FALLOUT: WAR NEVER CHANGES, a Wastelands faction game.

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Intro: Hi Paradoxians! I am here to present you a new online RPG, based on the Fallout universe. Your aim will be to choose one of the factions in the post-war America and lead them into the unification and rebuild of the once called USA. Will you pursue a rebirth of democracy, or will you rule as a ruthless dictator served by slaves? Or perhaps you wish the world of humans to be wiped out?

Id like to thank and acknowledge both SwordofJustice, creator of the fallout mod for Darkest Hour, and KingHannibal, for the help and understanding of the initial ideas of the mod. With their help and also the good will of players, I think we can all have a nice time playing! Also, my thanks to EQandcivfanatic from civfanatic forums, who kindly allowed me to use his data from a simillar game.

Background (from Wikipedia): The series is set in an alternate history scenario World War II. Vacuum tubes and atomic physics became the cornerstones to scientific progress, eventually achieving the technological aspirations of the early Atomic Age and locking society into a 1950s cultural stasis. Thus, in this alternative "Golden Age", a bizarre socio-technological status quo emerges, in which advanced robots, nuclear-powered cars, directed-energy weapons and other futuristic technologies are seen alongside 1950s-era computers and telephones, and the aesthetics and Cold War paranoia of the 1950s continue to dominate the American lifestyle well into the 21st century.

More than a hundred years before the start of the series, an energy crisis emerged caused by the depletion of petroleum reserves, leading to a period called the "Resource Wars" - a series of events which included a war between Europe and the Middle East, the disbanding of the United Nations, the U.S. annexation of Canada and a Chinese invasion and military occupation of Alaska. These eventually culminated in the 2077 Great War, a cataclysmic nuclear exchange that lasted for only two hours, and subsequently created the post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout.

Mind that this game won´t be 100% accurate to fallout´s lore, mainly because it will be based on the newest video games (as they are better known to the public) and SwordofJustice´s mod, and also Fallout 3 and fallout New vegas will be mixed to add more factions to the game.

Rules: Here is a short version of the game rules.
1- All factions will have 4 main issues: military, diplomacy, politics and economics.
2- It is a turn based game. Once the deadline is set, all factions will send up to 4 orders, which can be freely distributed in any of the main issues. The only restrictions will be those imposed by the forum rules, available industrial capacity (different for each player, both in total as in possibilities) and political system of the faction.
3- Also, some factions may get minievents which can be addressed by just 1 order, apart from the 4 orders mentioned above. Other general minievents will give all the factions another order to spend if they wish so, but only related to the contents of the event.
4- Manpower, if used in a turn, will start recovering in one turn. So, if you have Average Manpower and use 1 (normal prize for a division) in turn 1, you will have Low Manpower in turn 2 and you will return to Average in turn 3. The other stats will refill in the next turn (so, if you have High IC and use 1, in the next turn it will be full again), but certain constructions will keep those stats busy for more than 1 turn.
5- Military units are divided into Irregular, Regular and Elite. Normally, Irregular units cost 1IC,1MP,1RES and 1 turn, Regular units cost 2,1,2,2 and Elite Units 3,1,3,3. Only in order to build units, players may accumulate Resource, IC and MP points trhough different turns.
6- As you may have guessed, IC and Resources can be used to give construction, infrastructures...orders. Resources will be also needed for certain diplomatic orders and for sustaining troops in long wars.

Factions: As a brief introduction, I´ll list here the more important factions that can be played in this game. More will be added later, and their stats will be updated in the next post before the game start. The ones listed here are the most important ones and some that although not so powerful, will be also fun top lay and will add flavour to the game.

Mind that some of the factions have been claimed (name in brackets), but it is provisional, as in terms of balance certain veteran players can help a lot if they use one of the "big factions".

