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During some events, e.g. event 101 Starvation one of the event choices is to save the starving population by shipping grain there.

This choice lowers the grain production in one province. In my last starvation event the grain production in Sjaelland was reduced by 30 to a (perhaps minimum as the production was already lower than 30) value of 1.

All that while I produce so much grain that I had over 6000 grain saved. More than I ever needed as I recruit troops in every of my provinces (playing Denmark I own the lands of todays Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, South Halland, Schonen, Veringen? and Blekinge) and stil produce more grain than I would ever need for recruiting troops.

Is there a way to modify that event to for example give another option to send grain *from my surplus* instead of lowering grain *production* in one province? And if so what would be the command to reduce grain instead of grainproduction?