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Maybe in addition to great improvements such as this:

could you also incorporate the Saint Peter's Basilica monument with the Papal mission 'New St. Peter's Basilica'?
(I think I should ask @Pavía ? If not, sorry for the spam :D )

lol, I honestly thought this was WAD :D

Do other Christian denominations (reformed, protestant, Anglican) get benefits from hagia sophia?
Not for the moment.
With the Holy City of Jerusalem being turned into a Monument now instead of a triggered modifier, would it perhaps be advisable to alter the Papal and Crusader mission trees to account for that?

The Papal Mission "Levantine Missions" gives Jerusalem a Province Modifier and auto converts it Catholic if it is owned by a Catholic Country at time of completion. Maybe that could also come with a free rank up for the city monument, or giving the owner a temporary modifier making upgrading Monuments much cheaper as a way of showing Papl sponsorship for the reconstruction and re-consecration of Jerusalem.

Maybe do the same for the "Successful Crusade for Jerusalem" event that is triggered by the Crusader "Jerusalem" mission.

At the very least, something to help them out on that front would be nice since this change to a monument is a slight nerf to anyone taking Jerusalem, since before they got a Missionary automatically, while now they need to upgrade the Monument to Tier 3 to receive it. Alternatively, moving the +1 Missionary to Tier 2 might be a good idea since the monument starts at Tier 2.
We'll think about this suggestions. The one about the mission Jerusalem! is pretty solid, IMO.
What about fixing monument balance? It's all over the place right now, it seems cultural requirements have been reworked, effectively allowing every cultural monument to be accessible to all cultures as long as the monument specific culture is accepted. However when it comes to religions that have access to monuments it's completely ridiculous. Some religions like fetishist have access to 0 monuments exclusive to them, as the few they have can be accessed through cultural acceptance also (Zimbabwe is the exception, but keeping it fetishist allows other religions access to the powerful bonus), meanwhile Muslims as the most extreme example get 4 monuments that are exclusive (Registan Square, Taj Mahal, Djenné Mosque, Kaaba) and 3 (Jerusalem, Alhambra, Hagia Sophia) that are also accessible to Christians besides Muslims, but just Christians and no other religions. That's 7 for Muslims and 0 for Fetishists. Again, this is the most extreme scenario but I don't understand the thought process, as the inevitable result of this strategy is that stronger religions get stronger and weaker religions that already have almost no representation get nerfed even further.

v1.31.5 just exacerbates this problem rather than fixing it by even adding more monuments to Muslims and to a lesser extent Christians. Am I missing something here or what gives?
We want to rework a bit more on monuments balance for next patches (hopefully 1.31.6). The culture and religion requirements are something we aren't completely happy about how it's working, so expect some changes about that.
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