Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nation Release Time

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Jan 7, 2013
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Final update:
Entire thread now useless because Wealth of Nations and patch 1.6 has been released! Woho!

By popular request, a full post answering the age old question,

Will there be a midnight release of Wealth of Nations?
The answer: No, we never do midnight releases.

When will the game release then?
Tomorrow, May 29th, late afternoon/evening in the CET time-zone. I know that's not very specific...

... (shut it Cage!) but it's what we've got at the moment!
(WON was released at 15.01 CET!)


They will not be released at the same time, the actual release of WON will be a while after the patch 1.6 release. Please watch the forum and official channels for info on when WON is out. Also the patch is now live!

There's still some time left until the official release, and since steam didn't have a pre-oder the games product page will go live at the same time as the game releases, so don't worry if you can't find it yet!

Keep an eye on our channels tomorrow for updates!
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Please release it before 19 CET.

Pretty please.

With a cherry on top.
Can someone explain to me why so many games can be released at midnight but Paradox's games cannot?

They could be, but Paradox chooses not to. I don't think there's any requirement that companies release at midnight.

Besides, so long as they're released on the hour, at any hour, they are released at midnight, somewhere (daylight savings shenanigans aside).
Can someone explain to me why so many games can be released at midnight but Paradox's games cannot?
I'm quite happy, that they don't do it.

Imagine a really game breaking bug and it will be many hours (until 8 or 10 o'clock) before someone will be at their office to even work on a fix ...
Please have all other official statements from Paradox staff contain as many memes and gifs as possible. :D