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Its up on steam now, and here are the patchnotes.

For instructions on how to play the game on a previous version, please go here!

As usual, please report any issues in our bug report forum or submit a support ticket. Thank you!

# Gamebalance

# Economy
- Bankruptcy cancels any monumemt construction.
# Governments
- Added a malus for IA if you're the Emperor and you extend your regency.
- Christian theocracies can't use Aristocratic ideas any more.
- Custom republics now get bonus on ruler skills with ideas.
- Extending Estate Regency now costs 10 Legitimacy.
- Increased governing capacity modifier of celestial empire so Ming is not over governing capacity at game start.
- Following tags are now downranked to duchies from kingdom rank: PAH, PAT, LUW, BNE, BEU, TER, TID, BTU, CEB, MNA, HAW, MAU, OAH, KAA, KEL, ATJ, BRS, TDO, PGS, IND, BTN, PGR, JMB, BLI.
# Units
- Seperatist rebels get the unit type of the country they want to be, not the country they're in.
# War & Peace
- HRE members can't be co-belligerents against another HRE member after Ewiger Landfriede.
- It's no longer possible to enforce peace in Religious League war.
- Emperor in coalition against you no longer causes the entire coalition to fight you in any war you try to start.
- Humiliate CB no longer allows vassalization.
# Other
- Changed Golden Temple monument to Doaba (2075).
- Changed Kiev Pechersk Lavra Yearly Patriarchal Authority modifier from +0,5%, +0,5% and +1% to +0,1%, +0,2% and +0,5%.
- Changed Mount Fuji Theravada religion requirement to Mahayana.
- Changed Registan Square Monthly Piety modifier from -1%, -2% and -3% to +0,1%, +0,2% and +0,3%.
- Having a colonial nation gives you Colonialism in your capital.
- Balancing favours diplomatic actions.

# AI
# Diplomacy
- Added AI refusal for favour actions.
# Other
- AI is more inclined to use the cults of the Alcheringa Religion, which fits the most to their AI personalities.

# Interface
# Icons/Art
- Event pictures now use graphical culture fallbacks.
# Mapmodes
- Macro builder no longer blocks map modes.
# Tooltips
- Fixed overlap problems for tooltipping monarch/heir/queen names.
# Other
- Ancestors too rubbish to give you any benefits don't show up in the list any more.
- OK/Cancel buttons now all have the shortcuts c and z.
- Less popups for favor actions by default.

