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thanks man. im gonna start reading through it today...
I have upgraded Chainguns application to a windows program and added some extra functionality to it. Please try it out. Bare in mind it's a work in progress, there's not much error checking in it.

Thankful for any feedback on interface and design...

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Added army conversion and resource conversion to the program.

Had some trouble with navy conversion. Some naval units ended up in inland territories, so that's not in yet. Have to figure out how to solve that...

-Totally reworked North America and Siberia, and added a lot of changes in the “provinces.txt” file. This to solve navy coversion oddities.
-Navy conversion.
-Armies now get inf with artillery, if VERY large amount of artillery.
-Relation conversion.
-Badboy value conversion.
-Diplomatic influence conversion.
-Policy conversion.
-You should get more flags to choose from at start up.
-Inflation affects your tax efficiency and factory cost.
-EU2 Loans are converted to Vic loans
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* If a country belongs to techgroup "latin" it will not become uncivilized under any circumstances.
* Raised trade level to 6 for uncivilizing...
* Raised army and navy level to 40 for uncivilizing...
* Tweaked down money. Now: (money * 10) / (1 + inflation).
* Tweaked down loans. There was a problem with the ai taking to much loans in EU2, and ending up with heavy
minus on Ind. Power. Now: (loans * 2) / (1 + inflation).
* You now get more fleets. Instead of 10:1 you now get 5:1.
* You now get one vic artillery unit for every 75 eu2 artillery.
* Social reforms conversion.
* Fortress conversion.
* A low tech country only gets one factory in a national province, instead of two.
* POP conversion.
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* Gave China + many other territories extra population. China ~100 mil.
* Generally cut population in half, except for some areas that get more (China, Korea, Indochina etc.) and some that get less.:)
* Yankee and dixie population in the USA are doubled.
* There now is another way to get aristocrats, officers and capitalists. [see readme]
* Minor fixes to population distribution.
* Changed the scenario pop modifiers back to 2 and 1.5. [see readme]
* Toned down prestige modifier to 0.05.
* It's now a little bit harder to get civilized in later scenarios.
* Gave a bonus to orthodox tech group countries to get civilized.
* Fixes to province borders.
* Emre Yigit's special converter events. [have to be included manually]
* Added Literacy conversion.
* Loans are repaid before calculating money/loans.
* Minor tweaks.
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New version of the converter. It's labeled version 1.01.


* Increased the pop modifier for China + Korea + Indochina + India + NA + "many other areas" in later scenarios.

* Reworked literacy conversion algorithm.

* It's now even harder to get civilized in later scenarios.

* Fixes to "provinces.txt".

* Minor tweaks.

* Sutekh's 'add core provinces' events.

* Toned down pop_militancy in 'join' events to 3.

* A special converter flag, so the converter events will only fire when playing a converted game.
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I would like to know that to... I've actually had Mongolia (using tag U00) convert with a literacy of -0,2. People are VERY illiterate in Mongolia. :D

This was before the reworked literacy conversion though.
Looking, too!

Paganize said:
could someone mirror the new eu2vic? I can't pull up that site.

Just tried to do the same -- finished an EU II GC as Byzantium and want to try my hand at the same in Victoria! Any updates on the site? :confused:
The server hosting this has had a major disk failure, and will probably not be up till over the weekend. This goes for the rest of VickyWiki too BTW. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Does this converter hand out cores on provinces that have been ahistorically conquered in EU2? Example: If Denmark somehow managed to unify all of Scandinavia, do they get cores in Victoria, after holding those lands for some 200-300 years in EU2?
Ironfoundersson said:
Only cb shields are converted to cores.

Dang. It would be nice to have a way to do this, to create an ahistorical, but still plausible Scandinavia before the Victoria timeline. I guess I could always edit them in before converting if I feel they are justified.
Sorry for my ignorance, but how do I use this? The readme said all kinds of nice things about the converter, but I found nothing about how to properly install it. Did I just miss something? All I get when I try to enter the program is "Failed to load local setup data files! Program is exiting"
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