Europa Universalis IV: Utopia Holy Roman Empire Music Pack is out now!

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2023-12-15 17_18_50-EU4 Utopia HRE Music Pack Marketing Plan - Google Slides.png

The Europa Universalis IV: Utopia Holy Roman Empire Music Pack is now available!

We’re excited to team up with composer Utopia and producer George Hammond once more to bring you these tracks inspired by the mighty Holy Roman Empire. This music collection adds ten new songs to EUIV that highlight the vibrancy and majesty of the HRE at the peak of its power.

Get the pack here on your platform of choice!

Here are some words from the pack's composer, Utopia, and producer George Hammond - plus some links to where you can find more of their work:

Greetings Emperors!

George and I have been cooking up a special treat for you to finish off 2023! This is a pack of ten original songs that covers some of the most iconic moments in the Holy Roman Empire's early-modern history. There are five intense tracks for war, and five gentle tracks for peace; all ten integrating seamlessly with the existing game music. You will hear the Prussian space marines come rolling in; you will hear the mighty pen of Austrian Diplomacy as it strikes yet another strategic manoeuvre; and you will hear the legacy of Holy Roman Emperors past, present and future come forth to celebrate your next coronation.

Production of this music has been a huge undertaking, and George and I have really enjoyed bringing this to reality. The end product is far deeper and richer than I ever imagined, and is a nice nod back to the original magic of Utopia. So join us! And immerse yourself with the power and glory that your most Holiest and most Roman Empire deserves.

~ Utopia

Utopia's website:

It’s really exciting to finally be able to share what Utopia and I have been hard at work on over the last few months, and I really hope that you all enjoy the music! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Utopia and Paradox on this project, and it’s an experience I’ve learnt a lot from. Utopia and I have painstakingly worked to create these 10 tracks for you all, going backwards and forwards over every little tiny detail, but we can confidently say that the final result is a thousand times better than what we could have ever imagined when we first started working together.

I especially found it very fascinating reading up on the history of the Holy Roman Empire and the German nations within it in preparation for this set of tracks, and it was really interesting to see how Utopia had interpreted the events and institutions of the HRE in his music, and this is one of the main things I’ve loved about my work on these projects, as it’s so inspiring listening to and sharing different methods and ideas with other composers, and seeing the work that results from working together.

To a happy 2024!
~ George Hammond

George Hammond:

You can also listen to a preview of the pack here. Guaranteed to rouse the conqueror within!

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