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Congratz! :)
Thank you dinofs, although I am tempted to say you deserve to keep it for another week just because you're awesome like that.

This is probably the best award of all because I do far more reading than writing. Maybe because it's easier or maybe because AARland attracts a talented crowd.

Thank you Lord E, Karaiskandar, aldriq, loki100, asd21593, Enewald, Qorten, Woody Man (still can't get used to your new name), Kapt Torbjorn, Malurous (very kind of you) and JDMS.

coz1 - thank you and oh noes! My activities have been noticed! :D I shall behave henceforth!

ComradeOm - feedback requires updates, that's how it works :p. Thank you likewise.

Davout - ...and that is also my sincerest wish. Commento ergo sum or something.

canonized - I normally find something to say when I read yours, so you can thank yourself for that equally.

axzhang - that's probably the best image I had in my mind all week, and to be told you have the same effect on people as chocolate is rich praise indeed.

Commenting is the best way to show you are reading, it's that simple to me, and often writers are not only encouraged by good comments but maybe even inspired. An unusual insight is much more likely to come from someone else's mind, after all. And as a writer you can claim it as your own afterwards :D

In any case, thank you all again. I will pass this into some other worthy hands on Sunday.

Many belated congratulations from an AARthor, who always got a little bit more glad when he saw RGB's comments.

Even though you thought I was French...
Milites - I still have sneaking suspicions I was right sometimes, even though you went to Trankebar and not Pondicherry.

So the week is over and I am a day late, many apologies. For my own part, I want to pass this award to Vesimir; he in many ways is a remarkable reader, because he's not at all afraid of sharing his opinions in the AARs he frequents, which make reading responses entertaining.

And entertaining commentAARs are to be encouraged! Congratulations, Vesimir!
Congrats Vesimir! :)
Congratulations :)
Congratulations, Vesimir!
Congratulations Vesimir :)
Congratulations Vesimir. Well deserved.
Did I miss RGB or something?? :eek: Belated Congrats!
Fantastic choice of Fan as well, may I say. Congrats Vesimir, very well deserved. :D

I hope the next time I get the award, someone will tell me about it! :p Well, thanks to Qorten for informing me I got the award.

Big thanks to all of you and especially to RGB for choosing me as the fan of the week. The award is a total suprise for me as I find myself kind of a grumpy commentor. I'm also honest most of the time, which I thought was a bad thing. ;)

Well, the obvious sucessor would be Enewald cause of his spamming but that's to predictable. So after thinking about for around 5 minutes I've decided that...

Iain Wilson shall be the new Fan of the Week! Iain was a reader of mine AAR from pretty much the beginning and he's a good ol' chap so he deserves it.

Congratulations, Iain!
Congrats Iain!
Definitely congratulations, Iain. Been too long to finally receive this nod. You've been a fan for quite some time. ;)