1- Western Brotherhood of Steel (eidur)
2- Caesar Legion
3- Enclave
4- Raiders
5- Kingdom of Gammorin DESTROYED
6- Ghoul Nation
7- NCR
8- Great Khans
9- Mr. House
10- Former USA (alexander23)

11- Canada
(Muskeato) You can contact him at muskeato@hotmail.com
12- New Mexican Republic DESTROYED
13- Robot Nation
14- Vault City (Clophiroth)
15- Texas Cathedral
16- Shi Empire
17 Manitou Tribes (lonelylurker)
18- Eastern Brotherhood of Steel (baboushreturns)

Players in queue:
tonkatoy5, jeeshadow, swordofjustice, videonfan
Orders can be sent to falloutforumgame@gmail.com, stating faction and turn as title.

And remember that war...never changes


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Don't know if it is too soon to ask regarding factions, but can I claim the Enclave?


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Background, Government and Society: Founded by Edward Sallow (aka Caesar) and based upon the ancient Roman Empire, CL is a military and authoritarian state formed by a bunch of reunited tribes under Caesar´s banner. Caesar himself is the leader of the nations, and he rules aided by a very close hierarchy led by a Legate and some Centuriae, who raids the Wastelands in search of new slaves to serve either as new soldiers, either as servants.

Diplomacy: Military access and martial alliance with Mr. House. Allied with Texas Cathedral. At war against the NCR, Shi and Mexico. At war against the Great Khans. At war against WBoS. At war against EBoS.

Military: 3 Legions. Caesar´s soldiers are very disciplined and battle hardened: they receive a +15 % to organization and are not affected by morale negative modifiers.
However, the ruthless politics applied by Caesar does not allow its soldiers to fight with other forces; you are a member or the Legion or you are an enemy, that’s the vision of Caesar (this can be partially modified by alliances). Also, the high fortifications of their homebase makes them a difficult target to annex (+15% org if defending capital). 1 Aerial Recon Group.


Background, Government and Society: Secretive military order founded to preserve technological advancements. The Brotherhood is generally beneficial to humanity, but they have their faults: They don't care for mutants; they worship technology (and in many cases put it above human life); and they don't like to share their choicest technological discoveries, despite the obvious benefits their technology could bring to the Wastelands. Led by Elder Maxson.

Diplomacy: At war against CLegion/Texas.

Military: 1 Elite Scout Units, 1 Regular and 1 Militia . BoS is the most advanced army in the game, and they receive a 25% bonus to organization and can use terrain in their advantage if the zone has been scouted prior to a battle. However, their heavy armor makes them slow in hand to hand combat (-10% org). The bunkers network grants the WBoS a 25% defensive bonus if defending their original teritory. They also have an Aerial recon squad.


Background, Government and Society: Survivors of multinational corporations who fled the US before the War. Led by the Secretive and ruthless Enclave Board, they try to obtain control of all aspects of society. Allan Richardson, an unknown individual, has been named US President by the Enclave Board.

Diplomacy: Arlington pact with Robot Nation.

Military: Very advanced Army, similar to BoS in technology. Enclave has 2 Elite Scout Unit and 1 Regular aided by 2 squadrons of Zeppelins and can build special long range aero-transports. Has the same org bonus than the Bos (20%) and the same close combat penalty (-20%). However, being so secretive, Enclave has difficulty in finding new recruits, so their new armies get assembled slower.


Background, Government and Society: Rebel tribes who don’t recognize any other faction as a legitimate government, although they often trade slaves to Caesar Legion. Although they may be seen just as a bunch of tribes, they are spread all over the wastelands and should not be underestimated.

Diplomacy: At war against Mexico and the NCR.

Military: Although they lack a regular army, Raiders have the capacity to strike all over the Wastelands. They have 4 Irregular Divisions (militias), 1 Mexican Militia and 1 Raider Motorized Division. Raiders are fast and know the Wastelands (15% speed and 15% morale), but they lack organization (-30% org).


Background, Government and Society: The New California Republic (NCR) is a democratic federation. The NCR emphasizes many old world values, such as democracy, liberty, and the rule of law. It also strives to restore order and progress in the wasteland, though it has faced difficulty living up to those standards.

Diplomacy: Oak Creek Accord with Mexico (NAP, Military access, and possibility of calling each other to arms in case of war).

At war together with Mexico and Shi against Caesar´s Legion and against Mr. House. At war with Mexico against the Raiders.

