Faction diplomatic approval and Commercial pact rework

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Jan 25, 2018
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I've been of the strong opinion that Stellaris needs an Internal politics expansion in the near future. One part could be to intertwine that and diplomacy.

So factions currently have soft opinions whether you have certain diplomatic deals or not. I think this should be made stronger, so that Empire opinion will be affected by factions (say +30 opinion to you from the Egalitarian faction, -10 from the Authoritarian faction, and +2 trust monthly for subsidizing higher living standards) and this could be influenced by certain deals.

And one big one would be to expand Commercial pacts. Right now, they only slightly buff trade value bonuses, and allow megacorps to build branch offices.

For this, I'd increase that bonus over time, and allow a one way incentivization depending on what resources you or they send each other (lump sum + monthly). Because I've always wanted to send another Empire resources to be used for a specific purpose. You can also send this one way to help boost relations, and it would replace current resource bribing. Some could also be in several levels depending on how many resources you're willing to spend, but potential returns are lower. You can also send over regular resource dumps (monthly and/or lump) if you want to once you have a CP with them. And they can do the same.

But what do you, the player/AI get? A boost to unity gain, certain faction approval/higher influence gain, and +x% production in the resource you're sending, which will extend for a year after it ends. You should also be able to request this from another Empire/be offered it. But failure to fulfill it could open a CB towards you, and harmed relations. They also won't accept another CP, or offer one for decades.

  • Subsidizing higher living standards: requires Consumer goods, both a lump cost of x CG, and monthly cost of x CG based on their size (could be capped), if they accept this deal, they have to raise standards by at least one level. I think this could make Egalitarian's and Pacifists happy.
  • Military expansion: requires Alloys, same as CG. If they accept, they have to build ships and Anchorages. This would make Militarists and some Xenophobes happy.
  • Food subsidies: requires Food, same as CG. This is mostly meant for situations when they're starving, but it grants a higher opinion boost than usual. CGs can get something similar if they're running low. This would make Pacifists and Xenophiles happy.
  • Research incentives: lowers your research gain (could be a specific field), and gives it to them. Makes their Materialist faction happy, and your Xenophile one happy. (Could require research agreement?)
  • There could be more, but those are the main ones in thinking of

So aside from having a required monthly cost, this isn't much different from now. The big thing is that it specifically makes certain factions and the Empire happy for this gift. Especially after a war. You can offer it as a one-way deal for War reparations to soften tensions.
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