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Congrats Marco! Very well deserved, and your AAR is very good. :)
Congratulations Marco Oliverio!
Congrats :D
Congratulations, Marco. Well done!
Well, it's been really cool to be Fan of the Week for a week (or so....)

Now it's time to pass the baton - so here we go!

I nominate naggy, most recently to be found here.

Why? Mainly because he's a fan of the whole AAR concept! His AARs are clever and funny, but he also takes the time to integrate the "whys" and "wherefores" of what he's doing. So a reader/writer like me learns a lot about the intricate dynamics of the game, which is great.

And of course he's a good fan of others' AARs and well, there you have it!

Thanks for the congrats this past week, and congrats to naggy!
Congratz naggy! Well deserved! :)
Congratulations , sir :D
Congratulations naggy! One of the guys who you appear to see commenting everywhere of late, to go along with the magnificent AARs :D Well deserved!
Congratulations Naggy!
Congratulations naggy :)
Thank you very much, Marco Oliverio! I am touched to be named Fan of the week, especially since my fandom comes and goes with my spare time. :)

I do want to take a moment and say that there can't be fans here in the AAR forums without all the great AARs that are done, from the epic gameplay AARs, to AARs that have really taken the history book format and turned it every way you can think of, to some of the outside the box or humorous AARs that keep us all entertained. Frankly, if we ever published an AARland alternate history book, I'd want a leatherbound copy for my bookshelf.