Military: They may not be the best, they may not be the strongest…but all over the Wastelands, NCR troops are rapidly gaining prestige and seen as liberators. They have 4 Regular Divisions and 1 Militia. The NCR is generally well regarded and finds recruits wherever they go, so their armies take less to build. However, the losing of the hoover Dam has turned morale low (-10% morale). Also, the Regulators Division is currently fighting with them.


Background, Government and Society: The last remnant of the USA from before the War. The US President and his staff mysteriously vanished when the Bombs started raining down, but the Congress and Senate voted the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs emergency powers and they tried to maintain their nation. With many Vaults, they survived the heavy bombardments and super plagues.

Diplomacy: Alliance with Canada and Manitous.

Military: Although they claim to be the legitimate government of the USA, few people have followed the FUSA, and they just have 1 Regular Divisions and 1 Ghoul Division, however aided by a Zeppelin Squadron (more can be added by events). Although they don’t have special modifiers, conquered territories are integrated quickly. Can also build ghoul divisions, which have a +15% org and 10% morale bonus and are not affected by radiation, but cannot be used to occupy civilized cities or settlements. Can build gunboats.


Background, Government and Society: Descendants of those who emerged from an intact Vault who used their Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) to set up a post Vault society on the surface. The GECK allowed them to transform radiated land into fertile agricultural fields. They have ideals of racial purity and ingrained prejudice against non-Citizens and non-humans, whom they view as inferior.

Diplomacy: At war against Caesar/Texas.

Military: As they have had little or none contact with other factions, it is hard to speak of a regular military force from Vault City. However, their citizens are armed and well trained, and have raised 1 Regular Division.


Background, Government and Society: Located to the in the Deep Wastelands, lie these deadly lands where the Ferals once reigned. Now they are ruled by Typhon´s ghouls.

Diplomacy: NAP with Kingdon of Gammorin.

Military: They have 2 Ghoul regulars and 2 Irregular. The state and disposition of the remaining Feral Division is yet unknown.


Background, Government and Society: Similar to Raiders, athough more organized due to the discipline that the Great Khan Imposes to his men. They have 4 Regular Divisions,1 Militia and 2 Motorized divisions, and the Great Khan himself working as HQ. If the Khan is present in a battle, they fight almost like fast but true regular units (-5%org, +10%speed, +10% morale) but lose this benefits if the Khan is not with them (-15%org, +10%speed). However, the Great Khans cannot send any politics or economics orders if the Great Khan is absent from their capital. Also, they have an Artillery brigade from the Nellis AFB.

Diplomacy: Allied with House. At war against Caesar.

Military: Similar to Raiders, they control 2 Motorized (-5%org, +10%speed, +10% morale), 2 Regular (-10% org) and 1 Militia (-15%org, +10%speed).


Background, Government and Society: Robert Edwin House is the Sole Proprietor of the New Vegas Strip in the Mojave Wasteland. House is foremost responsible for the founding of RobCo Industries, the creation of Mr. New Vegas, and civilizing the New Vegas casino tribes.

Diplomacy: Military access and martial alliance with Caesar´s Legion and alliance with the Great Khans, at war against the NCR and Mexico.

Military: Little is known about House´s military, but lots of wastelanders have seen the MKII Securitrons Division (+25% org, some of them armed with rocket launchers) cominng from the secret bunker to The Strip and also a strange group of those called "Lobotomites". Also, the Khans gave an Artillery brigade as a gift.

Economics: ???

Background, Government and Society: The surviving remnant of Canada; although Canada was said to be annexed by the US Canada was shown as separate from the US and Alaska in the VDSG Plate depicting the newspaper cutting stating Alaska had been liberated. The date is 2077, a full year after Canada was supposedly annexed. This, and the fact that the US flag was not updated after the annexation, could be evidence that Canada was not actually annexed but rather strategically occupied by US Forces.

Diplomacy: Allied with FUSA and Manitous.