# Script
# Achievements
- Fixed issues with the Wonderful achievement.
# Events
- Reworked the options of event "Anglo-Powhatan War". Now you have guaranteed two options: first one will give you a military boost while the second option will increase the opinion of rivals of Englan/GB additionally to the opinions of Castile/Spain and France.
- The event "A Helping Hand" (monument_events.2)'s first option will now ask for 6 months of income instead of 5 ducats. Additionally, the event can now trigger multiple times over the duration of a campaign instead only once.
- The event "Monument in 'Province Name'" (monument_events.1) grants now 1 stabilty as long you are under 1. Else it will give you 20 prestige. Additionally, the event triggers now for every highest tier monument instead of only once a game and gives you now -10% stability costs for 10 years.
- The event "The Completion of Borobudur" (monument_events.5) will now give you a proper subjugation casus belli instead of a restore union cb. Also, now the event allows you to move your capital to the temple.
- The event "The House of the Lord" (monument_events.3)'s first option now asks you for 3 months of income instead of 10 ducats. The second option will no longer affect three provinces in total but instead gives you a country modifier, which grants you +1 Tolerance of the True Faith and -1 National Unrest for 20 years.
- The AI will now priorize to choose the option "We should let Trailok decide." in the event "The Ascension of Trailok" when Sukhothai is controlled by a player.
- The events "The Kingdom of Champassak", "The Kingdom of Vientiane" and "The Kingdom of Luang Prabang" now only trigger if the Leviathan DLC is enabled.
- Fixed issues with native_americans.25 (The Potlatch) so that it is not as spammy.
- Fixed issue with volcano event.
# Ideas
- The Samoan ideas' first tradition will now grant -30% advisor cost instead of increasing the advisor pool by 1.
- Hawaiian Ideas have been rebalanced. The idea "Repurposing the Ali'i Nui" now gives 1 legitimacy instead of 2, the idea "Naha Prophecy" has no longer increased Hostile Core Creation Cost and the ambition of is now +20 Global Settler Increase instead of the ability to recruit explorers.
- Forming Aotearoa will no longer remove the Iwi Ideas. Instead, the player will be even asked if they want to change their ideas to the Iwi Ideas.
- Forming Viti will no longer remove Fiji Ideas. Instead, the player will be asked if they want to swap their ideas to the Fijian Ideas.
- The Fijian ideas have received balance changes. The idea "Waqa Drua" will now grant 100% prestige and 50% naval traditions from naval battles and the idea "Fijian Warlords" grants now +10% Morale of Armies and +0.5 Army Tradition.
- The Iwi idea "Kaikiakitanga" will now grant -5% development cost.
- Fixed so consort_events.2 doesn't trigger without a consort.
# Missions
- Fixed Palembang mission 'Orang Laut' so now it can be completed if the country is a pirate republic.
- Fixed triggering and reward issues in Palembang missions 'Orang Laut', 'Arrival of Dragonships', 'Pirate Kings', and 'Restore Srivijaya', to make them a more comprehensive and coherent set of missions.
- Palembang mission 'Orang Laut' now can be completed if pirate republic.
- The mission "Cultivate a Mandala" now rewards you with 100% prosperity in your capital area additionally to the other reward.
- The mission "Populate Ayutthaya" now rewards you with 50 Government Reform Progress instead of 100 diplo points.
- The mission "Win a Royal Duel" now requires you to have 3% Army Professionalism (or 20 Army Tradition if Cradle of Civilization is not active) and to have at least as much Army Tradition as Khmer.
- Siam can no longer be formed through a decision for people with the Leviathan DLC. Instead, they will now have to work through the mission tree to form it as intended.
- Corrected Tu'i Tonga Empire mission's conditions to be better.
- Fixed issues with polynesian and oceanian missions.
- Fixed an issue with not being able to complete the "Honor the Ancestors" mission.
- Added a fallback to Samoan and Tongan missions to avoid getting stuck in case one of them do not exist.
- Fixed an issue with the Samoan Army mission.
# Setup
- The province Manahoac (2552) is now part of the "Great Valley" area.
- Fixed starting rulers with no birth date in later game starts being too old.
- The province "Sawokli" is now a savanna instead of a desert.
- Changed color of Aotearoa to a red one as suggested.
- Exchanged the Trade Goods of two provinces in New Zealand.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed a CTD related to naval combats.
- Fixed a CTD related to naval misions.
- You can no longer pillage development from natives' capitals with no losses.
- You can't operate other people's great projects any more unless they're your subjects.
- Savegames don't get corrupted due to cooldown storage.
- The province Lau's name is no longer scattered around and the city of Maui is no longer underwater.
- Abdication no longer prevented in Celestial Empire owing to "low Legitimacy".
- Added the missing icons for the government reforms "Uparaya Succession" and "Sakdina System".
- Becoming papal controller now lifts excommunication from members of personal union as well.
- Can no longer exploit reduce infrastructure to gain an extra manufactory.
- The event "The Mandate of Heaven" (flavor_dai.4) has now the proper event picture.
- Double clicking on top row of Great Projects in the ledger no longer shows the wrong location.
- Favors from relative alliance strength works the right way around.
- Fixed a CTD when reforming native federation advancements when at war.
- Infinite concentrate development exploit no longer works.
- Lan Xang is no longer infinitely reformable.
- Monuments no longer get downgraded when a province changes owner peacefully.
- Fixed so Mount Fuji gives a local development bonus, not global.
- Fixed issue where nations with capitals that can get a path to the HRE couldn't join the HRE.
- Fixed so natives can build boats.
- Fixed issue with naval attrition not working.
- Fixed another issue with calling non allies using the macro builder.
- No more event flood of old events on loading.
- Fixed outliner not showing the correct name of colonies.
- Polynesians/Aboriginies use the correct fallback units if no Leviathan unit pack is installed.
- Ruler of Demak created by event majapahit.5 no longer has missing localization.
- Ruler of custom nation no longer disappears/gets bugged after reloading the save.
- Fixed some issues with separatism not disappearing when it should.
- Fixed issues with strengthening government when at lower legitimacy and max absolutism.
- The event "Dynastic Tensions in Dai Viet" now only triggers if the Leviathan DLC is enabled.
- Totemist ancestors now functional without Rights of Man.
- Zoroastrian religion no longer displays Coptic icons.
- Fixed an issue with assigning the correct government reform for different colony types.
- Battles against condottieri now count for war score.
- Canals no longer locked behind Wealth of Nations DLC.
- Disabled trade favors for trust and prepare for war diplomatic actions when Leviathan and Cossacks are disabled.
- Event sikhism_flavor.2 actually does something.
- Fixed issues with advisor portrait fallbacks.
- Fixed a CTD related to adding pashas.
- Huge amounts of dev in a province no longer cause overflow error for increasing development.
- Fixed a CTD related to using the cede_province effect with an invalid country.
- Fixed a CTD related to checking if we can vassalize someone we've already selected to pillage and their capital province is not in a state.
- Fixed issue causing massive error log.
- Fixed an OOS when host and client use different languages.
- Fail conditions for "Increase Autonomy in X" Dhimmi Agenda are now displayed properly.
- Fixed so Aotearoa, Fiji and Hawaii keep their National Ideas after their formation.
- The Mandala System government reform is only usable when the Leviathan DLC is enabled.
- Fixed a CTD for missing gfx culture tag for sprite packs.
- Corrected Kaitiakitanga spelling.
- Fixed a crash when running the every_tribal_land_province effect on non tribal countries.
- Fixed so blue mountains look like mountains.

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It's a shame that PDX doesn't normally release bug-fixing patches at this rate.

If they did, the game would be bug-free in a few months!
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Thank you for all your hard work guys. I know the past week has been rough for the EU4 dev team but I am still super appreciative of all the enjoyment you have given us ❤️

Looking forward to playing the patch!
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I had problems in MP, when after reloading a save Austria disappeard from the map and the HRE button with it. Would that be fixed now? (I read the patchnotes, but i found nothing specific to my problem)
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Can you guys please please PLEASE fix this bug where we are disabled from looking at different mapmodes when we have the production interface open?

It really helps to be able to look at the map with it's trade goods when deciding where I want to build buildings. It's so mentally jarring not being able to do it the way everybody has always done it.
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Can you guys please please PLEASE fix this bug where we are disabled from looking at different mapmodes when we have the production interface open?

It really helps to be able to look at the map with it's trade goods when deciding where I want to build buildings. It's so mentally jarring not being able to do it the way everybody has always done it.
It says they fixed it :)
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