Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations – Dev diary 7: Free Features #1

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Dec 14, 1999
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Since may 1st was a holiday here in Sweden, you guys did not get a development diary that day.. So we give a bonus one this week, so we can finish them all before release in the end of may. *touch wood*

Here's a list of free features for the 1.6 Patch, that will accompany the Wealth of Nations

New Colonial Region

Australia & New Zealand are now a colonial region, so nations colonising them will get a colonial nation down under as well.

Formable Nations

  • Egypt - Can be formed if Al-Misr Arabic (aka Mamelukes), and have adm tech 20, and is independent, while owning Cairo, Rashid, Dumyat, Faiyum & Alexandria.
  • Bukhara - Can be formed after 1500 by the Uzbeks if they own Bukhara., which releases Sibir as independent and makes Bukhara high basetax, and swaps you to a muslim techgroup nation.
  • Kurland - Livonian Order or Riga can form it if they are protestant or reformed and has both Kurland & Semigallia at admtech 10, while independent. They become a feudal monarchy with old prussian culture then.

New Religions

Sikhism - Enables after 1499 from an event in India, and also comes with its unique events.
5% cheaper techs, and +5 land morale, while having -1 when someone tries to convert a sikh province.
There is also a new religiongroup called dharmic, which has Hinduism and Sikhism, which allows voluntary conversions between them.

Ibadi - Makes Oman more alone in the world.
+100% heir chance and +10% Naval Morale, while having -2 like all the other muslims to conversions.

Coptic - Ethiopia is no longer Orthodox
+10% Defensiveness, and +2 Tolerance to own. Hardest christian to convert with -2.

Iqta Reform

A country with Iqta can now reform to administrative monarchy at admtech 12 if they have westernised and have good legitimacy.

New Achievements
  1. The Great Khan- As the Mongol Khanate or the Golden Horde, conquer China, Persia and Russia.
  2. Four For Trade - Get Four Trading Companies and have them provide merchants.
  3. The Grand Armada - Have 500 heavy ships and have no loans.
  4. Je Maintiendrai - Form Netherlands as dutch culture minor dutch culture minor)
  5. A Protected Market - Get 100% Mercantilism
  6. Queen of Mercury - As Kilwa, own Zanzibar & Bombay.
  7. A Pile of Gold - Own 10 provinces producing gold.
  8. Sons of Carthage - Tunis, own Sicily, Sardinia, algiers, tunis & spanish coast on med.
  9. The Princess is in this Castle - Female Ruler & Female Heir
  10. Electable! - Become elector when not starting as elector.

On thursday, Besuchov is back and will talk about the interface improvements.


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Jul 24, 2011
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Cool stuff. Now that Sikhism is in vanilla I'll re-make my Sikh mod, making it focus more on the Sikh Empire and maybe filling any obvious flavour omissions with events and decisions. I haven't updated it in far too long. I suppose I'll also need to spend 5 minutes adjusting Conquest of Australia (which thankfully remains entirely relevant) for the new colonial region too.


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Feb 7, 2013
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And Singh truly is king.

(how many events are we talking about here?)
During the time of living gurus, each guru has an event related to how their leadership affects the Sikhs. There are also some events relating to Nanak's life and journeys that facilitate possible spread of the religion early on.

(To clarify, yes, the +5 morale here refers to +5%, similar to other religious bonuses.)


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Feb 7, 2013
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1. Will there be any events for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji?

2. Will there be events about Guru Nanak Dev ji's journeys outside of India?
1. Yes, Sikh nations will get an event when the guruship is passed to the Guru Granth Sahib from Guru Gobind Singh.
2. Yes, the places Guru Nanak traveled to outside of India can get events about those journeys and Sikhism can theoretically spread through those.


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Feb 7, 2013
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Sikhism spreads in the middle east? Awesome!

Is there a way for Muslim nations (eg. the Mughals) to convert to Sikhism? Or is that choice just restricted to Hindus?
It's restricted to Hindus, although as Comes Imperii pointed out, it's possible for a nation to change to any religion through rebellion.


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Feb 7, 2013
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Unless you have altered the mechanics, this is not true. As of 1.5.1, it is still impossible to switch to any pagan religion through rebels, seen easily if you attempt to do so as Mali, which starts Sunni with an Animist majority.

You can accept their demands, let them break you, let them enforce while avoiding being broken due to war, doesn't matter. You'll still be Sunni.
No, you are right, this is still the case. There are some restrictions and special cases for the rebel mechanics. In the case of Sikh rebels, they will normally convert you if Sikhism is the dominant religion of your nation.