Military: Mainly formed by former rioters and resistance fighters descendants. They have 1 Irregular Divisions but have managed to recreate Canadian Mounted Police by taming 3 Giant Ants divisions. They are fast ,well organized (+10% org, +5%speed), and cheap to create (same as a regular unit instead of an elite unit) but must be constantly supplied…or the ants will no longer be pacific. Has also 1 gunboat.


Background, Government and Society: The surviving remnant of Mexico, still a nation with power, industry, a military, and government. Although having serious problems with the so called “Mexican Raiders”, they will try to expand themselves all over the Wastelands. The problem is...how many wastelanders see them as foreigners?

Diplomacy: Oak Creek Accord with NCR (NAP, Military access, chance to call the other faction to arms). At war with the NCR and Shi against Caesar´s Legion and against Mr. House. At war with the NCR against Raiders.

Military: Although nuclear bombing also hit Mexico, they were not a primary target, and thus they did not have the same destruction as the former North America. Therefore, the survivors managed to recreate a Republican Government and an Army consistent of 1 regular Divisions , 2 Irregulars. Can also raise an special Elite Unit: the Yao Guai Cavalry Division, trying to recreate former Mexico Cavalry Units. Their regular forces have no special bonus, but the YGCavalry is a fast and fearsome unit (+20%speed,+10%attack a tnight).


Background, Government and Society: Led by an AI called Mainframe who has gathered as many of the surviving robots as it could find into a newly formed nation. They have unique robotic technologies and units.

Diplomacy:Arlington pact with Enclave.

Military:2 Securitron divisions and 1 Elite Mr. Gutsies. 10% org against living. Also, 1 Lazarean Militia unit.



Background:What was once Texas is now run by the New Church, a fanatical religious group that considers the nuclear dawn as a gift from above. They hate non-humans and despise non believers, and although they have not a solid industrial base, their privileged geo position makes them a faction to take into account.

Diplomacy: NAP with Manitous. Allied with Caesar, and in war against NCR/Mexico and against the Khans. At war against WBoS. At war against EBoS.

Military: The strong feeling of community and the believe of being God´s chosen ones has significantly endured Texas´troops (+10% org). They do not suffer any penalty when crossing the wastelands and their crazy prayers lower the opponents morale (-5%). They have a total of 2 Regular Divisions and 1 Elite Zealots, but being God´s favorite has a cost, and Texas cannot build Irregular Divisions.



Background, Government and Society: The Manitou Tribes are a nation of several large towns on the coast of what was once Louisiana, the Swamp Clans of the Bayou and a coalition of post Apocalyptic tribes based on some pre-War Indian reservations. The Great Chief controls the nation.

Diplomacy: NAP with Texas and Shi Empire.

Military: Small army formed by dispersed tribesmen, composed by 2 Regular Divisions. However, they also have 2 special Shaman Squad able to twist the enemies minds if their homeland is attacked (50% chance of any invading army to became frenzy and start fighting themselves) and a spider brigade able to act as infiltrators. All units benefit of a +10% morale bonus.

Also, they have a Zodiac Gunned ship, capable of surface attacks and small troops transportation, and a Transport Fleet.

It is also one of the few factions that can build Zeppelins.



Background, Government and Society: The survivors of a Chinese nuclear sub stranded after the War emerged to take over the bewildered survivors of the War in San Francisco. They then grew into a new post Apocalyptic society which has been very successful. Based in ruined San Francisco, they are a teeming metropolis of trade and technology with a strong Asian influence, and the first nation that can build a Navy.

Diplomacy: NAP with Manitou. At war with NCR and Mexico against Caesar Legion/Texas.

Military: Just a small garrison for defending purposes; they can be used for attack, but their main bonus works only when defending their hometown, which they know street by street (+35%org if defending capital city). Also, they have an operative Submarine.


Background, Government and Society: Secretive military order founded to preserve technological advancements and secession from the former Brotherhood of Steel. More inclined into Human advancement than technological progress. Led by Elder Lyons.

Diplomacy: At war against CLegion/Texas.

Military: 1 Elite Scout Unit. BoS is the most advanced army in the game, and they receive a 25% bonus to organization and can use terrain in their advantage if the zone has been scouted prior to a battle. However, their heavy armor makes them slow in hand to hand combat (-10% org).



