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The Europa Universalis 4 Wiki contains significant information about the workings of the game. It convers numerous topics; everything from basic game mechanics, to a Beginner's Guide, to information on modding.

It can be visited here.

Anyone can contribute to the wiki. If you want to become a contributor please register (though you can also edit anonymously), and check out the work needed page. If you spot anything in use of improvement, don't hesitate to make an edit.
Adding strategy guides to country pages is also fair game, just make sure to read the style guidelines first.
To converse with other wiki editors on the fly, feel free to join the IRC channel.

Here's a list of some of the more important pages:

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The stickied "just the facts, ma'am" thread is a good resource, as well as the developer diaries. When I get the chance, I could start some pages :) .
Yeah, that's a great resource.
Thanks for your future help :)

The wiki has its very first proper page now; a Map page. That can work as a template to some extent for how pages should work; as much information as possible, but little to no fluff. Images where relevant.
Maybe you can find a way to link your CK2 wiki with this one, like Paradoxian did with HoI2, 3, EU3 and Vicky 2. Would make navigation easier between the wikis
Setting up interwiki links would be simple enough, yeah, or I could link the CKII wiki at the bottom; either would work fine I suppose.
Maybe you can find a way to link your CK2 wiki with this one, like Paradoxian did with HoI2, 3, EU3 and Vicky 2. Would make navigation easier between the wikis

Setting up interwiki links would be simple enough, yeah, or I could link the CKII wiki at the bottom; either would work fine I suppose.
Right, the footer on each wiki now links to the other wiki. I've also set it up so it is possible to link to pages on the other wiki by using the eu4 and ckii namespaces.
Are a few pages really too much to host for? If it's not too much trouble for you...:unsure:
Well, I could make a namespace for it I suppose, rather than a subdomain. In that case it wouldn't take much space.
Right, there's now a namespace for German articles. When creating a German article just search for Deutsch:"name", with "name" being the name of the article you want to create without the quotes. You should then be able to create the page.
Good idea starting a wiki this early. I'll register as soon as I have spare time to help writing pages! I hope this wiki will be kept more up to date since I was missing lots of things in the last wiki (eu3). Especially concerning the Divine wind expansion.
Yeah, starting early means it'll be much easier to update once the game releases, and also helps build search ranking so people can actually find it once the game comes out.
Unlike Paradoxian we won't be closing registration, though if spambots show up like they did for the CKII Wiki I might have to disable unregistered users from editing. Editing will always be possible for registered users though, and registering will always be possible, so it should be entirely possible for the community to keep the wiki up to date.
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I assume Paradoxian will still be my goto-wiki but what you say about registrations is true.

Is it "really" closed, or is it invite only / request only?
To my knowledge there's no way to get registered as the owner(s) are gone. Where I don't know; for all I know they might've moved to a Pacific island, simply stopped caring, or are dead.

And I'm not trying to supplant Paradoxian; I haven't opened an EU3 wiki after all, just EU4 as they don't offer that ;)
I can't remember who does it, but the owner is frequently on the EU3 forums.
Huh. Strange that registration still hasn't been opened up then. It's been what, at least a year since registration closed?
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This is great! I really appreciate that someone bothers to start a wiki. I will probably register some day when I feel i have something to contribute.

I surely hope the paradoxian wiki's doesn't disappear when the domain expires. It would be a shame to lose all this info people have worked hard to create. :(

There is also a new Victoria 2 wiki around. Maybe you should make an offer to share links to make it easier for people to find info about PDS games. Google also loves inlinks when deciding where the page will end in the search results.
If they want to, I'd be happy to.
I had a discussion about the paradoxian wikis here, and it appears that the paradoxian will not open again in the forseeable future. Maybe Meneth can make the new paradox wiki block since you already linked the CK2 wiki and the EU4 wiki.
Main issue is that hosting costs a decent amount of money. I could potentially host one, maybe two, more wikis before I run out of space on my current tier; after that cost goes up by a factor of 5 (though that would allow me to host about 15-20 wikis).
Currently I'm paying this per year, before VAT:

  • 69 NOK x 2 for the domain registration
  • 120 NOK for hosting
  • 96 NOK to have eu4wiki.com point to eu4.ckiiwiki.com
For a total of 354 NOK. 442.5 NOK after tax. That's equivalent to about €60/year or $75/year. The ad on ckiiwiki.com bring in about $35/year. So once I've got an ad up on eu4wiki.com I'll hopefully be a bit closer to breaking even.
If I were to add two more domains however, my costs would be like this:

  • 69 NOK x 4 for domain registration
  • 540 NOK for hosting
  • 96 NOK * 3 to point the other wikis to ckiiwiki.com
For a total of 1104 NOK before tax, and 1380 after. Equivalent to €180/year or $240/year. As you might understand, this is a cost I simply cannot justify currently.

If I manage to figure out a way to make the wikis share more resources I might able to extend things further than currently on the current hosting though, thus only needing about $35/year more for each domain. Alternatively it'd be possible to purchase more separate servers, which puts the cost at slightly under $40/year for each domain.
So it might be doable, but I don't see a good reason to do so when Paradoxian, despite registration being closed, has all the games except CKII and EU4 well covered.
I'm also considering experimenting with Google Ads rather than Project Wonderful on eu4wiki.com. If that brings in enough to break even then I could potentially expand to cover more games.

Edit: After disabling and cleaning out the temp files of some statistics programs I don't need, I now have a lot more room. I could probably fit about half a dozen wikis on the current server.
So hosting more wikis is definitely a possibility, as it will only cost about $35/year for each.
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Thats great but I think we should get the two you got now going before creating even more wiki's. Except for East vs West ofcourse.
EvW release is in Q3 as well. Might get a wiki running for that closer to release.
The forum icons are 16x16. So for the sake of simplicity something like this could do and then change it when EU4 is released?


Just make sure to get permission from PI first.
That's a decent placeholder, yeah.
PI doesn't seem to mind the CKII Wiki using the CKII icon, so I doubt they'd mind the EU4 Wiki using the EU3 icon.
It would be great ! :)

You could add the links yourself by editing the front page of the Victoria 2 Wiki.
What I've done between the EU4 and CKII wikis is link to the other at the bottom of every page. It is simple enough to implement via LocalSettings.php, and is a lot more useful than just linking on the main page ;)