Europa Universalis IV: Developer diary 41 - What we all waited for!

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Welcome to the 41st developer diary of Europa Universalis IV, where we give some quick information about three different countries.
Since we're very close to release, we're rather brief here..

Poland has the possibility to form a polish-led union with Lithuania, while they are still in a regency and Kazimierz rules Lithuania. If either Lithuania or Poland leads a union with the other, and have fully integrated Mazovia, then they can unite and form The Commonwealth.

Poland has a large amount of interesting events, including 'The Jesuit King' and lots of events tieing into handling the Sejm.

National Ideas
Poland starts with -20% Cavalry Cost and +25% to Religious Unity.
  1. Folwark System: +10% Production Efficiency
  2. Nihil Novi: -10% Stability Cost
  3. Piechota Wybraniecka: +10% Infantry Power & +25% Manpower
  4. Winged Hussars: +33% Cavalry Power
  5. Wojsko Komputowe:-25% Cheaper Regiments
  6. Foreign Section: +10% Discipline
  7. Focus on Field Defence: +0.33 Land Morale
When poland has all their ideas they get +3 to tolerance of heretics. This makes Poland into a formidable military power which can handle a religiously diverse country with far less problems.

Lithuania has about a dozen historical events, including some tied to the magnates wanting the country ruled in the polish way.

National Ideas
Lithuania starts with +20% Manpower Recovery Speed and +4 tolerance for heretics.
  1. Warlord Dukes: +1 Leader Shock
  2. Auksine Laisve: -10% Stability Cost
  3. Magdeburg Laws: +10% Tax Modifier
  4. Magnate Estates: +10% Production Efficiency
  5. Lithuanian Hussars: +20% Cavalry Power
  6. Statutes of Lithuanian: -2 Revolt Risk
  7. Lithuania Reniassance: -5% Technology Cost
When they have all their ideas, they get +1 to manuever for generals.

The hungarian events include the choices of how to deal with Ladislaus Postumus & Matthias Corvinus amongst other things.

National Ideas

Hungary starts with +200% cost of core creation on their territory and +5% morale recovery on armies.
  1. Renaissane Knowledge: -1 Revolt Risk
  2. Bulwark of Christianity: +20% Manpower
  3. The Black Army: +10% Discipline
  4. Reformed Coinage: +10% Tax Modifier
  5. Curtailed Peasantry: +20% Production Efficiency
  6. Strengthened Towns: +25% Own Trade Power
  7. Estates General: No penalty from negative tolerance.
When they are fully powered up, they can have 1 more leader without paying power upkeep.

And in case you missed the video devdiary on warfare & the new screens we released :)

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Actually, I was waiting for the demo! Can we have the demo now? No? Okay, how about now? Can I have it now? If you don't want to give it to these other questionable characters, you can just send it to me. I won't tell on you.
Actually, I was waiting for the demo! Can we have the demo now? No? Okay, how about now? Can I have it now? If you don't want to give it to these other questionable characters, you can just send it to me. I won't tell on you.

How about now?

and now?


Ok ok...... how about now?
Aw :(
I was really hoping for paradox to troll everyone and do not release this DD.
Why does Hungary have more expensive core creation? Are they compensated for this disadvantage?
Also, why does the Polish Winged Hussars idea, which is earlier than the Lithuanian equivalent, increase Cavalry Power by a greater amount than the Lithuanian Hussars idea? Feels a bit...strange, or is there a reason behind it?
Why does Hungary have more expensive core creation?

I think it actually means that countries that invade Hungary have to pay more to buy cores. This means it makes a lot more sense to PU Hungary and integrate it later like Austria did, rather than eat it over the course of 4 wars as was the usual case in EU3.
Why do screenshots show all those blobs. I hope the game will not be a blobbing fest again :(
No Hungarian Hussars? :p I thought they were the inventors of the Hussars?

But the Polish Winged Hussars are boss. This is necessary here:

Which NIs will the Commonwealth use? The Polish or the one of initiator?
Does this mean, that if Poland is in regency, and Kazimierz (isn't that the dynasty?) is stille the ruling dynasty in Lithuania, then Poland can force a PU? (led by Poland) Will there be any other costs for this?

Can Lithuania force a PU (led by Lithuania) under similar circumstances?

Is there any other costs for the unification/commonwealth? Dip. Power? Adm. Power? Certain tech level?

Can the commonwealth still be created if Poland inherited (or just conquered) Lithuania before conquering Mazovia? (does Lithuania have to be in existence and in a PU with Poland, to form the Commonwealth?)

By integrating Mazovia, I supposes you mean ownership and cores on all of their starting provinces, and the country of Mazovia out of existence?

Can Lithuania form the Commonwealth as well?

Great DD on Poland (and of course on Lithuania and Hungary)

I hope the Commonwealth will get formed often even if I dont play any of the parts, and I'm looking forward to a game with Poland (or Lithuania perhaps, if they can form it as well)

So the BYZ DD is kept for last. Good.
Why do screenshots show all those blobs. I hope the game will not be a blobbing fest again :(

You should check out the map of Europe in 1820. :p