Europa Universalis IV: Developer diary 38 - Ayutthaya, Viyanagar & Muslim Sultanates

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This is the 38th Developer Diary and it’s time to round out our look at how we are dealing with other minor nations. It’s not just larger European minors that are getting special national characteristics, but many of the Asian ones, as well. Today we’ll show you what we’ve done to make South and Southeast Asia a little bit cooler.

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The Kingdom of Ayutthaya was the major power in Southeast Asia in the 14th and 15th centuries. Based in the capital of Ayutthaya on the Chao Phraya River, this decentralized Thai kingdom managed to exercise hegemony over the area for many years. Trade rivalry with Malacca and constant wars with neighboring Burmese and Khmer kingdoms typified the history.

In EU4, strategically speaking, Ayutthaya is a big dog surrounded by a pack of slightly smaller cats. Alliances with Pegu and/or Lan Xang are advisable, since the real threats are an aggressive Ming empire to the north or a large Indian power to the west.

Ayutthaya starts with 10% faster National Garrison Growth and a 20% bonus to Religious Unity.

National Ideas:
White Elephant: +10% National Tax Modifier: A traditional sign of wealth and prestige for Thai royalty, the White Elephant was a sacred creature that had to be treated with great care and luxury
The Corvee System: +10% National Manpower Modifier: The corvee system was introduced to Ayutthaya in 1518 to replace the traditional slave system. This labor mobilization system also served as a basis for conscription, and kept all adult males in service to the state.
Foreign Mercenaries: -25% Mercenary Cost: Portuguese intrusion into the East Indies meant that Portuguese soldiers-for-hire were now available for local kings.
Embassies: +1 Diplomats: Ayutthaya’s vassal relationships with many neighboring kingdoms meant it had to develop and extensive network of embassies
Promotion of Trading Links: +20% Trade Range: Ayutthaya contested local trade routes with Malacca, and the two powers would endeavor to use Portuguese and Dutch connections to extend that rivalry.
Personal Executions: -10% Stability Cost Modifier: Capital punishment was the regular royal solution to problems, from foreign complaints about harassment to rebellious siblings
Phrai Luang: National Revolt Risk: -1: The term for commoners that are bound to serve the king for three months every year.

When all ambitions are fulfilled, they will also get +25% Income from Vassals.

View attachment VIJ.png
It’s commonplace now to think of India as a single, united country but this is a very modern idea. For most of its history, India was analogous to Europe – large, densely populated and divided.

Vijyanagar is the largest of the Hindu kingdoms in India, jealously guarding the ancient faith against the Muslim states in the north. It came together in the mid-1300s and was a major player on the continent for three centuries.

It starts with a mission to ally with Malabar, giving them a potentially useful friend. But a more aggressive route is reclaiming a core from the rather big neighboring Bahmanis, maybe with an aim to forming Hindustan, one of the decisions available.

Vijayanagar starts with 1 extra possible advisor to choose from and a 20% bonus to Religious Unity

National Ideas:
Promotion of Trade: Global Trade Power +10%: Indian trade with Malacca, Aceh, Oman and Zanzibar are the reason why it will be the great target of European explorers.
Arab Horses: Cavalry Combat Ability: +10%: Breeding local stock with the hardy Arabian horses led to the creation of the Marwari breed, a sturdy horse that proved excellent in battle.
Harsh Penal Code: Stability Cost Modifier: -10%: The kingdom’s penal code sometimes called for cruel punishments like disfigurement or trampling by elephants
Tolerance: Tolerance of Heretics +1 and Tolerance of Heathens +1: Though a Hindu state with a caste system, it allowed Muslims to administer their own justice.
Carnatic Music: Yearly Prestige +1: One of the main forms of classical Indian music, the Carnatic style was the purest reflection of ancient Hindu music, with less Persian influence than other forms.
Adroit Diplomacy: Diplomats +1: Much of the 16th century was spent pursuing a “divide and rule” policy towards the Muslim sultanates in the north, with the occasional war.
An Army for the City of Victory: Discipline +10%: Vijayanagara means “City of Victory” – let’s have soldiers that will make sure we earn that name.

When Vijayanagar has unlocked all of its ideas, they get 100% more available mercenaries.

Indian Sultanate Ideas
Though Islam has been in India since almost the founding of the faith, Muslim ruled states did not become prominent until the 12th century. The Delhi Sultanate, the Bahmanis, the Deccan and others rose to control most of north and central India until the rise and expansion of the Mughal Empire through the 1500s and 1600s.

Each Sultanate starts with a 50% bonus to Religious Unity and a 5% bonus to Infantry Power.

National Ideas:
Tolerate Idol Worshippers: +2 Tolerate Heathen: Though the rulers were Muslim, the dense populations and ancient traditions made it difficult to root out other faiths. This is the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism.
Persian Court: -1 Global Revolt Risk: Some Muslim Sultanates were founded by Persian adventurers that sought their own lands and kingdoms. This Persian influence transformed Indian court life and regularized noble relationships.
Comprehensive Land Survey: +10% Global Tax Modifier: Some sultans would regularly survey the amount of arable land available in the kingdom, an important step in establishing a tax base.
Counting the People: +10% Global Manpower Modifier: Count the people, arm the people, march the people.
Equality Under Law: +5% Global Trade Power: The Delhi Sultanate, especially, took great interest in the idea that all classes should have access to courts and justice, and that the caste system should be abolished.
High Court Culture: Prestige +1: The wealth of the Sultanate courts became legendary and attracted great architects, jewellers and poets
Sultanate Bureaucracy: Stability Cost Modifier -20%: A smoother bureaucracy was needed to manage the many millions of potential subjects.

After all those are gathered, the Sultanates will also get a +5% bonus to Missionary Strength.

That's all for me, the next week you'll have Johan and Besuchov back, and I'll go on vacation. Please keep your fingers crossed for the nice weather to continue, we are not spoiled with summer heat over here in Sweden!

Oh and also, how do you like this resolution? (Um, not on the image, but the game, on the screen! Oh, you know what I mean...)
View attachment IMG_20130704_171447.jpg

And you haven´t missed the Europa Universalis IV - Video Developer Diary: Religion, have you? ;)

Edit: I changed the name of the last idea group to match what we use in the game.

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Dat map! :eek:

Very nice.

I like the attention to non-European powers, I do miss the little descriptions at the end (in italics), they give some flavour. Will those be in game for these powers?
Garrison Growth sounds intresting. I also hope we'll see garrisons take manpower from the pool now. Would make sieging slightly a bit more attractive too, fortress building more strategical and manpower management even more interesting.
Lovely widescreen and resolution! The map looks beautiful. For the future of these games I would like to see even more bigger and detailed provinces, world and maps. Cheers.
Im just recently bought the pre-order, because of the delay of a game Im much more intrested in (HOI: east vs west).

I want to make up for everything I missed on this game, someone can help me where to start?
A little dissapointed at Mesoamerica still being ludicrously cartoonifiably divided simply by culture, though glad to have a developer diary on India.
Nice to see India and Thailand get some special attention !

On the other hand is it me or are the National ambitions missing for viyanagar and muslim sultanates ? (you know the bonus you get when you have all seven ideas).
That screenshot reminded me; Is there any chance you would consider supporting a second monitor? I would be all kinds of awed if we could have a world map on one monitor, and a detailed view on the other.
I am intrigued by the +1 possible advisors. Would this not give this country a huge potential advantage over other countries since this is essentially (assuming I understand it correctly) a method of turning ducats into monarch points which does not seem to be available to (most) other nations?