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So, who had the best EUIV AAR in the second half of 2013? Let's take a look!

4th place was occupied by an AAR veteran of many year's standing, Tommy4ever, with The Serpents of the Nile, Part II, with five votes.

3rd place featured a World Conquest with Ryukyu -- DDRJake's The Three Mountains, an AAR so great nobody could decide on the right name in their ballots! :p DDRJake was named on eight ballots.

For first place, however, we have a tie between two brilliant AARs: CatKnight's Random World Order and Tanzhang's From Eagle to Phoenix! Each author earned an even dozen votes, no mean feat for AARs of such different concepts and styles.

Congratulations to all the winners! Join us in April for the 2014 1st quarter ACAs, and in the meantime, won't you join us recognizing the best completed AARs in AARland (and two brand new awards as well)? (There are links in my signature!)
Congrats to all the winners...and especially to Tanzhang and Catknight writAARs of two highly entertaining AARs. Nice to see two completely different genres/styles tie for first place.
Congratulations to all four winners!
Thank you very much, everyone!

I'm also looking forward to a Polandball tapestry!
Congrats, Tanzhang and Catknight!