NCR/Shi vs Caesar´s Legion/Texas Cathedral
NCR vs Mr. House
NCR vs Raiders
Great Khans vs Caesar´s Legion/Texas Cathedral
Western Brotherhood of Steel vs. Caesar´s Legion/Texas Cathedral
Eastern Brotherhood of Steel vs. Caesar´s Legion/Texas Cathedral
New Eden (Vault City) vs. Caesar´s Legion/Texas Cathedral

OTHER DIPLOMATIC TREATIES(full text usually is only avaliable for interested parties)

The Oak Creek Accord: Alliance between the NCR and Mexico+ Shi Empire
GDF: Alliance between FUSA, Canada, Ghoul Nation and Manitous
Arlington Pact: ??? between Enclave and Robot Nation
House-Khans alliance
Caesar Legion-Texas alliance
Treaty of perpetual peace and friendship: House-Clegion Military access and NAP
Manitou-Shi NAP
Manitou-Texas NAP
WBoS-EBoS NAP and Defense Pact

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Don't know if it is too soon to ask regarding factions, but can I claim the Enclave?

Wow, that was fast! Well, unless any other player has some problem (in which case we should negotiate it), Enclave is yours.

ps: im not very good in forum mechanics, how do I make the image bigger?


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I'll take Caesar's Legion.


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Thx Leisner! Ok, I have updated the players choices and seems we have a good number of joinings in a few hours. Remember that you can still change your choices in case you repent. If I have time ( I think I will), the factions stats will be posted tomorrow, and maybe a little introduction for flavour.

For balance, I think we should wait a little to start, at least until we have someone as the NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel. Former USA is a "fictional" faction that appears mainly in SwordofJustice´mod; it would be fun to have them in the game, but their events can also be applied to the NCR with a little adaptation, as the NCR is somehow the most "democratic" of the factions. Red wastes...well, its a little secret faction playable by any player, but the game can also be played without them if nobody joins. In case we fulfilled the 15 slots, other nations can be created (Gecko, Omerta...), but that is a very long term issue.
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Good, very good! The most relevant factions have been reserved and the game can start shortly (this evening Ill update the stats). The deadlines will be set in GMT hour, since it seems the one that causes less troubles to all the players. I am thinking about setting the deadlines at 09:00 AM...that way, European players have a reasonable deadline and our player from Oceania (gmt +11) can also have an adequate hour. If somebody has a problem with it, please dont hesitate to speak your mind, and well try to find another hour.

Some little explanation about the rules, specially for those who never played a forum game:

1- Stats will contain some background info (name, form of government and society, leader....), some diplomacy info (just some guidelines that you can change with your orders) and the basics military and economical stats.

2- Military will explain if the faction has any naval/air power, and mainly how his Army is: number of soldiers, type, supplies capacity and at least one special bonus for each faction.

3- For economics, it will be divided into resources, manpower, food supply, logistics and industrial capacity. It will be described as small/medium/large instead of numbers, to find an easier stats calculation. That way, a large IC will carry on economics orders in 1 turn, medium ones in 2 turns and small ones in 3; special or difficult orders will be modified by manpower and logistics.

4- Diplomacy: You are free to make any agreements with players of your choice. However, only those sent as orders by both players will be considered obligatory, although they can be broken with 1 turn of prior notice via orders.


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Stats created and posted in #3 (ill add Mexico in a few minutes, Wedgeswalker). A few considerations:

1- I tried to create a balance between factions. Some may feel under/overpowered, but I think all will have full sense when the real game starts (strengths/weaknesses of each faction. However, criticism is not only allowed but encouraged, and I will listen and accept suggestions.

2- Major factions are now occupied. We may start the game whenever you want, but Id like your oppinion on the matter. I was thinking on setting a deadline for Monday/Tuesday, but maybe is too early.

3- However, minor single faction events may happen before we set the deadline...that way we will be getting info and having fun earlier!

4- Remember that you can now speak in behalf of your nation....and also remember that unless you start a text with "OOC" everything you speak will be considere as part of the game and not your own "real life" words.