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Oct 31, 2006
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Adds more events and anomalies into the game.
I would recommend that you use this alongside More Events Mod.

Workshop Link:

Feature List:

More primitive events
- Religious (designed to compliment those in More Events Mod)
- Political (some can influence the civics and government they get when they enter the space age)
- Primitives can discover you watching them, various events

New colony events
- More Subterranean Civilization events
- Dimensional Portal follow-up events
- rare chance to discover presapient on a new colony
- blocker and deposit related events

New country events
- Help the Dathnak protect their worlds from future aggression from solids
- Damaged Ecosystem on Homeworld
- United Nations of Earth search for their missing colonists
- Spiritualist Fallen Empire can task you with attacking a rival mechanical or synthetic empire, giving you a total war cb against them
- Xenophile Fallen Empire can task you with rescuing pops from a rival genocidal empire. Capturing even one planet with pops being purged will be enough to satisfy the FE once the war is over
- Xenophile Fallen Empire might taken an interest in the Nivlac

New Anomalies
- (spoilers)

Follow-up events for some existing anomalies
- Events surrounding the dead alien 'death god' and the primitives who worship it
- More possible atomic clock follow-ups
- Spaceborn locusts might enter your space
- Wetwork computer follow-up

- Sensor Array can give forewarning about an upcoming crisis
- Some new easter egg systems for you to find
- Unique precursor deposits

- Some colony events can repeat, when appropriate
- Terraforming Candidates spawn on game start
- Archaeologist trait expanded to some non-precursor anomaly categories
- Nomads will spawn if Megacorp is enabled
- Criminal branch offices with the Front Corporation building are less likely to be shut down
- Anomaly-spawned ships will have all utility and auxilary slots in use


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Sep 13, 2011
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I really would like to play with this mod

But what if I am not on steam...