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Congrats! :)
Congratulations, Dewirix ! ! :cool:
Congrats! :)
Badger Ken & Dewirix, Congratulations to both of you -- deserving winners, both!

Thanks for dropping by my AARs (multiples!).

I've had limited time over the past couple of weeks to check the forum, so this is a nice Christmas present to come back to.

Thanks to everyone and especially badger_ken, whose AARs and insight into game mechanics I have enjoyed immensely.

Since it's been nearly two weeks, I'd like to start 2011 off right away by nominating Enewald as fan of the week. He's been a regular contributor to many AARs and it's always great to know someone's reading along!
Congratulations Enewald! Now you can stop complaining about having never won fan of the Week! :)
Congratulations Enewald :)
Congrats Enewald, you sure worked hard for it! :D Hmm, also seems that your sixth FotW ties you with stnylan for most ever.
Congrats Enewald! Your efforts give writAARs the much needed energy to continue!
I thought this was his seventh...

Dunno. :confused: I was just going by the list on the first page (and adding one for this one).
Congrats Enewald! Though a true fan would have written an AAR by now. :p
Congrats! :)
Congratulations ! ! Enewald ! ! :cool: