Europa Universalis IV Expansion Subscription Information

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Greetings all!

Europa Universalis IV subscription service is undergoing some minor changes. Where you were previously required to start up the game to access the subscription service, you can now buy it directly through Steam in the same manner you purchase any other content for the game.

Beware that Steam will not be able to detect if you already have an active subscription started before March 1st 2022 - existing subscribers from before March 1st 2022 need to ensure that their current subscription has expired before signing up on Steam!

All current subscriptions started before March 1st 2022 will automatically expire once the current period runs out - all automatic payments and renewals are disabled.

If you are an existing subscriber - please allow for your current subscription to expire, then go to Steam and start your new subscription.

The subscription service in itself has not changed in any regards. It still includes the same content at the same price, and Steam’s EULA and ToS are in effect.

In order to enjoy the content included in the Expansion Subscription you will need to own the Europa Universalis IV base game.

The energy and excitement of the Early Modern World are yours to experience in Europa Universalis IV, Paradox Interactive’s iconic historical grand strategy game. Since its release in 2013, EU4 has expanded beyond its already ambitious four centuries of diplomacy, trade and war to add more color, variety and detail to every corner of the world.

This subscription plan will allow you to experience the complete Europa Universalis IV experience without buying each expansion and content pack separately. This means access to 14 expansion packs and 4 immersion packs, as well as a host of cosmetic content.

This subscription is only available through Steam, and is not available to Epic or Gamepass users.

The Europa Universalis IV subscription plan includes:
  • All 14 major expansions, adding significant new options for players including the religious battles of Art of War, parliamentary politics of Common Sense and Chinese imperial drama of Mandate of Heaven.
  • Access to all future expansions and content developed for Europa Universalis IV.
  • 4 immersion packs, adding new mechanics for Spain, Great Britain, Russian and African nations.
  • 9 content packs, adding new unit designs, advisor portraits and music for dozens of different nations.
and many more improvements to the core game experience

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Does this change the technical basis of the subscription and will a game update be required to handle this? Previously it was only available on windows, but the steam store seems to indicate that it also works on macOS and Linux now.
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Does this change the technical basis of the subscription and will a game update be required to handle this? Previously it was only available on windows, but the steam store seems to indicate that it also works on macOS and Linux now.
It should work with all Steam platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac). There's a patch coming tomorrow which will improve compatibility.
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This subscription should be for all paradox 4x games at minimum (eg. Stellaris, eu4, ck3, hoi4) and for comparison look at how many games we get access to
with Microsoft gamepass.
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