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Hello, AARland! Welcome to the first quarter ACAs for 2014! If you're new to the forums, the ACAs (or AARland Choice Awards) are a way to recognize the most popular AARs in AARland on a quarterly basis. This thread is for Europa Universalis IV AARs only.

Ballots (which may include up to 4 AARs) should include the name of the AAR, the author, and a link to the AAR. If you post a partial ballot and go back and make changes, please make your changes clear, whether it's bolding any changes or simply writing "EDIT:" and the changes. Otherwise, you risk them not being counted!

Any eligible with at least one update between 1 January 2014 and 31 March 2014 is eligible. May the best AARs win! Voting ends 31 May 2014!
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Hey everyone! I'm going to extend the deadline for the ACAs for one more month. Please be sure to tell your friends; I'd like to see at least double the number of ballots here!
Hey everyone! I'm going to extend the deadline for the ACAs for one more month. Please be sure to tell your friends; I'd like to see at least double the number of ballots here!

A more impressive statement here than in the general thread. :laugh:
My vote goes to "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Civilization" by Volksmarschall
As even in far off Russia, we are into 1 June, it is time to announce the winners of the best EUIV AARs for the 1st quarter of 2014!

Thanks to ties, instead of the normal four winners, we will have five EUIV winners!

Tied for fourth are tnick0225's Milan: An Adventure in Politics and my own Japan or Bust!, which each received five votes.

Our third place winner is volksmarschall, with Decline and Fall of Roman Civilization, earning 6 votes.

Tied for first, to absolutely nobody's surprise, are Svip's Glory for Ulm and CatKnight's Random World Order, each of whom received 8 votes!

Congratulations to all of the winners, and be sure to read (and comment!) on their terrific AARs! I'll see everybody again in July for the Q2 AwAARds! Don't miss 'em!