Expanded Megastructures and Technologies

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Oct 31, 2006
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A mod designed to improve the desirability of megastructures, as well as add new technologies.

Must be used with Glavius AI mod, or you will get some weird behavior such as AI not building research buildings

Workship Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1628679535

If also using Real Space, use this patch:



- Mega-Engineering slightly less rare, chance takes more factors into consideration (such as some ascension perks and neighbors owning megastructures / having ruined megastructures)

- Citadel tech gives decision giving +2 districts, costs 500 alloys, 33 influence, takes 3 years
- Stellar Bastion tech (Expanded Starbases) allows this decision to be used a second time

- Removed Voidborne Perk
- Habitats unlocked by rare tier 3 tech by the same name, requires Utopia to research
- Grasp the Void perk gives Voidborne tech as research option (with Utopia only)

- Changes to Districts
- Leisure Districts give +1 artisan jobs
- Research Districts give +1 researcher jobs (total of 4)
- Trade Districts give +2 clerk jobs (total of 7)
- Reactor Districts give +1 technician jobs (total of 4)
- Housing Districts give +2 housing (total of 12)
- Housing Districts benifit from techs and traditions that increase housing
- Gestalt Housing Districts give +1 maintenance drone job (total of 3)
- Rogue Servitors can build Santuary Districts, giving +15 housing, +15 bio-trophy, +2 maintenance drone, and +1 coordinator jobs
- Other Gestalts can build Coordination Districts, giving +2 synapse drone/coordinator and +2 maintenance drone jobs

- Buildings 4 or more of one kind of non-housing district gives a special deposit, giving a planet-wide bonus and an appropriate ruler job
- Can build normal science, trade, and entertainment buildings once there are no more free district slots
- Can build up to 2 Astro-Mining Facilities, which give +3 mining jobs each, requires Mineral Purification tech
- Non-Gestalt empires can build up to 2 Solar Power Processors, which give +3 technician jobs each, requires Global Energy Management tech

Dyson Sphere
- Dyson Sphere gives twice as much energy

Science Nexus
- Research output increased 1.5 times
- Country research bonus increased by 5 points per level

Matter Decompressor
- Mineral output increased 1.5 times
- Last two stages, also produces some rare resources

- Arcologies benifit from techs and traditions that increase housing
- Gestalts have access to the Coordination Districts, giving +7 coordinator/synapse drones and +3 maintenance drones

- New Techs
- Mega-Architecture, +15% megastructure build speed, -15% cost
- Dark Matter Armor for Fallen Empires, slightly stronger than Dragonscale Armor, but requires dark matter
- Dark Energy Sensors for Fallen Empires, gives +25 tracking, +5 sensor range
- Psionic Sensors, gives +20 tracking, +5% evasion, +5 sensor range, requires Telepathy tech and tier 4 sensors
- Engineered Frequency Tuning, requires frequency tuning and targeted gene expression, roughly equivalent to advanced railgun

- Vanilla Techs
- Positronic AI / Gestalt equivalent give +10% research speed, +1 research option
- Droids, Binary Motivators, and Nanite Assemblers each give +5% robot production
- Restored Matter Generation tech
- Matter Replicators give +1 motes, crystals, and gases in addition to minerals, but costs dark matter to build and maintain

- Organic ship components (space whale, amoeba, and scourge) now require less alloys, but now also has a food cost
- Using a planet cracker to destroy a barren world will add mineral deposits
- Mining Laser tech gives +20% mining station output
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