this award! Thanks alot for that one Seelmeister, can't express my gratitude enough. Though I believe of myself that I don't really contribute a great deal to the forums lately as my time here has dropped drastically (IRL sucks bros); It is still nice to see that people like what I do and I hope we will continue to meet on these forums for a long time to come :)

I will nominate someone on Sunday unless IRL makes it impossible for me!

And thanks for the congratulations so far (maybe I am suffering from hybris as i expect more of them to come heh...) :)
Congrats, Derahan! Well deserved. :)