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Jul 16, 2007
I've been trying to edit this event off and on so that the second option ("Hang some more Traitors") has a chance of ending the revolt and without exception, I keep getting errors. Initially, the error was unknown action type (or something of this nature. apologies for lack of clarity) relating to "action_b = {", that meaning the line it was having an issue with.

I didn't just double or triple check this line, but many more times and not a single time did it appear I did anything wrong. Figuring I messed something up, I restored the original file and tried again. This time, it gave me an entirely different error. The event below it, "Revolt ends due to Hunger" (Or whatever it's called), was telling me invalid effect type, or something like this. I proceeded with my game regardless just to test if the edited event worked now, but it said no event by that ID was found.. Anger followed ;).

This was very strange as I hadn't even *touched* that particular part of the file. Again, double checking I couldn't find a single mistake, but again I restored the original file and tried again. So I tried again, and yet again I'm getting an error, this time saying a completely legit command is invalid.

So what's the deal? I'd copy and paste the exact event text but I deleted it in frustration. Before I continue, is this event hard coded to be left alone for some very odd/ridiculous reason?


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Jul 13, 2005
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You might've run into the 'compatibility files' issue, if the game is also installed in Program Files.
Click said button on the top toolbar in the event folder, and move any events in there to the real event folder.
Jul 16, 2007
I actually still have Windows XP. I'll probably try it again later today and if it gives me more odd errors I'll post exactly what I did with the error message.