Faction-specific interface?

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What the title says, in similiar sense of what CK2 has with its unique seperation of muslim, pagan and christian interface. I think it'd be pretty fancy if the devs put in the effort of immersing you into your nation considering if you are in the axis, allies or comintern. It'd be nice flavour in my opinion. The only issue is that it may not be possible to go from a "neutral" interface to a "faction" interface. I haven't really thought out the details of this but I am just throwing the idea out there. Comintern could have a very red and generally communistic theme, allies with something relating to democracy perhaps, and the axis with a darker theme.

Nation-specific interface would be bit cool too, and I guess HOI3 had this in the sense of background pictures for various tabs in technology, production and that sort. I'd probably like more than just this though. Even if they weren't to do this, hopefully moddable.

What does my fellow Paradoxides think?
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